Soul Mates Part 2

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  • Good Morning Quenkath,

    greetings from the sunny and warmer North East. I think I see SPRIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNGGGG!! WOOHOO!! and I cannot wait.

    I think everyone else is still counting sheep, and Ice may be working on beating up the young gym person who loves putting her muscles through torture. Hey ICE!!! :-)))).

    Heading out and just wanted to tell you that you are not alone.....we'll all be around the pond in a minute. Make sure the coffeee is HOT!!!....

    Blessings of the day to you Xo

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  • Hi !

    A lovely tease of Beautiful weather to come! Spotted dark purple crocuses peaking through the leaves with the warm sunshine we've had these past few days. Caught a head cold or something so drinking plenty of tea and watching a show, Dark Shadows, that use to scare the daylights out of me. ( think Twilight series as a Soap, if you don't know of this ) Barnaby Collins hasn't shown up yet to send me running, LOL!

    Enjoy the day!

  • Dear Laei4,

    I remembered that show and this is how old it is....I remembered watching this after I came home from high school. Lets not mention how old this makes me...haha.

    The snow is still trying to melt but now the weatherperson is cautioning us about the flooding that is going start on Wednesday, March 10th. I think we have to do a trade in for the shovels to a paddle and a raft.

    Life can never be dull here.



  • A soul mate is someone whom when you meet, you feel like someone took a log and hit your head with it! Figuratively speaking you are as sure as you are breathing that this one is different then others you encounter. I believe all of us have a soul family and those who make you feel like this usually are in that family. Specific romantic soul mate? I still believe a few are out there not just one like alot of people believe. Twin souls, twin flames may certainly exist however to get to the point of meeting have got to the point of working for a higher purpose than your own ego, physical, emotional world. The reason they come into your life would be to expand the energy level that needs amplifying to do great work for humanity on a global universal scale.

    2. How you recognized a soul mate (if you have one) and what a soul-mate would be for you if you don't?

    My own experience? I was married twice, both of these men came into my life to teach me about independance and self confidence. Both of the relationships were very karmic in my opinion but that was my decision also. I take full responsibility for the actions and non actions catalyzed by fear, rejection issues and self esteem. It has taken 15 years to deprogram most of my own self destruction and intimacy issues and to finally believe I deserve love that is not conditional. This is the key path to either a soul companion or twin flame eventually.

    Oh along the way I had two helpers, both men who did love me just the way I was but I was scared stupid of them. One is gone I was in love with him the first time I was introduced. He came to move my soul to want more than the marriage I had. There was no physical intimacy between us as the soul intimacy and telepathy, syncronicity and the speaking with eyes was so intense. I think of him now and still smile, what a perfect person to abruptly jog my delusional life into focus. It was hard to let him go yet in some way knew we were connected and always would be.

    The second man came to me after I divorced my second husband, 11 months later. Now because I had recognized the divine spark from the first man I recognized him immediately! He too told me he felt something surreal between us he had never experienced before. Once again my fear of this great puff of ethereal love was so overwhelming that I pushed him and pushed him and tested him right out of my life for 3 years. He is only human and told me I gave up because you gave me nothing to hope for. Sad but true. We still communicate on intuition, syncronistic songs, words that he would say etc. He and I did make peace again, but this time he was pushing me. Wow did I recognize the mirror! Instead of trying to make it work I let it go and left it to the hands of fate. I felt so sad for a long time but eventually I picked myself up and thanked him for the precious gift of sharing at such a deep level. I know this guy for sure a soul mate and who knows where this leads, I am not worried about what if.

    Now I am at a point where I could talk to him but it does not feel right it feels like he needs to contact me. I can feel him, sense his moods feel his energy around me everytime I decide to focus on him, but if he is to be in my life again, he will if not someone like him.

    I am convinced I will have a soul connection yet again because I feel it, I don't need to chase it when I am doing the things I love to do he will be there like magic.

    The greatest love requires the ultimate love, love yourself.

  • Oh and you did ask what the signs were here you go

    Me Scorpio Sun,3rd house, Cancer Moon , NN 10th house, MC Gemini, IC Sag, 7th house Piscies,Jupiter, Venus/Mars Sagg IC

    Marriages #1 Cap Sun/Moon, Venus Sagg, Mars Aquarius,

    #2 Sagg Sun/Aq. Moon, Venus Cap, Mars Scorpio

    Soulmate #1 Aries Sun, Libra Moon, Venus Taurus, Mars Piscies

    #2 Gemini Sun/Moon conj. my MC, Venus Cancer conj. my moon & NN, Mars in Taurus opp my Sun, Chiron conj. my descendant, trine my sun, moon, NN, and my own chiron

    His NN. Leo trine my venus/mars. .

  • Hi Sistas!! Just checking in on you all. I really miss you all. Hi Rooster, we finally thawing out! QuenKath, icearia, Laie, Hi to you! I miss you all,Still dealing with the mil. My children's daddy showed up drunk at my house tonight and caused much mayhem. I really know how to pick em.

    I need some happy thoughts and a jello drink!!

  • 1. What people believe a soul-mate is?- my understanding or belief is that it is the yin to your yang or vice versa. I have heard that you can spend many lifetimes with one and refind each other in other lives.

    2. How you recognized a soul mate (if you have one) and what a soul-mate would be for you if you don't? Ok, i am sure this is going to sound unhealthy but here is how it was for me. I met this guy when I was 17. I never felt anything like it from the moment i set my eyes on him, i was infatuated like never before and it was like a tidal wave of emotion or sparks when for me. I had to have him. I got him, and no matter how bad things were( bc he was a bit of a wild one) , I felt in my gut we were meant to be and it felt so right . We had helped better each other, and are lost when we are not in contact. Everything feels off balance. There is a deep connection I cant even begin to explain. When we are a apart, it never worked out with who we were with and we ended up back together. There would be signs , dreams, etc. just one hell of a connection. And whenever I saw him, I got that same feeling as when I was 17 and it never went away, only grew stronger. We have been through everything together.

    3. How you met? Length of relationship? Through a mutual friend at the time. He wanted to know my name and came up and introduce himself, and I already had asked her about him. On and off for a super duper long time.

    4. Have you had more than one ... or do you think there is only one? No, I have not had more than one. I think for me, there is only one and there will only ever be one.I have never ever felt that connection, esp with the dreaming of things and us being in the same areas and eventually running into eachother.

    5. What it feels like to have met the one or to still feel as though you are searching? Tortured when we are not together , happy and tortured when we are lol. My situation is complicated and there are reasons why for the periods of seperation.

    6. What about being in a relationship is important to you? It's not the first thing on my list.

    7. Why do we seek a soul-mate- I didn't, it just happened.

  • Dear Sunshine7959,

    Glad you could drop us a line. Sorry to hear about your challenges. You know what they say when it rains it pours. I just hope the kids' dad came after they went to bed. I want to send you some positive energy hugs.


  • Thanks Rooster! Where the heck is the rest of the Sistas?!? They all ran out on us!! HEY LADIES!!! Where are you all!!

  • Dear Sistas of the Loving Winds and Pond and new peoples with great things to add to our happy space,

    I'm alive! Life hit the blender, sorry sistas!!!! And, my muscles have given up on me ever allowing them to recover again ... I'm still lying on the floor rofl-ing to myself ... and I'm still struggling with the 5.15 AM starts to my day 3 times a week ... and, well, the gym is a cruel place ... no-on ever thinks to hand you a drink and pull up a rock around the great pond! Meanies!!!!! The women at this gym need a jello breakfast ... and lunch ... and dinner and snacks too! LOL

    I missed you all baybees!!!!!

    Sista Sunshine ... tell the ex- in-laws to go jump in the lake. Visit your ex- mother-in-law when you FEEL like it. Hold the strength sista. Thou art a special queenie of the highest order and no-one tells a queenie what to do (and lives LOL) unless you let them. Learn the word 'NO' sista ... compassion remains, but being a servant to others does not! Your responsibility is to you and your kids. That's it! As for the ex-hubby; lights out sista ... make like you are NOT home. Otherwise, tell the courts. I doubt any visitation or custody rights will be offered to said idiot. Stand tall. You are a sista queenie, not a door-mat.

    Hey Sista Rooster: hope your decisions are manifesting nicely for you and that the gorgeous white stuff is allowing you a break ... or, no shovelling anyway. Keep warm and happy marshmallows. Nice to see you helping sista Sunshine out! Beautiful!

    Hi Zumbaqn Baybee!!!!! How's that shakin' the a s s going? You go girl! My daughter wants to try this too but, doesn't look like we have those classes in this stupid town. I have missed your breezing in to the pond and chilling with a glass of red (? hmmm ... I bags Bacardi) in one hand and a good story to tell. Hope all that wonderful thinking is leading you to action now ... we need a good love story. Hugs to you.

    Sista Queenie QuenKath ... hey baybee ... miss you lots! How many partays are you doing now huh? Oh, the fluffy cloud rendezvous with hottie man has been won-der-ful! Big sigh ... where fore art thou Bryan??????? What's news sista? I have loved catching up on your sweet, loving, freedom living ways. You are super special! Talk to me!!!!! aNGEL hUGGGGGGGS!

    Lady Laie, sista queenie, h e l l o!!!! I love your melodic ways. When you write, it's like music. LOVE that a lot actually. Hope Spring is a sprunging nicely where you are. I was sorry to read that you, too, had been landed with a difficult role in looking after the welfare of an older being, like sista Sunshine. I appreciated your openness and sense of compassion in your response. As always, a lady! Biggest Huggggggggggggs to ya too!

    Come party sista queenies ...

    Missing you all,

    Icey x x x

  • Dear Wheelofortune,

    It was really lovely of you to spend so much time writing to me, and hence, all who find themselves sharing our space. I appreciated your honesty and openness when explaining your thoughts about soul mates. I particularly liked your final comments actually as it is something we promote within our happy pond ... that self is at the crux of all and to know thy self as a worthy recipient of love because this love is directed inwards too. Really great to read your story and to see yet another view-point on what this topic means.

    Thanks for taking the time to respond to my thread and for allowing all of us to share in your life with love. I hope everything you wish for becomes yours.

    Icearia x x x

  • Hi Ckdqh703,

    Thanks so much for bringing another dimension to our discussion and learning about the soul mate idea. It was really nice of you to spend time letting us into your world. We, inside this awesome pond, have learnt many things from the sharing of lovely souls like your good self. Wow, 17 is really young and to still be with the one person is amazing and I applaud your loyalty and acknowledgement of a higher love.

    I really am grateful for your input here and hope that you can both continue loving in the manner you both wish. Long may your souls connect.

    Best wishes and many thanks,

    Icearia x x x

  • I want to say that discovering what the word “ soul Mate” would be somewhat difficult to defy. Unless you felt that feeling and knew the word when it’s staring at your face. Imagine going on with your daily lives for years and feeling incomplete. That gnawing feeling that something is missing but you set that thought aside for years and yet it stays in dormant with in you that feeling of void, incompleteness. You thought you had it figured out once you married and raised a family and proclaim that you lead a fulfilling life and it was great. Great spouse, wonderful job, wonderful home and life. Yes it could very well be the ideal life. The very least, you did your best and the hard work paid off.

    Every woman believes in that fairy tale story of the white picket fence, the kids , the knight and shining armored suited up knight ( your husband) and financially secured lifestyle. Those things are great for any woman. It’s a perfect dream but at what price are we willing to sacrifice to have all those things?

    When asked what I wanted in life. I came up with one compound word….Soul Mate . I found the word to be of a great significance to me, because I had been married more than three times and I hadn’t really found that one man that could really make me happy. I realized now that there is no perfect man and no perfect woman. I am also willing to settle for a not so perfect man but what I want is a soul mate included in my wish list. I can ask God for this wishful item but really specifically, it’s all up to me what I am willing to settle for and not regret my life time choice.

    I wanted a man that would complete me. A man that can allow me to dress up for him at my pace ( and don’t rush me) and walk out hand in hand together. This man could be my

    Mirror image of myself and knows my likes and dislikes in life. Humorous, easy going, courteous, kind, neat and clean from his car to his space at the bathroom counter top. My soul mate would be an excellent listener because I would hate to repeat myself again to him. He would be sharing my sorrows and genuinely express concern for me as I would for him. He would have to be willing to try anything new or life’s experiences, because I too, am anxious to learn about everything there is that life has to offer. This person can not afford to be afraid to tell me what’s bothering him and be willing to sit down with me and explain himself to me so we can solve the problem together.

    My ideal soul mate would have to be intuitive with perfect timing, to know when it is the right time to bring laughter into our conversation, because I detest depressing news that has no brighter side to the story. He would need to be a great dancer to celebrate our mornings and nights together. He doesn’t have to be a superb dancer, but know that it’s the key factor to win my heart. He would know that I enjoy a good dance with him, a great candle light dinner at home, as oppose to a quickie dinner going thru the drive inn window at McDonalds. The man would remember all birthdays, anniversaries and if he forgot once or twice, that he would know as my soul mate, that I would forgive him as he would forgive me too.

    This soul mate would join me with my friends at dinner parties standing tall and make me feel that I am the most important woman to him rather than the other women whose boobs would spill out of their evening gowns and try to steal him from me. He should be able to carry a strong conversation on any topic ejected to him and laugh on key when my friends tell stupid jokes that even I don’t think is funny. This handsome man would know how much I love him and feel secure in knowing that I want no one else except him and that it isn’t particular necessary to like my friends, but know that these friends are a product of who I am. He would be courteous and come to my aid when a drunken man becomes loud and begins to annoy me .He should open the door for me when ever I seek passage into a bldg or car. He would have sailed with Christopher Columbus to the end of the world and be content to set his sail with me as to not desire no other but me.

    The knight in shining armor would always and carefully manage his bills on time and not be afraid to tell me to slow down my spending. He would only to say that because he’d only be concern for our financial future and care me for forever.

    Mr. Right would frequently surprise me with a rose or two to remind me that he is still infatuated with my beauty and charms. My soul mate would be sensitive and tender yet not be ashamed to show emotions of tear or despair to me. He would l know that his “soul mate “ would embrace his emotions and be there to console him always. I would then know that my soul mate has a loving, caring heart to carry such burdens and share it with me. My soul mate would always say he loves me just the way I, even though he knows that I feel like a Good year Blimp and bloated while carrying his first born child. He would not be afraid to step up to the plate and help to deliver our child if the doctor is running a bit behind.

    This man of my dreams would put balance in my life where before I had none. He would cook for me as I would do the dishes. I would sew for him as he would volunteer to iron with out a notice. Should I become sick, he would cure me as I would bend over backwards for my soul mate to cure him also. He would never be extremely jealous but express a spice of jealousy, so that I may know that the fire and spark of love is still flaming for me as I will always feel for him. That kind of a man would never set aside the “honey do list “, rather tend to it as soon as possible, as I know that he has needs that I must tend to him too. Because he is the mirror image of me, he will join me at the park on a spontaneous, bright sunny day with a picnic basket and kiss me long and hard until sundown.

    He would honor, respect, and defend me, weather I am wrong or not, because we are of one as one soul mate will ever be. And should he questions me , he would not shame me in public but would be man enough to know that I too, would respect , honor and defend him, if he should challenge my decision, in private.

    I will know he is my soul mate in a crowded arena . I can feel that he exists but can’t find me. I will not have given up hope that he too , is still looking for me. I will know what he looks like the moment I hear his heart beat rapidly in my perimeter. He will know that I am near when I begin to pant heavily at the mere fragrance of his cologne. If it may be in an restaurant or an elevator , I would know who he is by the scent he leaves behind. I will know if he is my soul mate , if his smile captures my heart and my days ahead are of nothing but memories of our last moment together.

    Having to explore long and hard for the true definition of the word Soul Mate goes beyond the explanations of the words boyfriend and girlfriend, because soul mate to me, has a more meaningful definition. It is profound, not vague, it has more clarity and yet it feels like the relationship was harvested years before our birth. It feels comfortable, with out uttering another word, the other knows exactly what the other is saying, we even amazed ourselves that there is no need to speak of our past because we had experienced them together somewhere or somehow. We were either reincarnated or played in the same sandbox as children, but yet lived apart. We dreamt or felt the void for many years and searched for a more meaningful relationship globally. We knew that the other was out there but the searching almost becoming quiet tiring.

    I would like to believe that my soul mate will not give up finding me, just as a little girl believing in Cinderella, I believe in soul mates. He’s irreplaceable and there is no one like him to measure up to. His unique mannerism sets him apart from the others. One look into his eyes would automatically command me to comply and surrender. His lips touching mine would set aflame to my body .His kisses would stir up trouble for me as it ignites the very fiber of my hormones and I would be compelled to answer to his sexual demands. His touching my body would mean an invitation to more of the same and since I am his soul mate, I would know when he needs me the most at any given time .With him, I know I shouldn’t feel awkward, but felt that ease in the breeze .That feeling that I am home in his arms and having to want no one else except him. I will know that I found that man when words like, “ I love You” ,isn’t enough but words like,” You complete me” says everything in its entirety. I will know that my soul mate is in front of me if he takes my breathe away with the mere mentioning of my name. I will know that my soul mate is not far if his voice still summons me to seek him out through out time and space.

    I have always felt somewhat naked. I am saying this because I have opened myself to many men in my past. I have wanted to believe in this fairy tale word soul mate for so long. I have been tricked many times thinking that he was the one but to find out he was an imposter.

    Yes ladies., I found the last sout mate. .Awesome , he is relentless mmmm correct. an imposter.No, ladies , he does all that for me as well as i recepicate. He's unique , rare and a preasious gem. I gasp to think that he was really waiting for me to come along. Thank you God for this gift. I wouldnt trade or abuse this gift for the world.!

  • Good Evening Ladies, New Sistas, Ice sweetie, and Sista Queens,

    Quickly dropping in to say "WHAZZUP!!" I've gotten all the love and well wishes you've been sending. It is wonderful, even if I've been running without time to slip by the pond for a quick swig.

    All is well in my closet.

    I started running again and boy am I sore. Who knew Winter could lay tricks? Uh huh!! I didn't know I had nooks and cranies that needed tightening up. but I'm finding all of them. There's hope though!! Just need a very good looking personal trainer who'll convince me to continue to work out donned in a tight "wife beater and some tight spandex

    Ice!!! I gave up the zumba..mama. My instructor had the funniest butt and I couldn't concentrate.I am not gay i the least, It was just too distracting.. I don't even think she could either..we were all over the place...just NO RHYTHM and I really could not break a sweat.,,hmmmmmmm, NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well I've started my "fast". Got 19 more days to go and I was supposed to give up a few things,, like!! But how can I get away from you ladies? So I gave up sex. lolololololol.

    Anyways I am pooped and running to bed to place my male order in for a good looking, best for me SM. HELP!!!!!!

    Good night Ladies

  • Hello Needhim4me,

    Wow! You have certainly spent some time working out what it is you expect from your soul mate and what it is he will be like. I assume you are all these miraculous things for him, too? I was a tad confused at the end of your really powerful message. Are you with this soul mate now? If so, wow, good for you to have found all those things in one person. Hope you both live the fairy-tale ending too.

    Many thanks for taking so much time to write your thoughts here. As I have mentioned before, we have all learnt so much from the sharing others have done and I know that your words here will also give rise to so much thought and further exploration by all who read it.

    Blessings and thanks to you.


  • Dearest Africanqn sista of loving wind,

    So nice to hear from you. By now you shall be deep in the land of all possibility and having yourself a lovely time. I know that the Universe has heard you my friend and you shall know the love you write of ... for sure ... love always finds love so as to create more love. Hold the intent.

    Now, what's this nonsense about running????? Eeeeewwwww!!!! You and Purduemo both run you crazee sistas!!!!! One only runs if one is being chased. LOL Hey, put the ad in the paper for a male personal trainer babe ... great idea! Good move. Also a good move to give the zumba ninny with the odd b u t t a big miss. LOL I am impressed with your need for pain dear sista ... muscles lead perfectly happy lives if left alone ya know???? ROFL LOL LOL ROFL

    Here's to you sista queenie ... enjoy!

    Angel Huggggggs ... Icey x x x

  • Dear Icearia, Laei4, Sunshine7959,Quenkath, Africanqn,and all the Queenies,

    I have been waiting to get my traveling agenda together but in the meantime I have been working on a gift given to me by the Universe. So everyone scoot over to grab your favorite rock by the Enchanted Pond. Everyone get a glass of delectable nectar and one of those squishy eclairs to hear about my new gift.

    In all the years, I just thought it was coincidence that I could have a dream and then I would see it the next day. An example of a cash register that showed the total bill and then I would see it the next day and it would be in the daily lottery.

    Another time I went gambling with my husband at the casino and my mind would tell me to move the bet higher and I would win occasionally.

    I started to go back to the casino since my husband had passed on and I can feel when the ball tumbles inside the slot machines.

    Sometimes I can close my eyes and see how to put the pieces together I was sewing a Mandarin jacket the pattern makers forgot to send me the directions in the envelop. So I closed my eyes and I was able to envision how to put the jacket together without the directions from the manufacturing company.

    I told my girlfriend about this and she asked me to take a test to determine if I was empathetic and the test results show that I am.

    I just wonder if all those times my husband and I said and thought the same thoughts was it due to my gift...or where we both sharing the same gift?

    This is my new gift and I am not sure what to do with it. But I had to tell all my friends here of all the excitement I am experiencing today.



  • Hi Rooster!

    Empathy is a wonderful gift to have, and i am thrilled you discovered you have had it all along!!! Keep working with it and watch it and you blossom!!

    I am so pleased for you!!!

    And all you other sisters, Thanks for the loving words and presence here!! especially, Icearia. What a great group of ladies we have here!!! Let's not let this thread die, we need a lot of positive stuff on the forum to counteract the craziness popping up. Sistas, I love you all, miss hangin around the pond, 2 more weeks of school!!!!!! I hope I never see algebra again!!!! I will see you ladies soon!!


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