Soul Mates Part 2

  • Dear Everyone,

    Greetings and Blessings no matter where you are. Hope life in your world is all you wish it to be. May love surround you all.

    The gang's still here and yes, everything already said still holds, we've just shifted homes a bit. Here's why ...

    There has become a need to start a new thread because of the sheer size and, for those of us with forgetfulness as a part of life now, the memory was struggling to refer to things that had been posted. Also, we have begun to have major lag and posting problems. Hopefully, this will speed things up a tad. It will sure save frustrated fists banging on desks when posts disappear ... LOL

    So, please feel free to grab a drink of your choosing, or some jello (for you American peoples ... it's jelly for us here, which is your jam really isn't it? Cross cultural things are funny LOL), play some soothing the soul music and join the journey that's begun ... it's quite the magical fairy-tale.


    Angel Hugs,

    Icearia xox

  • And so we begin anew ...

    Dear Sista Stonyeye,

    Thanks so much for your generous offer to chat with the Princess Pumpkin Cinderella Barbie Doll .... the list, like her shoe collection, is endless. Hope you like to SHOP? LOL! She will adore your energy; it's truly full of life. She will use my email address as she does not have one apart from her University one ... we have a blanket ban on internet stuff for our kids, long story and yes, you read that right .... age is no barrier here either. Long experiential story.

    Primary school kids hey? WOW! No wonder you have a sense of humour ... little kids are wonderful but, en masse .... hmmmmm? Scary. I have 4 kids and that's enough, when they have friends over, we have like 8 in the house ... like a basketball team. I admire your stamina and patience ... especially your patience! Clearly you are NO Leo????? I taught Secondary ... High School ... Years 7 to 12 ... mostly English but Drama, a form of Australian History that thank god was removed not long after it started ... one bad, bad Government decision that was and Literature to private students. Long time ago now ... teaching over here has become very political and staff power plays and ego trips are so not my thing ... never cared for it before and don't care for it now. I never wanted to teach but hey, my Dad wouldn't let me change courses at Uni sooooo, whatchya gonna do? Loved the kids, loved the classroom but everything else ... no thanks. I have been invited to ex-student weddings and get notified about births and sent emails about their lives. It's fabulous. All these years later, I feel really special to have been considered highly enough for them to want to do this. It's so cute. You will swell with pride too at all their achievements and life learning ... it's one of the rare bonuses for teachers.

    Take Care and thanks again.

    Huggggs ... Ice xox

    Dear Sista Sunshine,

    Awwww ... you are so very kind. There are many wonderful posts by beings of great heart - it's something that I consider sets this thread apart from others ... it's so genuine. And, that includes YOU. I have been deeply touched by your heart-felt responses to dear Rooster5 - the way you have reached out like that shows what kind of spirit you have. Just lovely. I was so sorry to read of the tragedy at Mardi Gras for your family. That was horrible. Please pass on the biggest sista queen hug to her from this side of the pond. I hope some peace can be found amidst all the sadness and loss.

    Thank you for being a part of the loving winds across the pond. Sunshine is a very fitting name for you.


    Ice xox

    WooHoo Sista QuenKath ...

    Love, love, loved your piece to Stonyeye. What a wonderful way to look at life! As beautiful as you are sista! I just know how much Stonyeye will appreciate that! Love your heart filled sharing and happiness ... you glow from the inside out.

    Cheers dear sista queen,

    Ice xox

    And, to our Lady Laie,

    Thanks for the prompt to begin a new happy space. Hopefully everyone finds us here and away we can go once more. Glad you mentioned it. Hope life is grand where you are dear one.

    May blessings be yours,

    Ice xox

    And to all ... hello, look forward to chatting with you in here also!

    Angel Hugs One & All,

    Icearia xox

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  • So, Icearia I found you ... At this serene pond surrounded by tall hemlocks, their fragrant boughs lifted in the gentle cooling breeze .... Where are the rest of the queens? Well, I see you have slipped off your red satin 3 in heels, I'll do the same. Could you pass me a Cherried Vodka, please? Ahhh, (leaning against a rock, drink in hand) look at that beautiful cloud ..... Wonder if that is where are soul mates drift down from, into our lives ....

    While we wait for the sistas to show, or other loving beings of light ... I had a thought or two about you original SM post ..... hope you don't mind, if I refresh this discussion with your original posted words .....

    (from Icearia) Greetings Everyone,

    I am writing a book about 'soul-mates' and would very much welcome the opportunity to have people contribute their stories, thoughts and ideas on the topic.

    Under NO circumstances will any names, places or other identifying aspects of this be used. My sole (bad pun I know ... but true none-the-less) purpose is in understanding and discussing the following:

    1. What people believe a soul-mate is?

    2. How you recognized a soul mate (if you have one) and what a soul-mate would be for you if you don't?

    3. How you met? Length of relationship?

    4. Have you had more than one ... or do you think there is only one?

    5. What it feels like to have met the one or to still feel as though you are searching?

    6. What about being in a relationship is important to you?

    7. Why do we seek a soul-mate?

    I would love to know star sign combinations too; if you feel like sharing. That's a big part of my research as well ... the female is? the male is? or ... other? Eg: Leo female / Sagittarius male.

    Laie to ice: Ya know, Queen of the West? I think we must have overlooked part of one of your writings, let me add this too.

    "Do you think that love at first sight applies to twin souls / soul mates ... or, only to the physical attraction we sense with some folk? It's an interesting idea isn't it? Love is a term used so flippantly by all of us at times ... as in the days when young people fall in and out of love every five minutes. Does the expression "True Love" mean soul connection or is it a mind term; a thought more than a feeling?"

    Laie to Ice: Hmmn, that YouTube video on Soul Mates vs Life Partners, by Sonia Choquette addresses this well, don't you think? She has such good stuff contained in all the YouTube videos. I liked the series on, Why Are We Here ... also.

    Well, I guess we are Here waiting for the others, letting our minds drift into the infinite ....

  • Hi quenkath!

    I must have drifted off so glad you made it.

    Big Hug!

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  • Hi Quenkath,

    I agree. Mr Right comes with a predetermined list we've drawn up that he must fit. We Expect Mr. Right to have those qualities listed. Trouble steps in when we, ourselves, grow in life experiences .... Ms. Twenty becomes Ms. Thirty etc., and then we realize Mr. Right was really Mr. Right THEN. LOL !

    True Love takes Mr Right with 1/ 4 of the qualities on the list, if that, lol ! both grow together, with shared life experiences in union with love & respect of the other,

    This also accounts for question # 6, " What about being in a relationship is important to you?

    Does Mr Right fulfill your list? And whats on the list .... his job, bank account, looks, etc. All those things can change ..... Do you really know him under all of that? Do you really know you?

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  • Dear Icearia, Laei4, Quenkath, and all of the Queenies,

    I am glad I found you all once again. Take an eclair, grab a delectable nectarine refreshment from the lily pad and scoot over to your favorite rock by the pond.

    Lift your glasses all at once... it is time to inaugurate this new thread, " Soul Mates Part 2 ". Everyone lifts there shiny glasses up at once and you can hear each glass chime as the happiness ring through out the pond.

    Hope this thread is as good and even better than the last one.


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  • : > ( no man tonite AND you won't let me think wonderous thoughts -- meanie! ROFL !!! Yeah, thats the chemistry we confuse with "Real Love" .... must be soul mate love .... LOL ! Too often, its physiological chemistry and doesn't go beyond that and when the chemicals aren't released anymore .... Well, There's always Life Guards!!

    ^ ^


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  • Absolutely quenkath you have it correct! See, pay attention to yore bad self!!! ROFL! I do !

    And while I typed the first post on this page, yall had typed all the rest ..... late to the party!

    Hi Rooster!

  • too funny quen! your last post, pg. 1 and mine top of this one have same time stamp ... u hit post just before i did no wonder i missed roosters and yours. the first post here goes to getting mind out of gutter ....

  • Hi All! Just popping in to say hello and yay! ...I like the new thread. Good idea! Hope everyone is having a good evening...or day...depending where you are.

    Quenkath, I did see your post to me on the older thread and wanted to say thank you for the kind remarks and Yes! ...I totally agree with you. Desperation is never a good look. 🙂 Good men tend to start sniffing around when one is absorbed in their life and enjoying things they like to do. Not worrying about how they look or where they are most likely to meet "the one". I hope the freind you were referring to is listening to you. Wise words.


  • thats 5 sistas accounted for ...Hi Stony!

  • Hi laie4! This is great. No matter that we are all living in different parts of the world. It feels as if we are a group of friends out meeting for cocktails...or coffee..whatever you beverage of choice may be.

  • In fact, i may have to pour a glass of red. Medicinal purposes of course. Loaded with antioxidants. 🙂 Cheers!

  • And I'll be the one having Bacardi with a straw ... hold the glass ... and make it COLD! ROFL

    Splendiferous Greetings O Party Goers of the Highest Order!!!!! Claps hands ... you founded me!!!!! Yay!!!!!

    Sista Rooster ... absolutely beautiful message. Salute to you. Thanks for bringing the eclairs .... I can drool from here!!!!

    Sista Stonyeye ... hello ray of sunshine and no desperation. Turn up the music, the sista is inda house!!!!!

    Sista Quenkath ... me thinkem you tell good truth ... ug! I couldn't agree more. I posted on the old thread about expectations and love and the sense that perfection in our heads creates all sorts of problems with relationships. One could write books about that alone, to be sure! You're ready to party again so soon??? Now, that's what I call stamina ... and courage ... and a joy for life! Will be handing you drinks and peppermint balm for your feet in spirit. You are amazing! I liked the way you explained attraction also ... mighty fine job lovey!

    Sista Laie ... GREAT opening ... you writem goodly too, ug! What an image. I hope I get to see such magical trees as those one day ... that stuff brings out the Celtic love in me. You and QuenKath have been having a mighty fine time offering so much to all of us, and all who pass by this way. WOW! Just WOW! Thanks heaps for adding my post there (the beginning one), thank God one of us is thinking 🙂 LOL!!!! Bless you Lady Laie!!!!

    Cheers to all my sistas of the loving winds across the pond ... cheers and celebrations of YOU ... each and every one of you! You are ALL the inspiration life needs ...

    Go be wickedly gorgeous sista queens so all men buckle at the knees and kiss the ground your fair feet (not fat Tuesday feet HA HA) glide across. WooHoo to you all.

    Ice xox

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