Captain Can you please do a reading?

  • Thank you in advance. I am just trying ot get some clarity on some things so I can move forward. My questions are:

    1. Is CB out of my life for ever, will we get back together, does he need me to reach out to him

    2. I have been having these epsiodes that seem to be absence seizures but the doctors can't figure out the trigger they have called me an enigma. Is it really seizires or is it stress/anxiety/depression. Will the soon figure out what is going on?

    3. I started anew job about a year ago and I love what I do but I am not 100% happy with the company, recently i have been contcted by other it a good idea to make a move work wise for me or to stay( also just found out that there will be some managerial changes in my current company)

    Thank you so much for your help!

  • Please let me know if you need any other information!

  • 1. No I feel he is not out of your life completely but needs time and space to sort himself out. So leave him be - you confuse him when you are in contact and he can't think straight.

    2. Yes it is stress - you need to learn how to relax more and stop worrying about everything, even things that don't matter or are trivial or happened a long time ago (even things that happened to other people). You will have to help yourself here as I feel the doctors will be scratching their heads over you for quite a while. Try alternative and natural methods of healing and relaxing, like yoga, tai chi, herbs, or meditation. Also you need to drink a lot more water and eat more fruit, especially citrus fruit and apples.

    3. Your company is going down the drain - you should look around for another job with someone else - quickly.

  • Thank you captain!

    So with CB it could possibly work out at a later date? I do unconditionally love him and know he has alot to figure out. He always pushes me away, pulls me back in and then pushed me away again bc he gets confused.

    also with regards to my health I 100% agre with what you say.. They also threw around the cancer word do you getting anything from that. They also gave me medicine for depression and anxiety should I take that for a little to balance off or no?

    Sorry for all the questions

  • Yes I feel you and CB will met up again. No I don't get cancer but a possible ulcer or stress-related condition. But it's in the early stages and can be healed. I don't like the fact that the doctors are prescribing medicine for you when they are not even sure what's wrong - be wary of taking anti-depressants as I feel you might come to depend on them.

  • Thank you!!!

    I do not even know how to thank you! You helped me so much!

  • Captain if I can ask you one more question about CB without being a pain?

    YOu said you feel me and CB will meet up again, will it be romantic and will it last? Do I have a future withhim? Or should I move on and try to forget about him. I am having a hard time just forgeting abouth im and moving on for some reason, I have never had this problem before.

    Thank you and sorry to keep bothering you!

    I add more citrus and water and meditation to my life and i have had no seizures!! Thanks! I also got out of the job and got a new one!

  • When you think about CB, what stands out about him to you? What attracts you to him?

  • We just seem to fit., that he gets me and has the same personality, the way I feel when I hear from him or am with him, the way he looks at me and also his intelligence. When we are together everything is good, it seem though that he is scared of committment and and then pushes me away( I know he has had a rough life with relationships of all kind) I see the real cb that no one else does he tries to be someone he is not alot of the time. It is also weird that I have this connection to him where I can see what he is doing or I get gut feelings when something bad happens to him or when he is going to push me away even before he does it, and he always seems to know when I am having a bad day and sends me a picture or funny article to cheer me up. Most people do not think he is my type looks wise but i am very attracted to him as well. I have tried dating other guys and had some relationships( for example i dated this one guy for 3 months and he took me to a play and the whole time I had a panic attack thinking this isnt right this isnt right this should be cb here) No matter how hard I try it just seems to always come back to him. I have a gut feeling he feels the same way but I am not sure. I guess I just am curious if things will work out with us again or if I need to force myself and settle for someone I do not love as much as I love him. I guess i am just looking for some guidance on this. I know you said to give him his space bc he gets confused when he talks to me, i just dont know if i should permanently give him space, if I should be patient and wait for him or just forget him.

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  • I feel that your friend CB may have to have other relationships before he realises what he had with you so it could be years before you two come together again. Just get on with your life and have relationships with other people and enjoy yourself. Don't sit around moping for this one very confused guy.

  • k Thanks

  • let me start by saying hello to everyone,

    im not to sure how this works so i will just post my thoughts in hopes for a reply. recently i have had to endure some very painfull events . i feel as though i had the wheel and lost controll . in turn loosing what i wanted the most. i will say that with this loss i have gained self awairness and regained enough streangth to do somthing positave about my current situation. allmost everything i have been through in life could have been avoided if i had the insight that i do now. as im sure many people feel the same saying (if i only knew then what i know now). i think what bothers me the most about myself is i am so wreckless that i hurt so manny people along the way . never truely realizing what im doing till the damage is allready done. i have 2 beautifull children which i will say are nothing short of a miricial. with both my pregnecys i wasnt well. however i was blessed with well children. and if i had changed my ways back then they would still be well. but my illness has effected them and the cycle of addiction continues. my daughter and i are working to break the chain now, but the two of us always seem to get side tracked bringing us right back to step 1. i want one more chiled so very desperatly. the chance to be the mother i never got to be. i dont know if its selfish of me to want one more when i have 2 that realy need me to be more involved with them. and with the recent event of a miscariage at 6 weeks im begining to feel as though maby my higher power doesnt feel im ready or even deserve another.

    im desperatly in need of sound advice , and though i seek treatment ant therepy for my past addictions and have been sobar for 2 yrs it just doesnt seem to be enough.

    im in search for soul food . to feel inspired again by my insight . in the past and most recently ive had dreams that wound up to be reality . like my last dream was that my chiled had died. i woke up crying non stop all day the dream was so sureal that i couldnt even functio. 2 days later i found out i misscarried . my chiled did die, for days i was haunted by my intuition and insightfull dreams and couldnt help but piece other events that took place which i felt at the time were bad and they just left me with an eary feeling. such as the black crow that was lingering on my window. the dream befor that was about my daughter and somthing going on with her . sure enough the next day word for word my dream unfolded . as if i had pushed a rewind button. and then another of my son who had a problem that no one knew about he was 2 . i dremt it and a day later . it was happening. i did write my drams down years ago . and have always felt sence the age of 13 that i was more like a witch but i dont like to use that word so today i will say somewhat phisick

    if i do have such an understanding and i can be so much more powerfull i would love some guidence as to how to acheave full knowlg of if and also use my insight fore more proactive things . rather then . keep my inner bieng in the dark any longer

    thank you

    sory for rambeling on. when u have so much going on in your head its heard to stay focused on just one topic

  • I am sorry to hear of everything you are going through and went through! I know its hard. I wish you the best!

    Many Blessings!

  • Captain sorry to keep bothering you, I know you said I should move on and that timing isnt good. CB messagedme today asking if I could do brunch on sunday to catch up. Is this a good idea? Should I go and tell him goodbye and maybe get some closure? Or do you see this making things worse? I know one action can change everything in you future and I do not want to mess anything up. I know I am harping on this and people have worse problems, I just am very confused and this has caused me alot of pain and anxiety.


    many blessings

  • Jotoole, I feel very strongly you must cut off all contact with this man until he becomes more mature.

    Still, in the end you must decide to do what you want.

  • Lorensjouney, can you please start your own thread? This is Jotoole's thread and I don't want the vibes to get confused.

  • Lorensjourney, I can give you a short answer here. Yes it is wrong of you to want another child when you already have two children who need you. The real reason you want another child is to ease your guilt feelings about messing up the other two. You think you will feel better if you get it 'right' the third time. But you will only appease your guilt by repairing the damage to your present children.

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