Someone Teach me how to do Tarot cards?

  • Please someone help learn how to do Tarot i have a deck i just want somebody to teach me how to read them and do it also.

  • Well, this is how I started. Someone else may have other ideas to share but I would really study each card and think about what it means to you just looking at the symbols and pictures. You can keep a tarot journal and jot down notes about ideas or thoughts that come up when looking at a card. You may also want to check out some websites where they explain various meanings of the cards and that can help confirm your original thoughts or help guide you if you are struggling with some meanings. If you google "tarot meanings spreads" I imagine a lot of helpful material will pop up. Also, couldn't hurt to buy a book or two related or even take a class. I did. It was very helpful, not to mention fun and a good non-judgemental environment for helping each other to learn. Once you start getting a good feeling for the cards and understanding spreads you could try some practice readings on yourself or a friend who is also learning. It may take some time but if you're patient and don't try to rush the process, you'll get there. Good luck!

  • The best way I learned was drawing a card each day and setting it some place I could see it. At the end of the day, I went back to see what occurred in that day that was the closest to its meaning. I did skip a day or two but stayed consisted with it for a while. I can't really remember how long it was I did this. I did have one book I read from and many sources from the internet as stonyeye has suggested. Every once in a while I'd do really serious study sessions for a card I was still mystified about. I wrote little essays and what not and studied each card in conjunction with a lot of other correspondences such as astrology, numerology, Qabalah, the alef-biet, and my own readings. I also collected interpretations from others in forums, such as Aeclectic Tarot. Start out simple and work your way from there.

  • Hello, learning the tarot takes time, its a lifetime learning experience, i started when i was only 16, am now 31, and still learning, as we develop as spiritual beings we also develop our connection more and more with the tarot...

    You cant rush the process, first of all start by learning the first 22 cards, the major arcana, they are the main cards, all the other cards are also very important, but its best to start out with those 22 first, and you can do readings with those to begin with, then as you get used to them, you can start adding the other cards...

    But i also agree that by taking one card out a day and really looking at it , can help you , the more you observe the more you learn, the tarot is not just about leaning the meaning of each card, its so much more, you must trust your inner voice and intuition and "feel" what the cards are telling you and showing you, also of course there are many books out there that can help, start out with a 3 card reading past present and future and see how you get on.

    All the best! 🙂

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