Worst week of my life..heartbroken!!!!!!!!!!

  • I know I've done a no no posting in 2 Forums but I'm at my wits end and don't know how much more I can take.

    I found out through a friend that the guy I'm in love with has just gotten engaged.

    I'm so heartbroken and devastated I've got no where else to turn.

    We had a fight last week now this.I just keep crying all the time.

    I need to know if it's true or a joke by him and his friends to hurt me.

    I really need to know so I can move on.

    Me: 15/05/1974 9.50am Wednesday Liverpool Hospital NSW Australia.Currently living in Macquarie Fields NSW Australia.

    Him: 25/01/1974.Currently lives in Leumeah NSW Australia.His name is Chris,

    Him: 25/01/1974.Lives


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