I dont understand how to interpret these cards, please help!

  • The question was simply 'how does he feel'. The situation is a relationship breaking down, he is trying to end it.

    The first time the ace of cups was pulled - I interpreted that he still loves her.

    Two days later, same question, and again the ace of cups appeared. A second card was pulled, the six of cups.

    What can I interpret in this particular situation and simple question of feelings, to these two cards together please?

    A huge help to anyone who can help!

  • Rellarips... Let me attempt to answer this for you without truly understanding the nature of the question to begin with [although I have a pretty good idea].

    When doing a tarot reading correctly, and you are focused on the question and allow the answer to come from inside~ you're "energy" is reflected in the reading. Is it perhaps that this is the answer that you wanted to hear given the situation?, or of concerns that you have about his true feelings for you- i.e. your own insecurities?

    Secondly~ was there a change in the circumstances that lead you to do a second reading just a couple of days after the initial one? Did he walk out? Did he file formal paperwork? Did you find someone else? That type of thing. Otherwise, you should refrain from doing repeated readings about the same situation.

    Lastly, if you are intimately involved in the situation yourself, perhaps you should consider having someone else to the reading for you, unless and until you can separate your own emotions from the circumstances. Otherwise your readings may not be accurate.

    Hope this helps

  • Hello,

    My intuition tells me that he has a new upsurge of feelings regarding a girlfriend from the past.

    Maybe he is thinking to restart an old relationship and that's why he wants to end it.

    Anyway ,the question it isn't very clear and with two cards you can't find out how does he feel regarding you.

    Be more specific if you want to find out what is going on.

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