Worst week of my life..heartbroken!!!!!!!!!!

  • I got told by a friend that the man I'm in love with has a gf and now is engaged,

    We had a fight last week and now this.

    I'm so heartbroken and hurt.

    I need to know if this is true or a trick being played by his friends cause I'm at my breaking point with all of this.

    Me: 15/05/1974 9.50am Wednesday Liverpool Hospital Australia.Now live in Macquarie Fields.

    Him: 25/01/1974 He lives in Leumeah NSW Australia.That's all I know.


  • ask the person concerned, just say that you heard he was engaged and did not want to come out and say congratulations if it wasnt right, even though you are in love with him and if it is right, at least you are being nice about it, and you have gotten your answer. give it a few days before you ask as to let the situation cool down, your upset right now and need to calm down before you ask, be positive, if its true as it could well be at least you know the truth.

  • The ppl telling me aren't trust worthy ppl if u know what I mean.

  • okay well then they could well be telling blowies, wait for your reading to come in and see how that pans out, these people sound like they are playing with you by what you say, so sorry

  • Neece, I have something to tell you if you are ready to listen,let me know...

  • What does he tell you? If he is engaged then would he not tell you? I'm wondering if you trust him anymore then the people who told you he was engaged. If he is worthy of being loved this much by you, then he will tell his "friends" too stay out of your relationship, if they are infact telling you lies just too piss you off. If these people are infact being cruel, then its in the sense that they may see you as someone who is easy too upset, and piss off by telling you things that will get a rise out of you, then you will confront him, and then these people may get a rise and laugh out of all the drama" it caused. They may be using your own temper, emotions against you in that way, thinking its a harmless joke, not realizing how much this hurts you. You already stated they aren't the nicest, so they may not exactly have your best interests in mind, so ask yourself if it very possible that you are someone they see as entertaining too piss off? Please, for your own well being, do not let them see you get angry, upset, smile if it kills you, or just simply say, " oh well, I really don't care". They know your feelings for this man, and they may also know his for you, but only if he really told them, don't give them insight into yours and the game will be over soon enough. The question isn't just is he being deceptive too you, its also why you yourself feel so torn apart whenever your told this, as if you already feel that it is true? The point is too give anything thats not within your best interest as little of your attention as possible, while trying too figure out the rest. If he were too be engaged, then what? it would feel awful for you, but you seem to really want too know whats going on with this person, I feel the best way for you too know this once and for all, is to find out on your own, catch him in the act, spy, whatever it is you have too do too see with your own eyes. You need a plan, you need too think it through as best you can with all those emotions swirling about, and then you need to out and seek what it is you want to know. Hopefully it will bring you some peace of mind, a better plan for you, your relationship, or closure, depends on what you find. I really feel like you will fare much better seeing the what you need too, and then coming back here for the direction, guidance, ect. Good Luck, May God Bless you as you heal and find your truths

  • By the way I didn't mean to imply spy as in anything like stalking, or illegal! I just feel you need see /hear what you want too know with your own eyes and ears too help you move forward.

  • Sometimes its as simple as being at the right place at the right time, so calm yourself and think of a course of action thats subtle yet will help you too really see what you need to from this man.

  • I am not a psychic but I am glad to give you a general advice you are wiling to listen...

    Few questions though...

    1. Are you in relationship with this man or is this just a one sided thing?

    2. Does he know that you really love him?

    Please don't go and verbally attack him now. Take your time, believe me it will be worth it. When we are angry or frustrated, we will tend to say things we don't really mean and make a fool of ourselves. I have been there. Thank God the guy I am with is a patient and caring guy. He will listen to my babbling and frustration and then tell me that he will scrap it and give me a few days and we can talk again, when I cool down a bit. Not all guys are like that! Most of them will go straight to another direction and declare you nuts! So think before you do anything. It is for your best interest. Cool down.

    Just my 2 cents....

    Good luck

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