I need some balance in my life ..

  • and cant seem to find it .Everything seem to be so off kilter , It is just me ? Am I just spoiled and expect to much of everyone around me ?


  • what do you mean tho? balnce is within in you like me i am a 7 so i have to have alone time studious time but i have to get out i also have to eat sleep work, introspect socialize, but before i could do that i had to get clarity of my emotions. in order to prepare for divine unions i have to be divine with self first.

  • I crave alone time , but never seem to get it, well sometimes I do ,but not in the exact way I want it , I usually end up rushing home after an a few hours to tend to others .or things get busy with life itself .Not that I recent that . I love my family :O). But , my ideal alone time would be to be totally away from people , to have absolute silence . No phone ,radio ,t.v etc all that stuff annoys me to no end lol , and only has a negative effect on me . I am in search of myself , to figure out who the real me is , and not the person everyone else wants me to be . Its a never ending search .:O)

    Thank you for your reply Turboxs . I appeciate it .


  • well, you and i are in the same boat, i am in a "stuck " position. There is a change of job, so i am stuck waiting to move into a place with solitude. I am living with two people who well have not implemented discipline, so shouldering is happening and drigs and alcohol around, which i do not engage in. I go to book stores or parks and silence in my car or little corner, i know i am a seven number at heart , self introspection is needed to stay sane and mental pure. I try to seek symantics regaurding thier schedual and free space in the apt and retriet there when able to be alone. We all need sacred space. Libraries and bookstores tho, really. Do you practice tarot?

  • No , I do not practice Tarot , But I have started on my Journey to develop my abilities to do so . I look forward to the day ,when I am fully capable to be a seer and healer for others ,and when that DAY comes, I will be so Blessed and forever Grateful !!

    Please say a prayer for me Turboxs ^A^.

    Take Care and God Bless You ^A^


  • I will ! Bless , peace love prosper!

  • Hello Doves, I was not able to start my own post so found yours to be close to what I wanted to share. Most of the readings and horoscopes for me, I'm a cappricorn, are not appliable to me. I'm retired so not jobs relationships to improve, I'm a care giver for all of my family including raising a grandchild and most of the time when I lay my head down on my pillow, I'm exhausted and waiting patiently for something to change. I've been married to my husband for 43 years and still love him so I don't need to change that relationship. I've never cheated on him nor he on me. I stay busy as the day orders what must be done and there is no time left over for me. I keep thinking there will be a time for me someday. I don't live to shop, travel or stay on the phone but do what has to be done to keep our home and family together and going. Guess I'm hopeless, but still know a change is needed badly. I look to my horoscope to see when and what will change for the good, but like I said, most of the time I get no solid advise or it does not apply to me. Guess I'll go back to my Jesus. He always listens even though I would like Him to be a little faster at times. Best Wish's. TIRED BUT STILL LOOKING FORWARD TO GOOD NEWS.

  • Hello Plegray47 ,

    G'day to you and Welcome ! Well , I can definitely relate to what you are saying about being exhausted at times , although I don't have the extra responsibility of caring for a Grandchild . God Bless You for doing so ! Your efforts will definitely be rewarded one day ! ...and you say your hopeless NOOOOOOO !.. No one is hopeless , it is just our own minds telling us that . That more we listen to our own minds the more we come to believe it .

    I know I get stuck inside myself at times , and get feeling very low . But If found that even if I do something that I know brings me enjoyment and that makes me feel relaxed I will try to do that , even if it is for only 1 hour out of my entire week.

    If you can work it out with you Family , that you have 1 day or evening to yourself through the week . You will feel you have something to look forward to . My day usually falls on the Weekend , Like you I am not a materialistic person , couldn't even be even bothered with keeping up with the Jones lol :O) .All that keeps me happy is that I have a Roof over my head ,warm cloths and food on my table . Which I do and am forever grateful for that , I always said I am so Rich , compared to so many other poor souls in this world with just having all of that . I don't even care if I don't have an over abundance of money . Just as long as I can pay what bills I have .

    So , give it a try and see how it works out . Sometime we have to start out with baby steps , when it comes to our own wellbeing . You deserve to be good to yourself and to feel good about yourself . I found that doing something that I enjoyed doing when I was younger that has of gotten lost over the years , help me a lot . We all long for things of years past huh . I know i do . I also have great memories of my Grandparents and for things that they had that gave me job . Something as simple as your favorite cookie in their cookie jar . Well , Just the other day . I did just that , I was in the Grocery store and low and behold , there was one of the Cookies that my Grandparents always had in their house . They knew I was a big cookie monster . Yep , I bought them and that brought me Joy ! and I felt so good inside . It is just all those silly little things , as basic and small as they are can make the difference in my day :O).

    So , for starters make a list of all that things you love to do,or use to love to do that your really made you feel Happy and calm . It doesn't matter what it is :O) What ever makes your( Heart Sing !):O) Well , I guess I had yakked enuff lol . I hope some of my suggestions will be of some help to you . Let me know how things work out . I am still working on me lol . but then again so is the God Lord too :O).

    I also wanted to suggest you contact another person on this site . She goes by AngelReader . She is a beautiful person with such a wonderful gift of being able to communicate with Our Divine Creator and his Angels as well as ours . She would be a excellent person for you to contact . Just look for the Posting here in the Psychic forum that you found mind .. that says ( Question for Heaven ?) She will be able to help you much more then I would . She can get you the answers to any question your are looking for . I wish you much Love and Happiness !

    oh btw ..alot of my Horoscopes don't quite match up to me either , sometimes a a person can go under 2 zodiac signs . But I haven't quite figured that out yet lol . :O)

    Take Care and God Bless You ^A^


  • How do you determine what number you are? I have never done numerology but what you are saying her makes sense. I would welcome any quick way to understand you could offer.

  • Im a 5!

    Which is said to crave freedom, although i dont know how accurate numerology is..

    Finding yourself, requires what you want?

    out of life, from yourself, the people around you.. and so on,

    take some time out to think clearly about what YOU WANT,

    lol, i remeber having a very good friend and i'd go to him and tell him

    all of my problems and how frustrated i was.. & each time he'd listen

    stop & look me in my eyes and say SHUTUP AND STOP COMPLAINING,

    WHAT DO YOU WANT? i spent so much time thinking of what i didnt want

    i couldnt get what i did want. so try focusing on WHAT YOU WANT in life,

    but if you dont expect things from life, you'll accept whatever it gives ytou.

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