Captain please please please help or anyone kind enough to give me some informat

  • female : feb 24 1988

    male : dec 17 1989

  • Good feelings and mutual admiration are at the centre of this relationship, yet this should not imply that you two have a relaxed time of it. This inspirational matchup can generate tremendous energy, which if properly directed can improve the lives of all those around you. You two are often on the cutting edge of whatever is going on, and in many ways point the way towards the future. You are pragmatic idealists - highly imaginative, you are both interested in the kind of change that makes a difference in people's lives, and are not willing merely to wait for it to happen, either.

    A love affair can be passionate and absorbing. You Darknessabide have a lot to teach your friend, not only about sensuality but about spirituality, too, and your friend can be an apt pupil in this respect. In marriage, you two can make loyal and devoted spouses, although your nervousness DA can be a bit of a problem. Your friend's energy may not always have a calming effect and you can feel pushed beyond your limits. You both have tendencies that must be released - you DA have a need to control and your friend has a need to be infallible, both of which can cause problems in your relationship. Also you can be somewhat naive and irresponsible at times, DA - try and focus a bit more on earthly concerns so you don't get ripped off by unscrupulous people or forget to deal with mundane affairs. Your friend's tendency to get sidetracked by his grand schemes and his wavering between commitment and freedom might also interfere with the smooth running of the relationship and daily life.

    As friends, you two find fulfillment in giving your energy to a cause, whether social, political or artistic. Your desire to serve is strong, so that you can make a valuable contribution to any group of which you are a part. Your optimism is not always rewarded however and you must be careful not to be taken advantage of by other people who are more selfish than you are.

  • thankyou so much !!!!!....if you dont mind me you see a future....??

  • would you be kind enough to give me your email address i would like to explain the siatuation to yuo further it si quite complicated

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