Is my ex inmy future at all?

  • Hello Junemoon

    I would really appreciate your help. My story is long and involved, so I will try get to the key points. I was married for 30 years to a man I hoped was my soul mate. His dob July 25, 1955. Mine is Aug 5, 1951. I found out he was cheating on me. We separated. He threatened to kill himself and was put in a mental hospital. Instead of the 72 hour hold, he stayed for 10 days because he met a 29 year old heroin addict. They left the hospital together and that was the end of things for my husband and I. They diagnosed him as bipolar. He and the new lady were on and off for a couple of years. Jan 27, 2009 I found him dead .He left a suicide note " to all the women I don't seem to get along with " I still loved him and I think I always will. My life has been out of control for so long. I am not sure of decisions I make now.

    I met a man I have strong feelings for. His dob is May 15, 1953. He is so much like my ex , it is scary. When we met, he had a girlfriend of 7 years who moved a few states away. I didn't know about her. She came to CA to see him a few times. He lied about what he was doing. Eventually, the lies became too much. He broke it off with her and said I am the one he has been waiting for all his life. Does this seem true to you? I can't tell anymore. Her dob is Aug 29, 1952.

    Thanks so much for your insight.

  • HI JUNE MOON! thank you for the reading and hope you are enjoying your weekend, i wanted to give you feed back, your assesment of me, him and the kind of relationshpi we had was VERY accurate, Thanks also for the advice you offered me, he broke things off so i feel that if we renuite that has to be his decision for it to be a real working thing so im just taking it one day at a time now although i do have this nagging gut feeling that its not over with us so you may be correct about a renuiting! so how did you do this? are you a person who has visions as well as using tools(just curious dear!) because you were so seeing it all!! blessings x x x

  • hi junemoon,

    I dont know if you had expected all these requests coming your way but would you do a reading for me too please, if you have time and when you can. I would really appreciate it and thank you so much in advance for your kindness and for your time. any hope..

    me: april 3, 1962

    he: may 16, 1956

  • Hello Junemoon,

    If you would, would you please do a reading on me and my ex as well? Have mixed feelings and not sure. dob is 10 22 69 and his is 11 02 71, Have gotten readings about him and I but would like one from you. Thank you so much. Only been split for 3 months. and if you could would you do one on just him in general. Feel as though he is being played by a woman from his past. Just curious if my gut is right or not. Thank you so much. Peace and love to you

  • Wow, lots of reading requests! I'll do as many as I accurately can today, and I can probably do some more the day after tommorow--so don't give up if I can't get to yours right away! 🙂

  • Junemoon26 do you see my exboyfriend in my future?

    Myself: April 21,1973

    Exboyfriend: June 30,1950

  • Emergence, both you and your ex? (or current boyfriend? Sorry, I'm not sure which it is) are very self-confident, passionate people with great enthusiasm. Both of you also stand true to your own beliefs. However, your emotional natures differed somewhat. Underneath your exterior, you are sensitive and caring, and truly want to make a difference in the world. He is hardworking and tends to place importance on professional life.

    Initially, the two of you were attracted because you have so much in common. This is also probably why you encountered problems in your relationship. Both of you are somewhat stubborn, and likely were reluctant to compromise, and both of you tend to be impatient.

    To resolve things, you must mutually agree to be more patient with each other and try to understand each other better. Really try to listen to what the other is saying, and communicate calmly. This is the key to the success of your relationship. Good luck!

  • Hi, Spalma! From what I can tell, both you and your ex are ambitious and hardworking, although you have very different styles. Your ex was outgoing, almost flamboyant, while you are more quiet and calm. You tend to focus on one thing at a time, and have likely struggled somewhat to reach where you are now.

    What drew you both together was how different you are--it helped both of you acheive balance, in a sense. His sense of adventure and inner light appealed to you, and your brilliance and inner calm attracted him.

    However, over time, his unpredictability near exhausted you, and he did not show you the same patience with you as you did with him. When you disagreed, you both hesitated to compromise, and you split.

    I get the feeling that this was a karmic relationship--the two of you were definitely meant to meet, but maybe not meant to last forever. While together, you may have "paid off" a karmic debt from a past life. (I could certainly be wrong, though!) Follow your intuiton, and it will lead you down the right path.

  • Hi, Art10. Interestingly, both you and him feel you can learn a lot through personal relationships. This is perhaps what brought you together. You are also intelligent. Other than these similarities, though, you are quite different. He is honest and believes strongly in justice, although he is also quite pessimistic and anxious, and can be downright mean if he feels wronged. You, on the other hand, are charming and a quick thinker, and a perfectionist, although you can be critical.

    The reasons you argue are probably because he feels you are criticizing him (even when you want to help) and you find his endless pessimism to be exhasting (which is sometimes true). To get along better, try extra hard to be tactful, possibly even giving him a compliment. If he starts to feel sorry for himself, try sharing some good news to change the subject. Also, it never hurts to really listen to each other.

  • I've done all the readings I can right now! I'll get to the rest as soon as I can!

  • Hi Junemoon26.

    I totally agree with your advice.

    patience is really the main important thing for both of us.

    without it, we would have killed one another by now.

    Thanks for the reading, sincerely appreciate it 🙂

  • hi junemoon26,

    Just to clarity -- when you get to my reading request /ifo on page 3 - my quesiton is do you see my exboyfriend in my future? thank you so much

  • Hi Junemoon26,

    If you have the time and are interested, I'd also like to ask you for some insight on a current relationship I'm in and about an ex. The guy I'm with now seems pretty perfect but for some reason I have a hard time envisioning us together for the long haul. I've been trying to give it time and I care about him deeply but I have a hard time figuring out if this is love or not. Sometimes I feel like the relationship is very platonic, even though our physical relationship is great. There is quite an age difference b/t us and I wonder if this is really why I can't see us together forever or if it something deeper than that. My DOB is Aug. 30 1988. His is Oct. 18, 1976.

    Now to the "ex" (we never were really official/exclusive)...part of me feels like I'm still hung up on this guy who I felt extremely emotionally connected to and maybe that's why things with my current bf are the way they are. My relationship with the ex was never able to fully develop due to a lot of reasons but I really feel like there was something special b/t us. I hear from him randomly now and then and it really messes with my heart, but as of right now we haven't spoken in a while. His DOB is July 14, 1982. Can you tell my he keeps coming in and out of my life, such as how he truly feels about me? Is there a future for us together? Will he be contacting me in the near future or are we really done this time?

    Sorry if there are gaps, but it's a long and complicated story! I truly appreciate if you are able to read for me. If not, no problem and thanks anyway. Be blessed 🙂

  • Dear Junemoon,

    I just came across this topic and WOW! I am going through a similar situation and really need some spiritual guidance.

    I would really appreciate it if you could help me with a reading...

    My ex (it is SO hard to think of him as my ex) and me were together for three years. His birth date is March 23, 1974, and mine is May 12, 1976.

    We were engaged and had plans to marry and have a child together.

    He broke off the engagement last November after a long separation due to my work, saying that his feelings had changed and that he no longer wished to be commited.

    However, we are still together. We see each other every day and have even taken a trip together. We are now planning to spend Easter Week at the beach with his to children. So as a matter of fact, we are now spending more time together than when we were officially a couple.

    I have high hopes that we can recover our relationship and eventually have the child that we have dreamed about for so long. Event though I am doing my best to just "enjoy the day" and treasure what I have with him which is everything but his commitment, I can't help but wonder, will we make it as a couple??

    Can you help me please???

  • Hi, everyone! Just a few notes for anyone asking for readings...I know I wrote this the other day, but again, please don't give up if I can't get to your reading in less than, usually at most, a week and a half. I've never had to turn someone down for a reading (nor do I ever want or plan to) but it does take me time to do readings and in order to be as accurate as possible I can't do as many as I wish at one time! Also, I always appreciate feedback from you after your reading, good or bad--so at least I know you've read it! Thank you so much. 🙂

  • RubyRedLips, my heart goes out to you. I know how it feels to have been cheated on, but I can only imagine how you must feel now.

    According to my reading, you and the man you were married to for 30 years may well have been soulmates, because for a time, all was near perfect bliss. Both of you were romantic and sensitive, and were drawn to one another almost immediately. His dreamy nature appealed to you, who are more practical. He knew how to calm your fears and you provided the security he needed. However, as you said, he was not faithful by nature and had a deep-rooted fear of commitment, probably since a very young age. Ironically, your previously-commited relationship made him afraid. He was trying to prove something to himself when he cheated--but didn't realize he was throwing everything away. Once he was on the wrong path, it was a downward spiral. I know you must be hurting--and rightfully so--but you must find it in your heart to forgive him, for your own sake. Every time we hold a grudge against someone, we are only holding ourselves captive. Know that you were loyal to him in the relationship and did all you could, and let go.

    The man you have strong feelings for now reminds you of your ex because he is also sensitive, romantic, and a little unstable. However, he is more hard-working and not dependent the way your ex was. I think he left his girlfriend because she was an uncompromising, perhaps argumentative, person. Your kind and sensitive nature, to him, seems like everything he needs.

    I can't tell if he would cheat, but I feel like he wouldn't. It was dishonest of him not to tell you about her right away, but if he didn't cheat on her, I would say give him a chance. But definitely take things slow, and continue trying to heal from your ex. You are a very kindhearted, sensitive person, and you owe it to yourself to (cautiously) give love another chance. Good luck, and best wishes!

  • ZNL..thanks for the clarification. It always helps to know whether the person is someone you're currently in a relationship with or an ex!

    When you and your ex first met, there was instant sparks. Both of you are fun-loving, social people. However, it wasn't long before you were constantly arguing. Sometimes it seemed he was trying to provoke you, and you became angry, and the two of you may have tried to compete with each other. Although you learned a lot from each other, and I hate to say this, but I don't think the two of you were meant to be. You were perhaps great friends before you were together, but in a relationship, you couldn't understand each other well and argued often.

    Fortunately, I see you with someone new within the next year. Your outgoing, attractive personality will draw many people to you this year, and it will be a fortunate one. 2009 was challenging for you, but 2010 will bring good fortune in love and other areas. Good luck!

  • Dear Junemoon26

    Thank you so much for your answer. I believe you are totally correct about my ex. He did love me for quite a while and our relationship was wonderful. I do try and forgive him for everything he did. It is hard because he was very cruel to me after he left. I know that living with bad feelings do nothing but make me feel bad.

    Thanks for your reading. A sense of tranquility came over me when I read your answer.

    I hope you have much peace in your life.

  • Junemoon26,

    Thank you for updating those of us who are still patiently wait for a reading. I think it's wonderful how many people you've helped so far and I'm looking forward to what you'll have for me. Patiently waiting, thank you 🙂


  • Junemoon26,

    I am new here, not sure I am typing in the correct place! My story is almost the same as RubyRedLips. 30 year marriage, he has cheated for # of years. I had no clue. He wants a Divorce, I still love him madly and want to work it out. He says it will be to much work. We have two grown sons who will disown him if this goes through. He Travels all the time, and I think he has gotten to like the single worries....other than STD's. I have been putting off going to the attorney. He asked for Divorce Dec 20th. has done nothing yet. I think he still Loves me . I am waiting for your answer before I do anything. Thank you in advance for your knowledge in an area that I find interesting but, can not interpret. donnamae92

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