Is my ex inmy future at all?

  • Hi, Junemoon. I am so appreicative of your time with our requests and can wait 5 months for a take a few breaks. Wanted to know if my ex-fiance is in my future. I am 6-6-44 and he is April 10, '48. Thank you very much.

  • Hi JunemoonI wanted to give a little more information that might help you. My husbands birthday is may 19, 1955, I do not have the time. My birthday id May 7, 1955 @12:59AM Thanks, look forward to hearing from you soon I time is running out.

  • LibraLady2008: you are loyal and hardworking, with natural charm and intelligence. Romance is very important to you. In love, you tend to overlook the other person's faults, and love very deeply. You are outwardly strong, and sensitive and loving within. Your ex was one of the rare people who saw your true thoughtful nature. He was also very loyal and generous, but tended to criticize you and was unwilling to compromise at times. He may even have been subtly controlling. He may have become jealous of your male friends, but reacted negatively if you questioned him about his female ones.

    It is quite likely he's being played by a woman from his past. For all his suspicions, he is surprising naive. If she managed to convince him of good intentions, or acted weak or vulnerable, there's a good chance he could be played. He also may tend to idealize the past, so he may have forgotten something she did to him before.

    Know that in a month, or several, or a year, she will let him down, and he will miss you even more than he does now. But you will have moved on by then and will have met someone else. You and your ex learned a lot from each other, but now you should focus on moving on. New love in is your near future! Good luck!

  • Hey, Pilot007! I haven't heard from you in a while! Have you asked about him before? (I'm sorry, I can't remember). Nice to hear from you. 🙂

    I have a feeling you miss your ex because he brought light to your life and helped you get in touch with your inner child. You are now surrounded by serious people and almost feel as though you are drowning. The reason you split likely has to do with that you wanted more commitment than he was willing to give, and he felt tied down. You also frequently disagreed and argued. By nature, you are sentimental, and you are looking back and idealizing this relationship. But Pilot, at some point, we have to move on. You may always remember your ex, but right now his memory is causing you pain. Unless there's a good chance the two of you will get back together--I would suggest letting go. You still have a long life ahead of you and a lot of time to meet different people. You deserve to be happy, so try giving new love a chance. Good luck, and best wishes!

  • donnamae92, I'll do your reading now (although I usually do them in the order I receive them). I understand what you are going through and that it is urgent. I'll give you the most in-depth reading I can.

    You love deeply and made many sacrifices for your husband. The two of you are so similar--you are both sensitive, creative, caring, and kindhearted--that you share almost all the same good qualities and faults. Both of you can be a little moody and unstable, but you are more stable than he. Both of you are so loyal emotionally that you both hesitate to let go. He was unfaithful, but may have "justified" it by saying you were inattentive (not true).

    I feel the two of you shared so many of the same qualities that it brought you together and drove you apart. You wished sometimes you had someone more dependable; perhaps he wished the same thing.

    I think may have met another woman, which is the reason he has asked for divorce. He does not realize that she will take advantage of his vulnerable nature, and there's no way to stop him from the path he is on.

    If you haven't already, tell him how much you want to work things out. Tell him he means everything to you--this is no time to be proud. If he doesn't reciprocate, know you have done all you can and file for divorce. He is on a downward spiral and may not realize his actions have consequences. He will be hurt by the new woman and will miss you. But do not wait for him. I have a feeling you were making most of the sacrifices in your relationship, but if you divorce, move on.

    If you do divorce, in your next relationship, choose someone more stable and understanding, and who is as willing as you to compromise. You are a generous, loving person, but in a relationship it's just as important for the other person to be. Good luck, and best wishes.

  • Hopefully, I'll be able to get to the rest of the readings tomorrow! Hang on--thanks!

  • Thanks Junemoon26. I will reflect on what you said.

  • Hi Junemoon26,

    Thank you so much for the reading, for your time and the well wishes for 2010. Reading's description of the relationship etc is not really accurate but will be looking forward to 2010.

  • I'm sorry, znl. As you can see, I make mistakes sometimes. I don't usually need it, but if you know yours and your ex's times of birth, I can see if that particularly influenced your relationship. If you like. Again, I'm sorry!

  • I think I really need to take a break today--I'll get to the rest as soon as I can! Thanks! 🙂

  • Hi Junemoon26,

    I believe you deserve to take a break and enjoy the rest of the wkd! Won't be good to stretch yourself out too much. I am sure no one will mind to wait just a little bit longer. We know the better you feel, the more you can concentrate on the readings. Concentrate ---> accuracy --- >PATIENCE.

    I want to go back to my original question on page 2. I am sorry that I was not clear on stating if he is my current boyfriend or my ex. Well, he is my ex. I didn't think of mentioning it because the topic says - Is my ex in my future at all? (I thought the topic already emphasize it) Sorry for the confusion. Not my intention at all 🙂

    You already did the reading for me and I already replied to it. I agree totally that we need to have patience with each other. My compliment on the accuracy 🙂

    I have a question though - (since it is clear now that he is my EX)

    Will he be in my future at all? You see us getting back together?

    Take your time ! I will wait patiently,

    Thanks in advance and hope you are enjoying your day!

  • that my ex has come back into my current life, I'd love to see what this means. He was with me for 3 years and had his sweetheart come back into his life and convince him that even though she has done him wrong so many times in the past, she wants him again. She is currently married and has promised him she will leave and move forward. He thinks that he hasn't been able to commit completely because he was always looking back at her. I have told him that he needs to ride this current situation out with her and resolve it for once and for all. I was told by a reader he has a karmic debt to her that he has to resolve. I am continuing to be open to love and moving forward with my life but I'm just curious what all this means. I refuse to see him so I cannot "muddy the waters" until he has resolved this with her. He wants to be with me also but knows he needs to finish this other relationship. I've told him he can't have one foot out the door now. He can't be with me looking back at her and vise versa. Do you see anything with us in the future? Me, 7/16/1964 and he is 10/9/1962. Like I said, I'm not hanging on and am encouraging him to find what is best for him because he deserves it, just like I do. Any insights? Any time you feel you can do this. No hurry. Where I am it is the first day of spring and it is beautiful. I hope everyone has such a beautiful day to enjoy. Thanks!

  • dear joonmoon,

    in no way should you be saying sorry 😞 and I only left the feedback bec you asked for it when you did the reading for free and from the goodness of your heart. I thank you. As for birth hours he did not know his and mine is not exact either like around 4 am but I wanted to tell you that I appreciate it and I hope you are not overwhelmed with all the requests for your time and attention. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. xoxo

  • Thank you Junemoon

    Thank you for doing the reading for me. You said that he will miss me more than he does now. Does he really miss me now?The woman that I spoke of told him that she has loved him since High School and wouldn't back off. He told me that he was happy with me and could be happy and come home to me for the rest of his life. This is why I have been so confused about this whole thing.Is he happy now?Does he regret leaving?You also said that by that time (in a month, several, or a year) by that time I will have moved on. Does that mean he will try to come back or what?It has already been several months now.I also have this womans dob if that helps it is 5 31 75.. Thank you again. Sorry for all the questions but have been wondering about this. THank you for all you do . Love and peace in all things for you

  • Hi Junemoon,

    I can see you are very busy doing readings, but would appreciate some input from you. I can wait

    I met someone nearly six years ago, and fell for them immediately.I didn't believe in love at first sight, until it hit me square between the eyes! Since then, we have been on and off several times but he always seems to come back around. Our situation hasn't been ideal - both of us have things we need to fix - but I believe there is still a lot of love there. I never know when he is going to shut down on me, he just does it out of the blue, but around 6 weeks later he comes back with message that he needs me, loves me, I am in his head etc. I go back and same thing happens again.And again! It has been 4 weeks since I last heard from him this time. I have some belongings at his and he owes me money which I know he intends to repay. In the past he has told me he will send my things, pay me back, but he doesn't mention them any more. While I believe when we are apart that he has gone, he doesn't seem to see it the same way - when we do get back together he has told me it is only me that sees it that way, he believes we are still a couple.???? I hate being apart from him, every time he does this I think he will move on with someone else. Do you see him coming back to me? Do you think we have a future? I am sorry for bothering you, I am not some lovesick teenager, might feel better if I was ! I am dob October 6 1963, he is Nov 2 1968. I just need to know if he is worth persevering with? I adore him but I don't want to go on like this forever. It never gets any easier, and breaks my heart into a million tiny pieces every time he does this. I would be very grateful for any help you can give me.

  • If245706--thanks for waiting!

    According to my reading, put very simply, in many respects you and your current boyfriend are very similar, and you and your ex are very different.

    Most likely, the reason you have a hard time envisioning yourself with you current boyfriend is because the two of you are almost TOO much the same. You are both passionate, outgoing, social, attractive people, but you both can also be stubborn. You are more willing to compromise, and find yourself keeping more thoughts to yourself than you'd like to keep the peace.

    Your ex was an amazing listener, and you were drawn to his tolerance, sensitivity, and loyalty. He was drawn to your inner light and enthusiasm. You felt he knew you in a way almost no one else did, even your current boyfriend. (This is also probably partly why you feel lonely). I think he still loves you and will likely contact you again in a few weeks. However, he is also a little shy, and may not voice his feelings for you--he just wants to hear you.

    Both the relationships had benefits and drawbacks for both of you. I advise using caution in deciding whether to reunite with an ex. You must decide if the current relationship is worth losing. Sometimes we tend to idealize past relationships, forgetting everything but the very best times. Consider what would make you happiest long-term, and give yourself time to do so. Good luck, and best wishes!

  • LibraLady2008, I'm not sure whether he will contact you after he realizes he's been taken for a ride by the woman who claims she "loved him since High School". However, he WILL realize what a mistake he made in leaving you. He may be too shy, or ashamed, or guilty, or proud to contact you. He misses you now but is convinced he is on the right path, so he won't act on the feelings he still has for you. Let him continue down the path he is on, for that is the only way he will learn the karmic lesson he needs to. After that, he may contact you, or he may not. Right now, though, I would advise moving on and not waiting. I feel you will meet someone new soon. Good luck, and best wishes!

  • Dear Junemoon,

    Thank you . Didn't know if you needed her dob or not. I still talk to him and miss him but I have been just trying to go to work and do what I need to. Would like to know if he still does love me? Just something that I would like to know. I have been working on letting go the best that I can. You say that I will meet someone new soon. Really hard to see that considering all I do is go to work and come home. Never really go anywhere and how soon or do you know? Thank you again for everything.

  • oh and may I ask why does he think he is on the right path right now. Am I doing what I need to be doing in my life right now. Am I on the right path for what I need to do

  • Junemoon, Thank you for your expertise and time for my reading. I had a hard time finding your reply, but, maybe now, I know how to navigate around here a little better.

    Thank You, donnamae92

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