Is my ex inmy future at all?

  • hey junemoon have you had a chance to get to me yet?

  • Hi,

    My DOB 18 sept 1984 and his 14 april 1981

    Will be together ever???

  • That's alright, I'm patiently waiting and still following the thread, my bday info is 4/13/1980 and my now current boyfriend's info is 5/30/1980, there have been some positive things going on thus far and there has been definite growth between us, but the external issues do seem to be getting in the way, like his ex for example. We have become official now, so I'm just wondering if this is good and if we'll be able to accomplish some of our individual goals and maintain our relationship. Thank you for your time JuneMoon. You are awesome.

  • Thanks, Ariesgirl1980. Sorry I haven't been able to respond in a few days... Here is your reading:

    You and your boyfriend are both confident, versatile, social, and outgoing people. The fact that you have so much in common is definitely a good thing in this relationship. You have just enough differences to keep your relationship exciting. He was drawn to your fun-loving nature (like his) as well as your independence and individuality, and you were drawn to his charm and inner joy. I would say don't worry about his ex. Like you said, it is an "ex"ternal (sorry, couldn't resist) issue. (Unless you suspect he is being unfaithful--and I doubt that's true--try not to worry about it). The only thing to keep in mind in your current relationship is to avoid competition, although I don't think that will be a problem, and of course, always listen to each other. It's great that you have made it official. You can certainly achieve your individual goals as well and even ask each other for advice. The two of you make a great team and will have a fun and happy relationship. Good luck, and best wishes!

  • i'm still here following as well. my request is on pg. 18 🙂

    thanks for all you do Junemoon!

  • Thank you so much for your reading it was awesome and makes me look forward to the future and the present...we are alot alike but at the same time we are different and can balance each other out, the reading is so true and the ex is definitely not a problem....thank you junemoon

  • i would like to see what one of you gifted ones would see in this relationship with him/leo 08/08/1968 and her/libra 10/11/1966 hold backs let the truth be told .....thank you

  • To everyone on this thread--I'm sorry it's been so long since I've posted. This thread has become very successful! However, this also means it's very confusing to do readings in order (and I'm not sure who is following the thread and who isn't when I finally get to someone's reading). I would still like to help those on this thread. If you post a new thread with my name under "Psychic", and a few words about what you need to know (if you like). I will see it. Best wishes to everyone on this thread--you are all amazing. ❤ Junemoon

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