Is my ex inmy future at all?

  • To everyone: I'm sorry it's taking me so long to get to all your readings, but I'm doing my best to do them quickly and accurately! Hopefully I'll get to some tomorrow...I've been super-busy with this summer History class I'm taking....Just had to do a 3000 word (10-page) research paper and I have another test coming up...Thanks for your patience! 🙂

  • Hello Junemoon26,

    Been a while since I last responded to you .. Hope all is well with your schooling.I have been pretty busy with my kids and work.. Not alot of time to stop and think and haven't really been here in a while. I check postings when ever I get a chance to do so.. Was wondering if you can tell me if there is any changes that you see in my future love life and family life with my kids.. Still trying to move on from the break up over 6 months ago with the ex 11-02-71..but still hard but working on it. You said that a new love was coming my way in the near future was just wondering what you see now. It's just me and my kids and they are the light of my life and they keep me busy as well as work. Hope all is well with you and I know that you are busy with your own life as well. Will keep checking back with you for your reply.. DOB is 10-22-69 if needed.. Thanks again..

  • Hi Junemoon,

    I don't suppose you are able to communicate with loved ones who have passed, can you? or could you direct me to someone who can?

    I come from a small family of 4 (my grandfather, grandmother, mother and myself), my uncle passed when he was 4 years old and my aunt passed when I was 5 years old.

    The reason I ask is that of late there has been quite a lot of conflict in the family and I was wondering if they have any messages for me, about anything really, especially my aunt as I always felt closer to her than my mother (I love my mother dearly, but she is more like a sister than a mother).


  • Hey our communication has taken a nose dive. Ive sent him an email. will this help us? these last 3wks are making me think negatively. Help.

  • Hello,

    I'm just plain confused about who I should pursue at this point. I am in love with John 5-21-66, but we are separated and wonder if I am supposed to get back with him?

    I am seeing another, Vince 2-7-73, but don't feel a permanence there.

    I was approached by a man from my past where I used to work. We were not close then, but he has always had a crush/obsession about me that I never knew existed. His name is Lyle 1-14-82. He has been after me for awhile to meet him. I hesitate because of the age difference, but he is really attractive to me. Believe me I noticed him when we worked together, but I was married at the time and he was sooo young, and I have a strict rule about co-worker relationships: a no fly zone!

    So, if you have any advice to relate, I am all ears here!

    Love and Light,


  • Hello, just wondering if you could give some insight in my situation. I was together with my partner for nearly 20yrs, married 13yrs we have seperated. I feel we both made mistakes (3mth prior to the end with stress and pressure)but he says he's not willing to try and work it out which upsets me greatly as we have four beautiful childeren all young. My gut and people around me are saying just leave it move forward and he will come back to you, as we were great friends over the years as well but now he seems angry and lost also says he got over the relationship in a mth is that true?, what do you see happening???? , Thankyou so much for sharing your gift

  • Sorry forgot birthdates 23rd September 1975 me and my ex 9th July 1974 and we have been seperated for 3mths today.

  • Hi, I need help. I really love my ex-husband. We've broken up six years ago, but I can't stop thinking about him. We have a beautiful daughter. His name's Ronald: 4-18-71. My birthday is 8/11/74. Since we broke up I've never been in a relationship. Do I have any chance? What advice can you give?



  • Hello! I'm in a marriage meltdown and don't see it will last the distance, any more than I'd allow. My husband's dob is 10/10/61 but am not in love with him and stayed only because of my 4 kids. I'm torn between 2 men who seem to have a strong connection with me, but both married. One is my ex and 1st love (DOB 05/19/60) and the other one(DOB 09/25/69). My DOB is 08/22/59. Please help me make the right decision? I just want to be happy and at peace with myself, be truly loved and give my love wholeheartedly to my soulmate? I've given the prime of my years to my husband and kids, now I want to spend the rest of my life with someone whom I can truly love and be devoted and loyal to me?

  • Enjoyinglife, thanks for your patience and I'm sorry I couldn't get to yours sooner...hope you're still following this thread!

    Enjoyinglife, you are bright, outgoing, hardworking, intelligent and talented--qualities that undoubtedly serve you well in life. While you are very confident on the outside, on the inside you often worry. I do see spark with 8/7/ are drawn to his brave, dynamic, and passionate nature. Keep in mind that while he can seem almost aloof at times on the outside, on the inside, he wants very much to find a soul mate. He is drawn to your enthusiasm and outgoing nature. Also, if you decide to enter a relationship with him, keep in mind that he doesn't take criticism well and, like you, despite his confidence is sensitive to the opinions of others. Be understanding of your different natures and I feel you will have a successful relationship. Good luck, and best wishes!

  • Oops, I meant to put 8/17/62! Sorry!

  • More readings on the way! Thanks for your patience!

  • Thank you..and so glad that the 8/17 was a typo and the reading stayed the same! Well, the spark needs a little fire, so hopefully he'll reach out soon!

    Thank you again!

  • i need someone to look at a post i put up yesterday. i did a spread asking about my love life, and very strong cards showed up involving love. i need someone to look at it and tell me what they think. once again junemoon, i'm confused. the post is called "is my ex coming back"

  • This post is deleted!

  • trinity1302, I'm unable (as far as I know) to communicate with those who have passed. However, they do often try to communicate with us. You say you always felt closer to your aunt, and, I infer, you probably looked up to her also and admired some of the qualities she had. Now that there is conflict in your family, it could be she is reminding you that she is still watching over you and looking after you. It could also mean you need to try to assimulate some of her qualities to make it through this challenging time. I hope this helps! 🙂

  • Ariesgirl1980, I haven't had an update from you at all since your reading're next on my list, but I'm not sure if you're following this thread...just give me an update and I'll do yours next! Thanks!

  • And also Ariesgirl, could you please give me your reading information again? (Sorry for the inconvenience!)

  • Junemoon, you're awesome at this... i just posted a new thread with an inquiry... do you think you could help me out? thanks soooo much!! let me know if you need more information.

  • Thank you Junemoon. She was a lovely lady who would do absolutely anything for the family when she had good health. I have always tried to 'follow in her footsteps' with my family however i end up feeling drained, physically, emotionally and financially. Will keep trying though. Thank you again 🙂

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