Is my ex inmy future at all?

  • Robin5215, I hope you're still following this thread...You and your ex are both charming, intelligent, social people but you have very different styles. You are quiet and somewhat mysterious, and your ex appears to be outgoing and open, but is really a little cautious and fearful. He was drawn to your ladylike charm, and you were drawn to his vision and loyalty. However, at times he may have become suspicious because he thought you were keeping some things to yourself. You may have become annoyed at his tendency to criticize (although he probably meant well), and his sometimes fearful nature.

    In order for this relationship, you have to be more tolerant and trusting of each other. Try to share what you are thinking sometimes, and encourage him to be tactful, as he has a tendency to blurt things at times. You have the potential for a lasting relationship, but compromise is needed. Communication is key. Good luck, and best wishes!

  • Ariesgirl 1980 and Enjoyinglife, your readings are next! Thank you for your patience!

  • Hi junemoon, hope thinks are going okay with you 😃

    Best wishes


  • Looking forward to the reading!!

  • Hey Junemoon its cool, i guess patience is a virtue. I hope all is well with you. Im just biding my time with my situation. My friend did our natal charts and i totally have NO CLUE what any of it means. was wondering if you could confirm what she says, "that we are perfectly suited to be together and may get married by the time we are 29. I just turned 28. we are constantly on opposite ends. im trying to keep the faith. things have only gotten a smidgen better since last i wrote, but he never makes time for me. will anything start to go my way and get better? his bday is 10/2/81 and mine is 5/31/82. thanks so much

  • Hi Junemoon,

    Thank you very much for your reading, I appreciate all the work and effort you put into each and every one you do.

    My ex and I always strived for balance, and from memory he only once accused me of “rocking the boat”, which remembering what caused it, I pushed to hard at that time. He was sensitive at times but mostly drowned that with alcohol (self-confessed alcoholic), his creativity was fantastic, usually left me amazed. It’s interesting that you say he adored my kindhearted and generous nature, he often said that he adored me and was proud of me, but never stipulated why. He was always a dreamer, now and then I’d ask him to come back to reality, to which his response was that I needed the reality check (at which point we’d just laugh). As for him being dependent, I recall a 2 week ‘break’ him and I had, at which point I told my mother that I wanted a man not a little boy (some of his characteristics were childlike, but mostly I loved him for that).

    Infidelity on his part, spot on, he never told me about it, but I got a gut feeling that I could not get rid of and this did cause us to part.

    Another problem which I’m a little surprised you didn’t pick up on was that he refused to commit and he kept telling me “don’t fall in love with me because it won’t work”, this made me angry as I could see our future from the very first time we discussed entering a relationship together.

    I find it quite funny/weird how I can still remember quite a lot of the conversations him and I had and what we said to each other. Is this part of the soul mate connection?

    Back in March (about 3.5 months ago) I tried to ‘win’ him back but failed miserably. His response to me was that I would always hold a special place in his heart but he had moved on and now has a “lovely new lady”.

    Does he still love me? Did he ever truly love me? He was/is a highly sexed man and occasionally he made me feel like a ‘blow-up doll’ and that he’d be better suited with a hooker instead of a person with feelings/emotions.

    There was only ever one thing I truly asked from him and that was honesty, which I believe he mostly tried to be honest, but then (as previously mentioned) my gut feeling took over and I suspected him of going back to his ex, who he often talked about.

    I do still have strong feelings for him, although I have tried many different things to ‘get rid of’ these feelings, do you have any suggestions as to how I could get him back?

    Again, thank-you, and sorry this is so long.

  • trinity1302, if you want to get him back, try to appeal to his sensitive side. I think he did truly love you and his emotional commitment to you was so strong that he may have seen his "side affairs" as insignificant (a little warped reasoning, but he probably saw it that way). He probably said "It won't work" because he saw your loyal and generous nature and probably knew already that he was unable to commit physically and feared hurting you. Try to win him back once more, maybe, but if he still doesn't respond, try to move on. Believe me, it is his loss as the two of you were very compatible. I think he is ruled by his emotions and "the now" and has a lack of foresight. (I know you know this, but avoid becoming the "other woman" to his "lovely new lady"--but I see them breaking up within two months anyway, and he may come back). In the meantime, focus on healing, so you can be happy with or without him. Good luck, and best wishes!

  • franni31, I can't remember--did I do a reading for you already? Thanks for letting me know, and if not, I'll do one for you. 🙂

  • yes, but since then things have just been erratic. ive been depressed and trying to see if we really are meant to be together. our communication is horrible and seems to be getting worse. can anything turn us around? he is so stubborn! so i was asking you to see if you see anything different and to confirm what my friends analogy of our natal charts says, that we would be married by the time im 29. THAT WOULD BE A MIRACLE. i rarely see him. im just hoping to hear the truth and hopefully its all good news, if not id rather know now than later. I so appreciate everything you have done for me already. just wanted you to know 🙂

  • Hi june moon can you do a reading for me? My birthday is 12/12/1979. Can you tell me who and when will I marry? Thanks S! 🙂

  • Okay, franni, I'll get to yours as soon as possible!

  • Junemoon, can you please give me a quick answer?

    i need to know if I will graduate on thursday next week from my makeup school as a certificated makeup artist or if I have failed the class

  • thanks i truly appreciate it. im truly at a loss at what to do.

  • thank you junemoon26 for my reading

    sorry i did not thank you before cause i was crazy buisy

  • bellasweden, I think you will pass if you can talk to your instructor. Tell her you've been working hard but things have been tough lately. I feel you will pass. If you don't though, don't give up. Re-enroll if you can. Don't let a short-term issues stop you from pursing a long-time dream! ❤

  • Hi Junemoon,

    Thanks for all your support, not really sure which way to go with him right now (get him back or not, part of me wants him but part of me doesn't, fear i guess). So for now I will focus on getting a decent home and a secure job, and maybe hold in the back of my head a little hope that one day he will wake up and come looking for me, but I will not wait for him.

    Thank you 🙂

  • Hey Junemoon

    I left a message at the beginning of the month - know your swamped but if you can give me any insight into my situation would be so grateful as am supposed to see my ex Fri this week and no idea how to approach it. We were partners for about 1/1/2 years until March time when he suddenly stopped talking to me, and told me it was over. this was v strange for him as he has never behaved like this; very distant and cold. We have been in touch rarely since then because he can't seem to talk to me, and I don't understand whats going on with him. He has finally agreed to meet and talk end of this week. But I don't know what to do/say, or if it will make any difference. his dob is 6.9.83 and mine 22.3.83

    Thanks so much any guidance appreciated as am v nervous and confused :s

  • oops i meant my dob is 22.3.1982 sorry dont know how to edit previous post.

  • Hey Junemoon, I patiently wait my turn from my request on pg 19. Thanks in advance I do appreciate your time:)

  • You're welcome, trinity1302. You are definitely doing the right thing for now! Let me know if you ever have any other questions, and I'll get to them when I can. 🙂

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