Is my ex inmy future at all?

  • JuneMoon26 you are right about me yes, but there's just one thing (You are probably close to your family,) i do not get along with my family lol i am nothing like them, i feel they don't really know me, its hard to explain the situation but noo me and my family do not get on though sometimes i wish we would.

    thank you for taking your time into doing the reading for me

    Best wishes

    RebeccaAnn 🙂

  • Hi JuneMoon26

    sorry to add to your workload but if you had time would be grateful for your insight 🙂

    I lost my first love some years back over religious differences but it was v hard to get over (v intense period of my life). Fast forward about 6 years and we came into contact very recently but he told me he cannot ever see us being friends. I guess this hurt more than I realised. I don't know what he really thinks and if there was ever any chance between us. I guess he still gets to me. his bdate is 22 oct 1982.

    In the meantime, my current partner has recently also left me for reasons which I have no idea. He is acting completely unlike himself and this also hurts like hell, as I finally felt like Ihad a chance to move on. He doesn't seem to want to talk to me at all, so any advice you can give would be gratefully received. :s his bdate is 6 sep 1983.

    my bdate is 22 mar 1982.

    Thanks for listening and reading 🙂

  • Junemoon26 :)))

    Is it late for us?Did I miss the chance?I let him go.I let him to decide what he wants,I didn't do anything to keep him with me.

    Because,i wanted to make him a move,:/

    I don't know.What should I do.Does he like me?

    i'm virgo,asc cancer,he is libra asc saggitarius (i think)

    thank you


  • You're very welcome RebeccaAnn and thanks for the feedback. I just wanted to let you know--I never had an easy time growing up living with my mom and brother, who was two years younger than me. I felt the exact same way you do, that I was nothing like them and I wished we got along better. My mom was also sometimes almost cruel growing up. I tried to understand her but it was hard...she would say stuff to me sometimes like "I wish you were dead" and it made me feel worthless and even think of suicide. At times I felt like I had no one. Hopefully your situation isn't that extreme, but I just wanted to let you know, you are not alone. I understand what you are going through. Just look at things in perspective: you won't be living with them forever, so try to make the best of every day, even when it's hard. You will learn lessons that may help you in your future. I wish you the best. --Junemoon. ❤

  • Junemoon can you do a reading for me 11/5 and L 1/21

  • (and even think of suicide) Sometimes i do too, but i cant help it.

    (At times I felt like I had no one) Yes me too i feel like that now, but cant help that either

    At the moment i dont know what to do with myself here lolz but ah well guess i just have to wait it out.

    (you won't be living with them forever,)

    Hahaha my mum thinks i wont move at all, because i will be to scared or something, yeah id rather be scared than live here anymore 😃 she thinks she will have to do a runner on me, because i will be around Forever And she said she will leave me the house and the bills, thats one of her saying lolz she must think im really stupid or something :S Most 18 year old would have Gone off my down but i haven't yet, dont know what im still doing here, as i dont belong here at all.

    Best wishes

    RebeccaAnn X

  • I just want to feel like i belong to something, like a community a bit like this one though im still not sure how i feel about this sight, iv been on here for quite awhile but im still finding my feet 😃

    It takes me use to get to know people, and the way iv been opening up on here is crazy people only know half of me, i want to pour out the other half but i keep gettting pulled back.

    Cant explain it any other way.

    Best wishes

    RebeccaAnn, and thanks for replying to me also.

  • junmoon,

    thankyou for your reply. i am feeling pretty depressed about it all at the moment. i think he may regret it in time too. the fear of commitment.. yes i think he is more afraid to commit than i am. it is so so sad. he is just repeating a pattern and he knows that i know this. he even had suggested counselling before and said if we dont do it we might regret it for the rest of our lives. but then we had a fight and he didnt turn up. its been over a month now since i have had any contact with him i am finding it very hard.

    i appreciate your efforts here. thanks again

  • RebeccaAnn, I understand. It isn't easy to break away from something you've known your whole life, even if it is a negative influence. Think about what would be best for you in the long run. Are you still in high school? College? If so, stick with it, then you will most likely succeed on your own sooner. Also think about getting a job, if you don't have one already. It sounds like you want to get out of the situation you're in, but don't know how. You say "I'd rather be scared than live here anymore". So consider your options. Could you get a job while you finish your education (and live on your own)? What are your strengths that will help you in your career? (By the way, I'm just wondering, how is your relationship with your father?) Best wishes, Junemoon.

  • stranger2, it's okay to feel sad. You've lost something important to you. But I promise, it will get a little easier every day. Allow yourself to mourn for a little while, but then get busy with things you enjoy. You might like to try volunteering for a cause you support, to help others going through tough times too. (I don't know if they have it where you live, but I love to deliver Meals on Wheels, where you can deliver free meals to elderly who cannot afford their own or are incapable of leaving their home to get food). Again, it will get a littler easier every day. Good luck, and best wishes!

  • Disreagard any June 12 posting from me. I see you had answered me previously. Thanks.

  • Hi Junemoon,

    I still await patiently. I know life can be hectic.


  • . Are you still in high school? College? i am in college 😃

    What are your strengths that will help you in your career? I don't know I'm good at leading, and i like to write a lot. and read so i guess those are my strengths.

    how is your relationship with your father? its okayish we do things we like together, but he still when he comes he still scares me and there have been occasions when i thought he was to Harsh

    But yeah we have a lot of the same interests but we just don't get along when it comes to communication! that's the problem with my family lol

    trying to look for a job at the moment 😃

    will have to wait for after iv been on holiday in the summer 😃

    thanks again junemoon +) maybe you should read my story about me on

    it may give you a better understand 😃

    Best wishes

    RebeccaAnn 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

  • junemoon,

    i hear you with the volunteering, maybe i will try something. but i dont feel it is getting easier every day. we were apart for four months last year and it got harder not easier . the more time that went on the more i missed him, the more intense it got. i dont feel we have had closure really. nothing makes sense. im going crazy. scorpio man. i want him to come back. i know i am mad.

  • June Moon can you give me a reading please. My birthday 10/11/50. Thanks so much.


  • Hi, everyone! I look forward to doing all your readings, but for new reading requests (over the past 2 days), it may take me up to 2 and a half weeks to get to them. Thanks for waiting patiently! 🙂

  • trinity1302, you and your ex were very compatible, perhaps even soul mates. You balanced each other and always got along very well. You loved his sensitivity and creativity, and he adored your kindhearted and generous nature. He was a bit of a dreamer but you were always very supportive of his dreams. (The only minor conflict you had might have been that he seemed at times too dependent).

    I think the reason your relationship ended might have been infidelity (on his part). That is the only thing I could imagine caused you to split. He may have tried to hide it from you, or confessed it and, naturally, it was hard for you to take. But I would advise taking a chance and letting him in. He undoubtedly misses you, and you probably miss him a lot also. AS long as you promise to be honest with each other, I think the two of you have an excellent chance of reconciling your differences. You are both sensitive, caring, and romantic, and this is what brought you together. Good luck, and best wishes!

  • Hi Junemoon,

    just read your report and all i can say right now is WOW, im utterly gobsmacked (in a good way). will write again once i've come back to earth. Thanks.

  • You're welcome, trinity1302!

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