Is my ex inmy future at all?

  • Hi Junemoon,

    I am not sure we even have enough left for friendship at this point. I'm moving on and focusing on a new career. Thank you for your honesty and the reading.


  • Hi Junemoon,

    What can you tell me about my ex and I

    me 13 feb 1983

    him 15 feb 1967

    we broke up 5 months ago, part of me fears him coming back and there was no real closure between us, every time he see's me he still declares his love for me.


  • Hi JuneMoon,

    Can I also ask for a reading please?

    My DOB is Jan 4, 1979...

    I would like to know about my love life this year... what do you see happneing there?

    thanks a lot!


  • hello junemoon

    i am glad u r back

    i posted my questions on may 14,please can u reply?


  • JuneMoon, this is me ariesgirl again, there have been some developments, the person I was dating is now officially an ex, I didn't understand how he didn't want to see me on his bday and I put so much time and energy into us....maybe too much...he's so nonchalant about it and seems to have an issue with committing to something as little as "what time will I see you tonight". Whats up with that? Could this ever work? I look forward to your reading. Thank you for this blessing...


  • Hi Junemoon,

    I would appreciate any insight into the situation with my ex as well.

    My DOB 9/25/65

    His 12/20/60

    Thanks for your time!

  • You're very welcome, Karan. It's great you're moving on and have your career. Sometimes things just don't work out, and you've made the best of them!

  • Hi, mimolb. I'm sorry it took me so long to get to your reading--thanks for waiting!

    You and your ex were a heart-wrenching case of opposites attract. You appreciated his optimism and ability to brighten your day, and he appreciated your emotional honesty and was attracted to you wit and charm, as well as your kind heart. However, you communication styles differed dramatically. You tended not to tell him when you were hurt and he was insensitive sometimes, and sometimes he would feel like you were criticizing him. While you were very attracted at first, I think it is best that you are apart. I do see love in your future, perhaps with a Sagittarius (and possibly children also). Good luck and best wishes!

  • PlutoMoon, I see you finding someone this year, sometime before December, most likely during the summer months. You will be in high demand by friends and aquaintances. (This will also be a favorable year for your career, as an unexpected opportunity will come your way, if it has not already). Try to meet new people, and you are bound to find someone. (An Aquarius would make a good match for you). Good luck, and best wishes!

  • RebeccaAnn, you are sensitive, kindhearted, and sympathetic. You are sometimes quiet but also very friendly, so you have many friends and aquaitances. You are probably close to your family, also. You are very loyal and give your all in friendships and relationships. (You may have been taken advantage of in your past).

    This year may seem challenging at times, as it has a quick pace and changing atmosphere that at times seems hard to keep up with. Continue to work hard, but also take time for yourself, as this will be beneficial also. You are likely to find love this year if you keep an open mind and heart. Good luck and best wishes!

  • trinity1302 and Robin5215, your readings are next! Thanks for your patience!

  • Junemoon!

    I got these questions, will you please answer?

    Is Bill really the one I will meet at a party and fall madly in love with and he with me?

    When will I meet him?

    Is he the one?

    Does he have a girlfriend or someone in his life? Will he have it when we meet?

    birhtdates: mine 11th of august 1989 his 1st of september same year

  • thanks Junemoon

  • Junemoon:

    I would love a reading!


    Thank you!

  • JuneMoon..and can you tell me about 8/17/62 and whether you see any spark?

  • Dear JuneMoon,

    thank you for getting back to me. i hope that your finals went well. last nite he said that he cant do this anymore, that my anger and arguing at him hurts. i have gone to a therapist ( i started yesterday, right before i saw his msg). i have been crying for hours. I LOVE HIM. i dont want to lose him. he called today saying that he wants to be "friends". he has yet to be an actual friend to me right now. will he come back? is he still in love with me? i just want to rectify our situation. i really think that if we have more time we could understand each other better. HELP!!!! what should i do? will he be patient and give me a chance to deal with my issues? im scared that he will start seeing someone else. again his bday is 10/2 and mine is 5/31. thank you so much.


  • hi Junemoon, I'm new to this thread, but could you tell me what my love life looks like in the future? I've been having some back and forth issues with a cancer man, his DOB 7/14/85, and I dont know if he will come back or not. OR if someone new will come into my life. my DOB is 11/2/83. thank you!

  • hey june moon, how are you? i asked you for a reading quite a while back( think it was before page ten?) anyway i have yet to hear from you.. i would really like it if you could respond,


  • Hi, everyone! Sorry it has taken me SO long to get back to doing readings. I plan on getting to all of your readings, but because I need ample time to do them accurately, I can't say when! stranger2, I'll do your reading first since you've been waiting (thanks for the reminder, by the way). If you posted earlier, like stranger2, post an update for me saying you're still waiting and I'll do yours much sooner.

    I hope everyone is having a good summer so far!

  • stranger2, you and your ex were very similar. You are both affectionate and have many friends (and you both love parties). You are both peace-loving and generous also. He was drawn to your subtle grace and charm, as well as your intelligence. You were drawn to his energy and honest, open nature. You would often stay up late discussing new ideas. However, sometimes he seemed hesitant to settle down, and at times downright blunt. Also, you are both stubborn sometimes, which may have led to conflicts.

    I think the only way a reconnection is possible is if he is willing to commit and initiates it. You were a compatible couple, but I think at this point in his life he is unwilling to settle down. (He may have said this when you split). He might be too stubborn to contact you now. You were compatible, and years from now, he will probably regret losing you. But in the meantime, focus on healing and perhaps finding someone new. This will be a fortunate year for you and you may meet someone new. Your romantic, friendly, and loyal nature will serve you well in future relationships. Good luck, and best wishes!

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