Is my ex inmy future at all?

  • Junemoon, I know you are very busy getting to all these readings, and I hope all is going well for you in general, but I wondering if you could do a reading for me and my possible future beau. We are currently dating and I'm really wondering if this is a karmic thing or what....his bday 5/30/1980 and mine is 4/13/ there anyway that we'll ever be together or is this just a thing, a learning experience....thank you so much for your time...and please take your time....

  • Hi, everyone! I wanted to tell you again that while I will respond to all of your reading requests eventually, it does take time to do them well and accurately. Please don't give up right away. I try to do them in order, but if I get confused and accidentally skip yours (it doesn't happen often, but still) I apologize and just drop me a note and I'll do yours. Lots of love--Junemoon ๐Ÿ™‚

  • amaranta, by karmic issues I mean that she and he need to work through their problems to pay off a karmic debt. If he leaves her now, with these issues unresolved, they may well come back to haunt him (and consequently, you). However, if he can sucessfully work through the problems and leave on good terms with his ex (if possible), he will have a more positive outlook after their divorce. I have a distinct feeling they will divorce, but unfortunately I can't see when. But again, I strongly recommend you wait a while before contacting him. He needs to stay focused on solving problems now, even if he wants to be with you as well. I definitely see him in your future, but stay patient for now!

  • VirgoLadii, you may have always had a somewhat difficult time with commitment. This is paradoxical because you often feel emotionally isolated and require understanding, although on the surface you are bright, outgoing, and attractive. Your ex made you feel understood in a way the one you are with now does not. You were drawn to your ex's sensitivity and kindheartedness, and you brought light and joy to his quiet life. He understood that you needed quiet reassurance--in fact, one of his best qualities was seeing beyond the surface in people, which may have also been why you were drawn to him. In a way, you were his protecter and source of strength. However, you did often argue because he would sometimes take things you meant well personally, and you found him to be almost too sensitive. He would also hesitate to share things sometimes, while you were always open with him.

    I doubt that he will contact you--he is very cautious and discreet, and would not interfere if you are in a relationship. If you truly love him, you have to decide if your current relationship is worth losing. There are undoubtedly benefits to being in the relationship you are in now, so do not sacrifice what you have now because of looking back, unless you are truly sure it is worth it. Follow your heart, and it will lead you in the right direction.

  • bellasweden and lamaestra13, your readings are next! I'll get to them as soon as I can!

  • Thanks, Iยดll wait pateniently, thanks alot JuneMoon I really apperciate this since there has been alot of talk about this boy,I just really need the answers to know if he really is worth it

  • Junemoon you did a great job for me.thank you soooo much for your advice.I wish you love and health.

  • bellasweden, sorry I didn't see your post on another thread...glad you came here! If Tom is the one you gave the birth date of, which I think he is, then yes, you have a great chance of success in a long-term relationship. This is because both of you fall deeply and passionately in love, and give all to your loved ones. He is more outgoing and you are more philosophical, so you balance each other well, although you are both very social and magnetic people. You were attracted to his bright, open personality and he found your quiet and ladylike, although mysterious, charm fascinating. Both of you are loyal in relationships also. Your ability to carefully plan combined with his ability to execute the plan create an unbeatable team. The only thing to remember in this relationship is, although you understand each other well, be sure to communicate with each other to avoid misunderstandings. If conflict arises, don't withdraw into yourself to avoid it, talk things through. This will ensure a happy relationship.

    Because of your ambition and talent for hard work, I see your dream of becoming a makeup artist will come true. Many challenges will arise this year, but fortunately you are more than up to the task. Make the most of opportunities that come your way, and don't be afraid to look for them in unlikely places, and be as diplomatic as possible. You have a true talent for this field, so don't give up! Get as much training as you can, also. If you haven't already, if there is a beauty school you can attend, I would advise you to do so, because the more credentials you have, the better chance of success you have. (But there will always be a need for makeup artists, even in a somewhat challenging economy). Your talent and capacity for hard work will ensure you success by November or December of this year.

    I hope I have answered most of your questions, but if there was anything else you needed to know, let me know!

  • Thank you!

    I just need to know two more things, I already attend a beauty school and I pracitce everyday, I always to the steps and practice the things I find hard, every morning

    But there are two more things I need to know as I wrote

    Can you see where and when/how I will meet Tom if I will?

    Can you see us getting married and getting old together?

  • Hi JuneMoon26,

    I wonder if you can do a reading for me as well?

    I am in love with a man who is not available, similar story as Amaranta' s although no kids, as far as I know. I don't have his DOB, but he is born 1973 I believe. I have also done many readings and am expecting a positive outcome. There is a distance between us, and I am patiently waiting for him to approach me when he is ready, but it seems like a long wait... I have been waiting for very long time, more than a year.... Do you see the wait ending within next 2-3 months...or should I give up? He has a lot of issues, past issues and current and that's the reason I feel the need to wait and give him time. But I am ready to give up as waiting is not making me happy ๐Ÿ˜ž

    My DOB is Jan 4, 1979...

    thanks and wish you a great week!


  • Hi JuneMoon,

    thanks so much for donating your time to all of us here on the blog. You are very generous and compassionate. I look forward to my reading from you.


  • Natalia, you and your ex were a case of "opposites attract". He was very outgoing and adventurous, while you were more quiet and cautious. He was attracted to your ladylike grace and he brought joy and adventure to your quiet life. However, he also could be short-tempered at times, although he tended not to hide anything. You were more tactful, but when conflict arose, you would more likely retreat in hopes things would blow over, since you have a naturally peace-loving nature.

    I think, in addition to these, the main trouble is that he is unwilling, and perhaps even unable, to commit to ANY woman, so this is definitely not in any way your fault. He may have had trouble in his youth that affect how he sees relationships and interacts in them. But I have a feeling he will never marry, unless it is with a very tolerant person. Even then...

    I think you will see him this year, but only for a moment, and you may question if it is him. But I encourage you to move on, closure or not. Feel blessed that you have a loving husband and appreciate what you have. I think to some extent we all idealize our past relationships, and that's okay. But you deserve to be happy, so focus on moving on and appreciating what you have. I can see you are already on the path to healing. Good luck, and best wishes!

  • almas2010 and Lovinglifelam, your readings are next!

  • Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time for me and so many others.


  • Thank you ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    He's been married for the last 10 years to an Indian woman and they have a 5 or 6 year old. i know this through my brother, but he's totally ignored me since the break up. i'm happy to be finally over it and over him ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    My husband now is much more patient with me and is quiet, like me.



  • JuneMoon26

    I got some more questions for you I hope that is alright?

    What will the relationship with Tom be like?

    Would a realtionship with Bill last longer and be happier?

    Can you see where, when and how I will meet them, will I meet them?

    Can you see me getting old, married, having children and grandchildren with one of them?

    blessings and thanks Bella

    ps: birthdates are 1989, mine 11t/8 and theirs 1/9 same year,(they are twins with very different personalities)

  • Hi, everyone! It's been a week and I'm so sorry I haven't gotten around to doing any readings this week--I'm taking a History class at the community college, and that takes so much time! I'm going to do as many as I accurately can today. Thanks for waiting, and I hope you're still following this thread!

  • almas2010, you and your ex did have vastly different outlooks, which lead to distance at times, although initially your relationship was promising. He admired your intelligence, honesty, and outgoing personality, and you were attracted to his sensitivity and intuitiveness. However, at times you found him overly sensitve, and often he would let his (unfounded) fears get the better of him. Also, at times he felt you were criticizing him, when in fact you only wanted to help.

    As happens often, you miss each other when you are apart and sometimes annoy each other when you are together. Unless you are sure that reuniting would make you happiest, I would advise letting him go. Good luck, and best wishes!

  • i would love a reading from you junemoon26

    bd 9/11/1991

    thank you.

    best wishes


  • Lovinglifelam, I am going to be honest and say I think the two of you are better off as friends! You are usually lighthearted, and while he appears cheerful and easygoing, he is sometimes a pessimist! You both also have your own unique ways of doing things, which could get on each others' nerves over the long term. While your differences make for an interesting and beneficial friendship, I think they might be detrimental to a relationship. (This is just my opinion). Of course, the final decision is up to you--think about what would make you happiest and follow your intuition. Good luck and best wishes!

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