Is my ex inmy future at all?

  • amaranta, I'll go ahead and do your reading (since I'm not sure how many people are following the thread!). I'll try and see what I can with your date of birth, but if you can give me his, I can probably see more.

    You are cheerful and outgoing, and tend to look on the bright side. Success is important to you. You are a light to everyone in your life, including your ex, and relationships are very important to you. You are very loyal and go to great lengths to ensure your loved ones are happy. However, you sometimes overlook your own needs and hesitated to communicate when you were unhappy about something, which may have unintentionally hurt your relationship.

    Again, if you can give me his date of birth as well , I can see more!

  • Hey Junemoon26,

    I just checked in to see if you need anymore help with your paper. I see that you have completed it. Well done!! Glad that I could help a little (lol...too little).

    I was down with a bad flu for weeks and I tried to start a new thread for you, about Candide. But after spending more than an hour writing my opinions about it, the post just disappeared! I am not sure if it is the work of the Mercury retros or it was the Admin here, playing BIG BROTHER!

    Anytime you need help, give me a shout. Post it on my thread or start a new thread, that will catch my attention lol. Sorry that I couldn't help more on Candide. But I am sure you are already doing a great job on the papers, no question on that!

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Hello Junemoon26,

    Thank you so much ,, my dob 082988, and my ex is 91287

  • Hello JuneMoon26, I wrote to you in another thread but I hope it is okay for me to write to you for help in this one aswell since there has been no replie to the other.

    I need to know, is Tom the one I will spend the rest of my life with or am I making the wrong choice choosing him instead of Bill?

    When, where and how will we meet, and will we?

    Will my dream about becoming a personal makeupartist become true, if so when?If not, what will my career be like?

    my best wishes to you JuneMoon26 and I really hope you can give me straight answers

  • Oh by the way, my birthdate is 11/8-89, theirs 1/9-89

  • Hi Junemoon26,

    It's so kind of u.his date of birth is: January 2 , 1964.I'm waiting.

  • Dear Junemoon26,

    Congrats on passing your exams!! And thank you for this insightful thread. I've read all entries thus far and would now like to ask for one myself. My ex has moved on as have I since he walked out of my life almost 12 years ago, but we never had any closure. A few months ago I spoke to a psychic by telephone who told me I would see him this year, in person. We have not spoken nor run into one another in 12 years, and the few emails I have written to him over the years have been ignored. I was pretty obsessed with his memory this past winter, so much that I sought therapy and am now beginning to heal and accept his rejection as his problem, and not indicative of some defect of mine. Moreover, I am married and love my husband so getting "over the ex" was way overdue. I'd like to know if you could confirm what the psychic felt, that is, are we indeed going to cross paths again in person in 2010?

    My DOB is 05/13/1975 and the ex's is 09/13/1974.

    Thank you so much for your open heart and generosity!


  • Dear Junemoon26,

    It's night here in my country and I can't sleep.Thank u for taking ur time on helping other people. I just wanted to tell u that he is already in a relationship( he is married) but none of them (I mean my friend and his wife) are happy with their relationship.In order to be with me first he should break up with his wife.none of us want to be involved in a serious love triangle.I don't know why they are staying together.maybe because of their son or for material loss of divorce?! we are living in a traditional and religious society.sorry if it was too long.just wanted to give u an accurate picture of the situation.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thanks, Emergence! You really did help...please don't feel bad at all! 🙂 I hope you are feeling well since you had the flu. Thanks again for your help!

  • Junemoon,

    I started a thread few weeks ago but didnt hear from you =( I heard you have been busy and Im sorry, I wasnt aware of that.

    I wanted to know if my ex bf and I would reunite. We separated about 2 1/2 months ago. He broke up with me because he stated that he had trust issue, when I was fully faithful to him. Plus, we are from 2 different religions and i think his parents are putting pressure on him about the future and us getting married one day, especially when it comes to children.

    he has been contacting me on and off saying how much he misses me, but last friday, after 2 months, i told him that I had been patiently giving him time and space, just like he asked, in vain. I did push him over emails to get me an answer as I was losing patience and he finally told me " maybe i think you should move on' and maybe this and maybe that...never a straight confused, is he still in my there anything left in this relationship?

    my bday is 2/10/81 SS

    his is 10/2/1975 RF

    Thank you so much =)))

  • Hi Junemoo26,

    I put the information you may need for my reading.I'm waiting till you have time to do my reading. Good luck.

  • amaranta, I was just getting to you! I'm working on it! I'll post again in a few!

  • amaranta, your ex was quiet and sensitive, but also determined. You brought light to his life and helped him be less serious, and he helped you be more cautious at times. However, he may have had a tendency to take things you meant kindly the wrong way, but instead of saying so, he would retreat without saying anything. Like you, he is loyal by nature and may not leave his wife because of their child, even if it means he is unhappy. If their son is not yet an adult, or even perhaps if he is, I would wait and not interfere. I know you want the best for him, but be patient. You don't want to be the "other woman" (I know you know that already, just saying). He has karmic issues to work out, and after he does, you may well have a chance together. In the meantime, although I don't know the entire situation, I get the feeling a little distance would be the best thing. You and your ex are very compatible, and a little distance may just get him to see that as well. Good luck, and best wishes!

  • Uunemoon26

    Thank u so much.ur reading is great.exactly the sitation. what u mean by karmic issues? do u mean that he may break up with his wife during the distace? I have done some readings for him. all of them say that he will have a divorce. do u see any thing about how long I shoudn't contact him? should I initiate the relationship again? when?

    I'm sorry to take ur time but i really need help.thank you again.

  • dmick59, thanks so much for waiting so patiently. 🙂 Here is your reading:

    You and your ex were one of the most compatible matches I have seen on this thread. You balanced each other like mind and matter. (The two of you may have even been good friends before you got together). You saw his sensitivity and vulnerability underneath his confident, outgoing surface and he fell hard for your quiet grace and charm. In your relationship, you worked as a team very well. When you needed something done, you could come up with a plan and he could execute it. He was very loyal to you and helped you feel more secure. You had similar ideas and goals. The only problem I could see arising is that he was very open and you may have been more introverted, and he could be a little tactless sometimes. I think the only reason your relationship ended was misunderstandings.

    If you can contact him, I think you should. He is probably thinking about you as well. Just ask him how he's doing, as a friend, and see where it leads. I bet he'll be glad to hear from you. Good luck, and best wishes!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hello junemoon you asked for my dob and ex as well, but I think you missed my info lol my dob 08291988 and my ex is 9121987

  • Hi Junemoon,

    I would like to know if there is a chance for me and a friend that I would like to be more than friends with. Sometimes he seems interested in going further and sometimes not. My birthday is 4/12/68 and his is 2/2/67. I know you have lots of requests so I will be patient and I thank you for all that you are giving to so many people. God Bless You!

  • Hi Junemoo26,

    would appreciate if u can make a tarot reading for me

    especially my love life.

    i used to go out with a guy ,he broke up with me

    is their marriage in my life? to this guy or another? will i have kids?

    my DOB is 03 july 1978

    his DOB is 31 may 1972.

    thank you for your time :))

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