Is my ex inmy future at all?

  • i did a reading earlier and i was asking about my ex. i'm currently in a relationship, a part of me still thinks about the one who got away. could anyone tell me what the cards are trying to tell me? i just want the honest truth.

    the spread is calling 'two paths'.

    position one [first possible outcome]- page of wands

    position two [second possible outcome]- justice

    position three [the force drawing me to the first possible outcome]- page of pentacles

    position four [the force drawing me the the second possible outcome- king of cups

    position five [a critical factor that decides what will come to pass]- the lovers

    there are a LOT of court cards here... i find that to be odd. please someone help me understand what's going on here?

  • I think this reading indicates that you will be receiving some news about your ex soon, indicated by the two pages. The Page of Wands shows that you are clinging to the memories and want to tell your ex how you feel, but are afraid of how you'll be received. The force drawing you to this, the Page of Pentacles, is that you feel things will change for the better if you get back together. The second outcome is a karmic one--if you have done good things, what you desire will come to you. The King of Cups could represent the outcome of the situation or your ex, if they are male. (A kindhearted, sensitive, intelligent man).

    Overall, I get the feeling of sentimentality from your reading. You are looking back at the happy times with longing. That's okay, but you have to decide if the current relationship is worth losing. You and your ex likely split for a reason. Try to remember why it ended in the first place.

    If you can tell me your birth date, as well as the dates of your ex and the one you're with now, I can do a reading on your compatibility. Good luck, and best wishes!

  • thanks so much for that! i've been needing some feedback...

    do you think the lovers has to do with choice in my situation (it's in the last position in my reading)? it seems like it. or possibly that could be the outcome for me and my ex?

    anyways here are the birthdates:

    mine is- march 19, 1989

    my current boyfriends is- jan. 6 1988

    my ex's is- june 16 1988

  • You and your ex had a lot in common on the one hand--both of you are brilliant, romantic, and even a little mysterious (although popular). However, he didn't want to seriously commit. This, combined with how you both tend to keep a lot of thoughts to yourselves and had trouble communicating, was probably why your relationship ended.

    Your current boyfriend is outgoing and bright, but can also be bossy and seems not to listen at times--this is another thing you miss about your ex. When you did tell him things, he listened and seemed to understand.

    I'm not sure whether to advise you to stay with your current boyfriend or try to get back together with your ex. (I would again advise you to remember what went wrong in your previous relationship with your ex. If your relationship now is good, avoid "glorifying" the past. Again, decide if the current relationship is worth losing). Both relationships had benefits. You and your ex had a lot in common. You and your current boyfriend complement each other well. You are sensitive and more introverted, and he is outgoing and generous. The final descision is up to you. Good luck!

  • ooo chills down my spine that's CREEPY accurate. don't take offense to me saying it's creepy, i'm just stunned that you were able to pin point my relationships to both men.

    my current boyfriend and i have our terrible moments, but when it's wonderful, it's WONDERFUL.

    without him around i know i wouldn't feel okay. we've had close calls when it's come to breaking up, but neither of us are ever serious about it.

    ...but i keeping thinking about my ex!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    a part of me still loves and misses my ex. i want to forget about him but i can't.

    if i were faced with choosing between the two guys i'm pretty sure i'd have a panic attack. my ex isn't too involved in my life anymore, but my intuition keeps nudging me telling me he's going to come back... he's done it many times no matter when the circumstances were. whenever we lose contact, he calls me on restricted numbers just to see if i'm still around. i know, it's not exactly the most classy thing to do, but he does it to me. those calls have started up again, and i'm pretty sure it's him. he and i are both in relationships, which makes this just... taboo as all get out.

    i'm so confused. i know it's up to me, but i need more guidance in this situation. if you junemoon26 or anyone else can help me further i would be very happy. i need to know if the guy i'm with now is right for me, or if my haunting ex is the right guy. i'm sorry if i'm bugging you at all but i'm so lost. =/

  • Don't worry, you're not bugging me at all!

    mykarma, you have to decide what you most want. Think about who you would be most happy with. Also remember: your ex had left you. He may well do it again. You say without your current boyfriend "around i know i wouldn't feel okay". I really get the feeling that you and your current boyfriend have the best prospects for a long-term relationship. The two of you balance each other and make up for the other's weak points. I get the feeling--please don't take offense-

    that you and your ex enabled each other's weaknesses. In a way he was like a drug to you--you felt amazing with him at times but the relationship was not healthy. With your current boyfriend, you feel secure and fairly happy. He brings light to your life, and you don't want to lose that. I feel your current boyfriend is the best one for you, but again, the final decision is up to you. Think about what would make you happiest long-term. Good luck!

  • thank you. i sat down today and really thought about it, and my current boyfriend is best for me. he's very good to me in comparison to my ex. whether my ex comes back into my life or not should be irrelevant to me.

    thanks for your guidance! take care and i hope you will be blessed!

  • You're very welcome!

  • My ex and i are having major difficulties involving trust. We are supposed to be giving one another space but I am having a hard time trusting that he will remain faithful while we are apart. This is creating more conflict and pushing him further away. Are we going to work out our differences and be together or are we just going to stay apart forever? My bd is 10/29/1969 his is 7/28/1971

  • Hi, sylvie69. Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you!

    You and your ex are both very similar and very different. Both of you are passionate but surprisingly sensitive people.

    You are hardworking but have gone through a lot of setbacks in your life. You are brave and confident on the surface, but underneath you are sensitive and care how others see you. Sincerity is very important to you, as well.

    Your ex is kindhearted and romantic. He saw the sensitivity and thoughtfulness in you, and his genuine, open nature melted your heart.

    However, at times, he may have taken your well-meaning criticism personally, and you found him to be self-absorbed. This lead to misunderstandings in communication.

    If you wish to resolve things, I suggest talking to him. Tell him you love him, and apologize for not trusting him. He may stay mad for a little while, but he'll come around. I don't see him as the type to cheat, but he may imply that he would because he wants your attention. He misses you, but likely won't make the first move. If you do, then your relationship stands a good chance of recovery. If not, you will know you have done all you can and can move on. But I have a feeling he'll respond. Good luck!

  • HELLO JUNEMOON, do you see me and my ex getting back to gether? my intuition tells me yes but im confused as to this all, what would you see in us? thanks for this~

  • stclaire, I'd love to do a reading for you, but could you please give me your birth date (and your ex's)? Thanks!

  • THANKS so very much miss june! 5-12-48- him 7-27-56

  • HI Junemoon26,

    I am hoping you could do a reading for me and my ex if you have time ?? we had been together for a long time and this split was very sudden for both of us, I feel we are not done but.....,?

    i'm 11 Jan 62 and he 31 Mar 74.

    many thanks xx

  • Hi Junemoon26,

    Would you do a reading for me as well too, please?

    Mine is Dec 11, 1976, his May 06,1976.

    Thank you so much!

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  • Hi, stclaire. From what I can tell, you and your ex were very compatible. He admired your vision and intelligence, and you admired his wit (to you, it's very important that a relationship be based on more than simple attraction). He knew how to calm your fears, and his energy brought light to your life. The two of you had a lot of fun together.

    However, at times he would withdraw into himself, and it seemed he was emotionally distant. Also, at times he would try to take charge of the relationship (and possibly you), although he meant well and didn't see it that way. You might have misunderstood and became angry. These misunderstandings are probably what ended the relationship.

    I would suggest, if there wasn't a bad break between you, calling him to see how he's doing. I have a feeling the two of you were friends before you were even a couple, so just call as a friend, at first. He probably misses you, but you won't know for sure until you call. I think there's a very good chance the two of you will get back together within the next month. Good luck, and best wishes!

  • Spalma and Emergence, your readings are on the way! Thanks for your patience!

  • Thanks! Will wait for it patiently 🙂

  • Hello Junemoon,

    How do you see my compatibility with my men. we argue and fight a lot, which I don't like

    I wonder what can you find out for this,

    me: march 29 1972

    him: May 15 1970

    I appreciate your help.


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