2 pisces in love or not

  • my wife and i are both pisces,and up to xmas i believed happy and in love together.i know 2 pisces together is not the best of marriages u may have but from the moment we met we clicked together like soulmates we both saw the inner beauty in each other and fell in love through this ,like any marriage it had its share of ups and downs but our love saw us through this.then when our life was becoming settled and better ,she leaves me ,at first i thought it was just a whim and it would end as quick as it began but then i found out she had been talking online to someone for months and was going to leave me for him ,i didnt hear from her for 3 weeks she rang me said how she had made a big mistake and she needed to talk to me as i was the only one who knew her as well as her.she then broke down and opened her heart to me but not saying about any one else,she told me from the time she left she had been staying at her mums .when i asked her about what i was told she cut me off and since has ignored my calls and txts.ive tried to let her know that whatever happened i dont care all i cared about was having her come home that i loved her and nothing else mattered.i still have no reply.i cant believe that a love as strong as ours was is over .am i wasting my time hoping on her returning or has she stopped loving me ?

  • How long have you been married? How old are you both? How long have you been apart? All very important details. You should ask someone for a compatibility reading. May give you some insight. If you have been together for a long time, then I think you will get back together. Seems like Pisces never truly let go.

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