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  • We are more than just our names … the arrangement of letters has hidden meaning to those who see the patterns. What does the Name Advisor have to say about you and your unique path?

  • i have tried this n i think its accurate..........but would like to have some more clarification.

  • I have recently used the Name Advisor, and found it to be amazingly accurate and insightful.

    I'm not sure what numerology system the site is using here, but I suspect it is based on the ancient Kabalan was used by Linda Goodman and depicted in detail in her "Star Signs" book. In addtion to the tools here, that is a great book in which to explore not only numerology...but other cosmic aspects of the universe.


  • Can a name change impact ones life in regards to life path number, personality and potentialities? If so, in what ways and extents? I've been giving some thought to changing my entire name as I feel that I have outgrown it, or achieved it's lesson in some way or another. Or maybe it's because I've simply grown tired of it, or possibly I just want to shake up some creative energy along the way! 😉

  • This post is deleted!

  • yes i agree a name is very powerful in numerlogy. when i got married i kept my maiden name and added my husbands name. we are divorced but i still kept his name because of my son. i just like having the same last name as my sons. i had my numerology chart done both ways, with my maiden name only and my maiden and married name and they were a bit different. the astrologer told me that with my husbands name added i had no karma lessons to learn. with only my birth name i have a few numbers to learn from. through my life and lessons i have overcomed those numbers! one number was a 4 which is a problem number for me but i know how to handle it. so i think things do happen for a reason. i have also gone back to using my real name instand of my nickname which has a more stronger viberation. my name begins with a s so it is a one. but my question is the astrologer told me that my chart shows that i should teach and people can learn and heal from me. i have no clue on how to do what i am supposed to do. even though he told me i have no karma lessons to learn i am still learning everyday something new. do you agree that when we are born we are promised or a contract is given to us by the universe. i was told this and if you followed the rules of the universe and know your charts you will be rewarded to whatever you were promised in life. my astrologer no longer is in business due to his health so i have no one to ask. he was very good at numbers and i learned a lot but there is so much to learn when it comes to numerology. thanks

  • zox, you said your name starts with an s which is a 1. My name starts with a K. What # is it?

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