I Love My Fish!

  • No problem LeoScorpian!!! Thanks

  • K. almost done with readings for HP's threads

    here is what I pulled for you :

    It seems you both relate well physically, most likely where the attraction starts. So much passion and desire, he exudes magnetism easily captivates you, but not much of intellectual and emotional understanding between you two. You both often think differently and clash in views. But you do enjoy each other’s company, when things are good.

    You are both attracted to the magical, the spiritual. Unlike him, you are confident and enthusiastic in business. You take on challenges, while he often gives up. He is by nature affectionate and tender, he is expecting the same, but is easily distracted. Sometimes he can’t tell difference between friends and lover and somehow naïve easily manipulated. You are independent, you enjoy freedom but when in love, you can be devoted.

    I would suggest that you allow some time for the relationship to grow stronger. Allow him to know himself beyond all the distractions that come his way, and know his role in the relationship. Your all or nothing attitude may actually work to your advantage this time, because you will not give up your freedom easily for uncertainty.

    hope this helps.

  • LeoScorpion,

    Wow you nailed it!!

    What is interesting is that I have had a couple of other readings, one I paid for on Tarot.com. And they are all similar, including yours. The difference is each reading emphasizes different aspects of our relationship. Thanks for your time. Really appreciate it. Your suggestion is a good one.

  • You're welcome Leonessa

    I've heard that my reading is a bit different. I'm not sure where the difference is, but I'm glad if it does help.

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