I Love My Fish!

  • I love my Pisces guy. Things are working out for us. We still face a lot of challenges but I really think we can work through them.

    I received a lot of help from many of you in this forum: The Fishes, Astrodame, The Captain, LeoScorpian, Kezza, and others.

    Some of you gave me compatibility readings, some of you gave me the perspective of Pisces. They really helped me change my perspective and attitude toward the relationship. And this in turn has made me more open toward possibilities. I don't know if I'm making sense but I am just content right now.

    Another thing that has helped me is to think of our sun signs as a metaphor for our relationship.

    I'm a Leo and he is a Pisces. In the beginning I was my usual assertive(but very sweet!) Leo self. I would get frustrated with his reticence. It seemed like when I pressed he would pull away. So I pictured a big cat sitting still by the water. The fish swam closer to the shore to be with cat. Sudden or big movements scare the fish away but if the cat can sit quietly and patiently, the fish will stay near. This picture seems to be helping me work with my Pisces guy. Sounds weird but hey, stranger things have happened.

    Anyway, for now things are working but who knows I may be posting next week, crying my heart out (smile, hope not)

  • I love my Fishy too! I am a Sag and have never even dated a sensitive guy like this before.. I have read every article posted here and delved through forums in search of insight.. but I am older (50)

    and have learned a little how to moderate my Fire self. We have been together for 2 years and he

    surprised me with an engagement ring Christmas eve!

    Some of the principles that have helped: never ever be rough, tease, pressure, or even talk about

    other men (mine has a jealous streak after he was mistreated in the past). Always be patient, he

    will come around in his own right time. Be sweet, caring, attentive, and still show your honesty and

    spirit because that's what attracted him to you in the first place.

  • Yes, I(we) are older too....40's. His b-day is Tuesday. I am just learning about the jealous part. You know we fire signs attract a lot of attention!!! I agree with your tips!

  • We expect people to love how we love

    We expect people to know how we are feeling by the subtle changes in our body language

    We expect people to love us unconditionally as we love them

    We will know you intimately and the more you open your heart the move love we will pour in

    Our hearts are easily broken as our expectations for love are high.

    We protect our hearts in the early stages and will test you rather than ask you outright

    If you love us then you should love us despite our faults.

    If you are not careful you can drown in the sea of love we can pour on you.

    I am with a Sag now but it would not have worked when we were younger. Sags need freedom, Pisces need love it takes life lived to the full on both sides to makes us so much more compatible

    Love your Pisces but don't let us go too deep into the imagination as if we go too far and then wake up - we might not like the reality we wake up to.

  • PiscesPiggy>>>

    "We expect people to love us unconditionally as we love them"

    That is so true!

  • As a Sag I do love my independence. I am trying always to build trust in this relationship.

    I also love to be cared for and love having a partner and best friend to cherish.

    But I have to work harder on the in-tune thing and need him and others to understand

    that I am not psychic. Outspoken truth is much more my style. I need to be told instead of

    playing guessing games. It works both ways because he really doesn't know what's in

    my heart unless I tell him. I also love unconditionally but I don't expect him to love in the

    same way I do.

    I told him as long as he loves me with everything he's got we will never

    have a problem. I am the voice of experience here because my Aries husband of 20 years

    died, but we never lost our love. My Pisces has fire sign tendencies also, and I think these

    color his drive, ambition, and directness. If you haven't noticed, for the last 2 years and

    continuing for several more, the outer planets are all about Pisces!

  • Good advice Piscespiggy,

    But you have to admit, you Fish are high maintenance. Like Sag, Leos are also very independent. When I get too clingy, he gets distant, when I do my own thing he gets insecure. But its all about balance and we remind each other to be patient.

    Thats true about the body language too.

  • leonessa

    I am hoping the best for you. I will just give you another look from sun sign, so pretty much generalities, not necessarily accurate down to birth charts

    you are deeply attracted to your pisces, it may start physically or may not, but it gets deeper the more you get closer. you are ready to do anything it takes to make him happy, make him stay in the relationship. you are supportive and may also be protective at him. pretty much you work harder on the relationship than he does.

    Because you are always be available for him or at least he knows you will always support him, he may take advantage and demands more of you. he may not appreciate your efforts until you withdraw, then he will see how much you have done and how much time you have spent for him. by then he will realize how much he can't live without you, and he will start to reciprocate. basically, compensate on all the efforts you have put in the relationship, by being devoted and to stop demanding so much of you and your time.

    I had a crush on a Pisces once, but didn't work. Too sensitive and easily jealous. Funny thing is, I was quiet, not a social butterfly. so one or two men came along and he got jealous? I felt like being confined in some kind of aquarium LOL so one fight after another, then we kind of drifted away from each other. Peaceful break up 🙂 good ! I could use peace 🙂

    He would tell people, that I liked to be treated like a queen whatever LOL all because I was mad, and always hung up on him. Weird... so I told his friends as it is. that we broke up, that's why I don't talk to him anymore. That put this 'queen' gossip to rest. pheww

    Anyway, hope the best for you and your fish !

  • Just an extra thing to note, I am Pisces but my rising sign is Sag as is my moon. It makes me more independant than some Pisces males.

    I am also right on the cusp of Aries so I have some fire to balance the water

    You have to take the whole package in when working out compatibility.

    Underneath it all relationships are a meeting of minds and if both parties are willing to work at the differences any relationship will work.

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  • Bianca,

    exactly. that's how my ex used to react. passive aggressive.

    I used to do astro reading here a lot, but now I don't have time anymore.


    again, hope for the best

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  • Bianca

    we all need to do inner work for something.

    I don't mean to make it sound bad, that you and my ex have that passive aggressive thingy

    it's in your build, you can tone it down, but you won't be able to kill it completely so it won't die

    yeah, don't feel bad about having it, just try tone it down so that it doesn't control you instead

    I'm working on toning down my temper LOL

    3 years now I managed to keep it under control by trying to see the bright side of things and try to believe that not everybody is manipulative

    but once my suspicion is proven, my temper will definitely erupt LOL

    oh well, we all got something to work on 🙂

  • Big thank-yous to PiscesPiggy, Bianca268, PiscesParadox, LeoScorpion, and lovely Leonessa for beginning this train! I do appreciate the chance to understand you all better, and it's so therapeutic to put words to thoughts, not on paper, but here where others add new concepts. I love coming back here to find something new!

    I have a request today, friends: where is that sweet spot in a Piscean relationship? I, like Leonessa, feel like I am doing most of the work in my relationship. I don't mind but in the past it has driven me to text him 3 little words [more, soon, please]

  • The sweet spot is having a Sag who guides a Piscean to achieve their dream and a Sag who is shown how to dream the impossible dream and then you both live it to the full.

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  • you're welcome Vespr

    hope you find the answer you are looking for

  • LeoScorpion:

    You are a Queen. All of us Lionesses are! (Can you tell I love being a Leo?)

    Thank you for the read. That is pretty accurate even though it was just a read of our general sun signs. I am "the keeper" of the relationship but I can pull away quickly if I feel like I am being taken for granted(Her Highness is NOT amused!). I think Pisces likes being led if done in a gentle way. My guy was abandoned by is mother so he has trust issues with women and he also craves 'mothering". I know this is a slippery slope because I don't want to enable him nor do I want to be mother to a grown man( I already have a child). However, I try to be gentle and encouraging, and nurturing to him without going overboard and losing myself. It is not always easy.

    LeoScorpion, if you have time can you do a more specific read. Me - Aug. 7, 1966 him - Feb 24, 1964. Only if you have time. Thanks

  • I could totally agree with you, Bianca- that part should have been the center of our relationship, it's a Sag thing too, can never get enough of it.. unfortunately, my lover to the end of days is in pain every day, and good days are too rare.

    Both he and I are committed for the next few years until our kids are grown. We take short trips every chance we get, and I've shared my desire with him to retire away from town.

    It's funny, for a Pisces, this guy is quite goal oriented. We dream big, but spend time each day working toward those dreams.

    I have said previously that I love being taken care of by my Pisces, he likes me to do things for him but all it takes is a simple request and he will do anything. He will do things without my asking too.

    Twice he made me cry because he didn't trust me. Those were the only arguments we ever had.

    He wants a one to one relationship and so do I, now we are closer than ever. That would simply be impossible if he or I were distracted by flattery or ego.

  • vespr

    it's true any relationship can not last when ego gets in the way.

    because ego is selfishness, about taking. while love is about giving and taking.

    It took me 2 hard years to understand that too

    but once I am willing to go beyond my own needs and care for what we both need,

    my relationship with my Cap hubby is getting better and better


    I'm just helping Hpriestess with some charts right now.

    will get to you soon. I know you're not in a rush, but I'd like to do it before this thread disappear from my list

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