Captain twin soul reading??

  • Captain or any one who can help I would like to know a name of my twin soul if some one can help or mabey the location or what I need to learn to find them if their still around if not if u see kids

  • Ah Shmeco, if it were only that easy! If only we could be told who and where our soulmates are. But then we might pass over chances to meet some other very important people in our lives who can teach us the things we need to know for our growth.

    Read my thread -

    I think you might really be asking if you are lovable.

  • Ok no I was looking for ur pychic reading I've seen u sometimes do . Thanks

  • Before you can find love outside of you, you must find love inside. Do you love yourself, Shmeco? Do you know what gifts you have? You have great inner beauty, sensitivity, intuition, and compassion. You care about other people. You have a very mystical side and also you have healing ability in your hands. But you live in a fantasy world of princes and white knights a bit too much. Come down to earth more - combine your mystical side with your practicality. Make sure you look after your health also as this will be grounding for you. Things like massage, yoga or sport will be good for you. Your greatest desire is to be loved and you also have a need to be needed. Your deep need for physical affection and sex causes you to make bad choices in men.

    Being too needy sends out a message to others that, if they pretend to need help, you will do anything for them. So they take advantage of you. You need to send out a new message, one that says "I am a lovable and loving person and I deserve someone who will treat me right and not take advantage of me." If you think and say this often enough, you will come to believe it and it will happen.

    Your sensitivity makes you very self-protective and you are distrustful after having bad experiences in love. I also feel a lot of anger and frustration in you that must be released. Stop feeling like a victim and make some changes. What we feel inside attracts the same sort of person to us. So if you feel mistrustful, angry and frustrated, that's the sort of people you will attract. If you are happy, trusting and loving, then that type of people will be drawn to you. Before you go looking for your soulmate, make sure you have worked through all your issues so that you can attract the right person.

  • Ok. u right I need work any advice

  • And yes I'm loveible!! Ps Ive heard alot about healing hand from all people I talk to say I have it so what would I do with that I'm ready to learn what I need to know this year I have dedicate to makeing my life as good as I can

  • For yourself, work on that message you send out.

    With the healing, you could start by giving neck and back massages. Maybe look into doing a Reiki course as well. If you believe in God ot the angels or whatever, ask them to send healing through you. Practise on sick friends and family members.

    This is a short version of a healing session -

    1. Have the person who wants healing sit upright comfortably in a straight backed chair.

    2. Instruct them to take a few deep relaxing breaths. Take a few deep cleansing breaths yourself as well.

    3. Standing behind the person, place each of your hands on their shoulders. Pray for healing to flow through you to the person. Your hands may start to feel warm at this point or later on. (2-5 minutes)

    4. Change position - lay your palms on the top of the head, hands flat, thumbs touching. (2-5 minutes)

    5. Change position - move to the person's side, lay one hand on the Medulla oblongata (the area between the back of the head and the top of the spine) and the other on the forehead. (2-5 minutes)

    6. Change position - lay one hand on the seventh protruding cervical vertebra and the other in the pit of the throat. (2-5 minutes)

    7. Change position - lay one hand on the breastbone and the other on the back at the same height.(2-5 minutes)

    8. Change position - lay one hand on the solar plexus (stomach) and the other at the same height on the back.(2-5 minutes)

    9. Change position - lay one hand on the lower stomach and the other at the bottom of the back at the same height. (2-5 minutes)

    10. Finish with an aura sweeping to clear the auric field of the person's body (without touching the skin, 'sweep' around the person's body five times from head to toe, shaking your hands out towards the earth after each sweep so as to get rid of the toxins and other 'stuff' you have removed from the aura. (1 minute)

  • Thank you so much!!!! Bless you

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