Big Mistake

  • I hope that someone can do a reading for me. I have a very high functioning level of sleep walking. Yesterday I left a wierd and really out there message on a gentleman friends I.M. I think it was in response to his having hurt my feelings earliers in the week. He is the type that when hurt or angry will crawl into his mancave for months up to a year. He was hurt badly in his youth by a uncaring individual and has not recovered. Have I completely ruined this relationship? Will he come back? Or should I complete write this off? Thank you in advance for those who can shed light on my situation.

  • Hi

    Well I suggest u write ur issues down each down hours before bedtime, that way HOPEFULLY u wont make any more mistakes as that im to a guy u like a lot.

    As for him apologize in sense of telling him whats what. Truth in this is vital, he´ll understand once he knows u were under influence of things that aint in ur control.

    I feel see the writing down each day grievances and anniyances n what else will also help ur sleep walking issues, at least the acting out anger parts.

    IF this continues i suggest u get to ya doc n get a reference to a sleeping clinic where they can help u further.

    Best of luck


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