Virgo/virgo relationships

  • I am a virgo female dating a virgo male for over a year now. Things seem to be going very well and i am interested in hearing any of your stories,weather it be good or bad.

  • I am also a virgo dating another virgo. It is going well for me too. You might want to know his mars and venus signs, those planets supposedly influence how a person acts in relationship and sex.

  • Well his mars is in Cap and his Venus is in Lib. My mars is in Virgo and my Venus is also in Lib...Does that sound promising? How long have you been dating your Virgo man?

  • Well it's been a few months since you last posted so let me know if you wanna hear my two virgo/virgo stories

  • I guess you guys happend to be some of the lucky ones ! lol..

    Virgo/Virgo relationships never works for me.. We always clash.

    they tend to always wanna be RIGHT, want the Last WORD.

    think they know Everything and just plain Cheap ! love nice things

    but cheap skates lol You cant put a price on experiences.. we Argued and it was wierd not about typical things either..

    for instance I argued with a virgo guy about what I like to watch on tv and he had a debate

    about how tv is detrimental.

    lol it never seemed to end,

  • Yes they're very critical. My virgo once ditched me because he said he's not "used to being around someone like me" His examples were that I sometimes misplace things, I broke a bowl, I spilled a glass of water like a year ago. We argued about weird things too, but he refused to talk about anything that went any deeper than surface level. I had to walk on eggshells. Anyway, I broke up with him a week ago because I couldn't take his non-communication anymore. I'm really sad but I know that the whole relationship just wasn't normal and very unhealthy.

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