• Hi! Need some advice on how to win the heart of an Aries man I like. He is typical of this sign, stubborn, big ego, infuriating sometimes, sexy, charming, selfish, tactless - need I go on. At first I found him a complete ...................., but now understand a bit how he ticks. However, I have to meet up with him in 10 days as he helps with my dog training, but am unsure how to be with him. He says he is not interested in me anymore and no longer feels attracted to me, but I think he is just saying that because I told him I wasn't going to sleep with him straight away and he was really annoyed. This change in attitude came immediately after this. I sent him a text on Valentine day wishing him well and he responded in a nice way the day after. We don't text so much now because he was using it as a way to be nasty post me telling him I wasn't going to jump in bed with him. So how should I be when I see him; give him eye contact or avoid his eyes? Any advice would be appreciated

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