Captain reading please and anyone else who can shed some light

  • Hi TheCaptain/everyone,

    I'd be grateful for your insight if you have some time.I'm aware that I don't come across as easily approachable to men.I am working on my being less guarded and giving people the benefit of the doubt before writing them off . After a quite a while, I've noticed a guy around .He is handsome,dark-haired ..I don't know what vibes I'm sending to him .He has noticed me too and wonder if he is interested. I really need some romance and fun in my life right now to release me from the stress and boredom.

    My questions : Am I sending the right vibes to him ? Is he interested and will make the first move ? Thank you .

    My questions

  • one question from me, misshopeful, do you suddenly become much more gentle around this man? Sort of "soft"? This is the only think I'm pikcing up but I'm rather new at this and practicing 😃

  • Hi ShimaBlue, thanks for your reply . I've not felt that defensive when I saw him . So it's kind of true.

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