Tarot Asisstance if any one can....

  • i rreecently diid a full seession Past Present Future and crown spread to clarify divine guidance on my Dwelling situation, recently i moved in a temp position with a friend and son. Three people in a dwelling, there are a few external people that create influence all together as well/ This reading was very alarming to me and def not what i want to hear lol. But i can accept but wish to have another as well give me a view point and advice.


    Present celtic:1.3w,2.Qswrds,3.king heart,4.hang man (foundation)5. recent influence,queen wand, 6. future inf,knight hearts,7.2swrds,8.reversed seven hearts,9.tower.10.reversed 4 pent.

    i also do a three card lay out with each condition as people or events that grace the question:6pent,3hearts,justice.

    Now here is the whirlwind:future celtic crown:Page wands

    1.king wands.2.knight pent3.5swrds.4.2wands5.5 cups.6.10swrds7.five wands8.page pentacles,9.page hearts10.wheel fortune

    reverse 9swrds,4wands,empress

    Past celtic: crown:8 hearts

    1.high prst 2. emperor 3. 5pent, 4. ace hearts 5. lovers. 6.star 7. 8wands. 8.death (. devil. 10. strength.

    page swrds,judgment, nine hearts.

    if anyone can throw in some divine guidance i thank you

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