Leo/ scorpio situation

  • I am in a situation where as , I have duped myself into thinking, I could tolerate a scorpio male. We both have strong personalities. I am verbal , he is not. We are engaged. Marriage talks are stalled. We have been living together ,the last 3 months.He is retired, I am stillworking, He has close ties to his mother, daughter and grandchidren, I am also family oriented.He is selfish, and willful. I am at my wits end trying to understand his sabotaging of our relationship, with game playing on his part. I am the real deal! He has commitment phobia, due to a past marriage years ago, has been on his own since then and has his life in a neat little package called( all about him).I want stability, he is dragging his feet. Making me think, I am the hold up and he is not sure what I want to do! I think he is just projecting, Help!!!!!

  • From a Leo woman who loves Scorps ( and I've had my share ),

    you're being played.

    That doesn't mean that he won't decide to commit, but right now he's just using you.

    If you're using him too, fine, if you need solid commitment ( adoration : ) ), then move on.

    He'll take a long time because he's getting everything he needs from the other females in his life except sex.. you provide the sex.

    Sooner or later the kids grow up and away , the mother passes.

    Your next step is to decide wether this is an acceptable way to spend the next few years of your life.

    Good luck sister.

  • Thanks, Feylis, for your comments. Yes, you are right as long as he is getting what he want's , he doesn't have to honor my concerns at this time. I will try to gain some trump cards myself in this,by, spending some legitimate time with my ailing mother. she is bed ridden and can benefit from any assistance and time I could provide. Hopefully, he will see things a bit different w/o the cooking,washing,ironing and loving on a weekly basis.Also , realizing how I had put our relationship as my priority,and to see how it has dropped down , by my choice @ this time. I do mean business!!!

  • Niblett,

    I read what Feylis said and I think she could be right in this case.

    Your mother needs you too anyway, I would do the same if I were you.

    I was once almost married to a Scorp but he disappeared. I gave him a chance to explain, so I waited one month. No communication whatsoever, so after one month period is over, I dropped the wedding plan and went with my Cap friend.

    I've been married for 9 yrs with my Cap, no regret. I am glad I didn't waste more time waiting for this Scorp, or I would be wasting my whole life for nothing.

    I know, I am only 34. So probably too young to make suggestions. But in your age, I think you wouldn't want to waste time either, would you? At least not for uncertainty and games 🙂

  • Hello!!!! we are in a Mars Retrograde!

    ANY FORWARD ACTION isn't supported right now.

    And knowing his rising sign is really important too.

    He maybe a good man but not currently supported

    by any planets in 5th, 7th, or 11th houses.

    Talk to an astrologer about a wedding date they

    can help you with the timing...

    Also to be clear, Scorpio's are about to go through a

    rough time with money in about 2 years. So make

    sure you keep your job and have a good financial

    adviser that isn't him.

    You've got to know his chart before you start

    questioning his motives. Not every day, month,

    or year are created equal... especially for love.

  • well it depends where Mars is located in his chart

    Mars retro does delay actions but not necessarily relationships

    if he has been hurt before, knowing his birth chart won't help speed his decision making

    to commit to her or not

    he needs to heal first, or else it's not going to end up pretty anyway

    same with money situation, not all Scorps will go through it, it depends on where his money house is and the planetary affect on it at certain period

    He won't be much in trouble if he is always prudent. I and hubby have always been prudent, so no matter what the forecast says, we never did have problems with money.

    every relationship can be worked on, if both sides are willing to make it last

    doesn't mean she has to wait forever and play his games

    in fact it;s not even productive and life is not about waiting, but learning and move forward

    she may want to wait until he settles down, but she can also choose to use this waiting period to do something productive such as taking care of her mom

  • Dear Leo/ scorpion, you have an interesting situation yourself and also a positive,one. I like hearing about happy unions involving scorpio and leos, it raising my hopes that such a thing can be done when both are willing. I guess, it's about where to start. By, the way my scorp is very prudent in his spending habits. We still split the bill, when we go out most of the time. He always asks who going to drive , in light of gas prices.Yes, he has been hurt before, he was married for many years, and they both went through a horrible discovery about one another. Now, I am reaping the bitter benefits of not getting where we need to be! I like stability, and to know where I stand.I think since he is rigid , predictable and loves routine, it's hard for him to let others close. In my case, I am a generous leo, to those I care about, he has no problem when he is the reciepient.As I grow older and hopefully wiser about finance, I appreciate a different way of working with money and he will be a good teacher. someone. I brought up my mom, cause, she will be happy to have my company.I will let him know, how I would want to stay put but mystery is to much right now, when I want and need answers. I don't like going back and forth in the physical realm, it's to tiring!!

  • nibblet

    Yes it was interesting actually. I was mad at the Scorp for disappearing but then again if he didn't disappear I wouldn't be marrying my Cap. They are very different from each other. I don't think I will be this happy if I end up with the Scorp anyway. So in a way, I am not angry with him anymore.

    I've heard about Leo-Scorp relationships that work. It does depend on the birth charts but also that both sides want to work it out. In this relationship you are the one that cares and protects him somehow. Maybe you think of him as a child, needs protection and direction. Where as he is a grown man, he can take care of himself. He will of course enjoy the attention, being taken care of, but doesn't mean he will return the affection to you.

    It's a good thing that you will take your time off the relationship and switch the attention to your mom. He is an adult, he can take care of himself and he will learn things the hard way if necessary. It's also a good time to start paying attention to yourself and your needs. It's like dealing with a child, if you say don't, they will do it. Just let him be, and attend to yourself right now. If he does want to return the affection to you, and want to commit, he will come. With his past hurts I'd imagine it will take a long time to happen. He doesn't forgive easily, at least in general Scorps are like that.

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