Help with Celtic Cross Reading

  • My question was concerning the future of a relationship with a boyfriend. I have trouble reading for myself because I think it is hard not to be biased especially in matters of the heart. I used Joan Burning's version of the Celtic Cross.

    1. 9 of Pentacles

    2. The Hermit

    3. The Fool

    4. 7 of Swords

    5. 3 of Wands

    6. 9 of Cups

    7. 2 of Pentacles

    8. The Empress

    9. The High Priestess

    10. The Lovers

    I had to push these cards back in the deck twice before the were dropped: Ace of Pentacles, 10 of Pentacles, and 9 of Wands

    Thank you so much for your help!!

  • Ace of Pentacles – relates to monetary gains, so it could that the question could lead to some financial security of the person. But it also means success and recognition, and u shall be rewarded.

    Ten of pentacles - tell us of material abundance, be it in family or financial, and as such it could tell us that the outcome will lead u to having those in abundance.

    9 of wands – to stand your ground, to be able to stand for what you want.

    Numerology – adding up the numbers gives a 3, a number of joy, of union, of partnership, of procreation.

    5 major arcane cards tell us that this question is of great importance.

    Card 1– you’re a person of self-reliance and desires for financial security, and also at the same time feels a sense of incompleteness

    Card 2– the nature of the obstacles ahead must be done while searching for your answers from within, or could be that a counseling session might be required to help you seek your answers

    Card 3 – the Fool appears when u are to enter a new phase of your life, or that coming into this has been a start of something of importance to you. And it could also tell us of a beginning of another new phase.

    Card 4– you might have been afraid, of what has happened in the past, a betrayal that might have scarred you. That you felt cheated, and hence u fear of it,

    Card 5 – partnerships will begin to prosper, as this cards tells us about “Birth”

    Card 6 – you shall have your desires fulfilled

    Card 7– you feel u are caught in a balance, to juggle between your different commitments and that you need to make a decision to ease the tension.

    Card 8- marriage and feelings of love, to give and to receive are in the minds of those around you.

    Card 9– listen to your intuition, your inner voice to seek an answer. Trust your feelings.

    Card 10 – reading together with the crown and future card, this tells us that a union of love is the path ahead of you. A good time for a heart to heart talk.

  • Thank you so much for your time and help! It is much appreciated!!!

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