For June26moon Compatibility Reading

  • Hey June26moon, I was hoping you could do a compatibility reading for me.

    My birthday is June 16, 1983

    Hers is June 26, 1989.

    I'm really confused on my situation.

    Thanks a lot,


  • Hi, BlueforGemini. She has my same birthday, June 26 (although not the same year)! I would love to do a reading for you.

    According to your dates of birth, you are outgoing, friendly, sociable, and kindhearted. (In the past, others may have taken advantage of your giving nature). She is attractive but a little distant to those she first meets, and very introverted. You were initially drawn to her mystery and intelligence, and she to your kind, open nature.

    However, problems likely arose from her being secretive and not willing to talk through problems. She also has a slight tendency to be jealous. Reassure her of your feelings first, but if she doesn't respond, then give her time. If you distance yourself even a little, she'll likely respond. Also, remember to let the little things go. If she is disorganized or sometimes late, think about whether it's really worth mentioning. The two of you complement each other as a couple, both of you are sensitive and kindhearted, but you express it in very different ways. Good luck, and best wishes!

  • Hey yep, I was hoping you would reply because I noticed you had the same birthday.

    Thanks a lot for the insight. The situation defiantly makes more sense. But im pretty sure I scared her off with my impatience though. She went into her shell after it got past a certain point so I tried pulling her out (without knowing about the cancer shell thing). Then i thought id help the situation by telling her how great i thought she was and she ran for the hills.

    I dont care about being rejected or my ego being crushed, ive been through all that crap. I honestly just think she's the best chick i've ever met and i dont think any guy will genuinely appreciate her like i do. But she was in a 2 year relationship before me and i think the old issues/dissapointments still linger in her. I just hate having to wait and see if she'll contact me again. The wait is brutal for geminis.

  • I'm sorry, BlueforGemini. It's true that June 26th people tend to remember past hurt and also like to be the ones to do the chasing, to some extent. Also, what I've found is true for all June 26th people is that while on the outside we appear strong, we are emotionally fragile within. This, combined with her birth year, makes her tend not to forgive and forget easily. She has things to work out that likely don't have much to do with what you said or did. She may even have a self-fufilling prophesy--she expects guys to treat her badly and she subconsciously chooses ones who do.

    I would advise trying to seem less available. After she works out personal problems, she may come back. But I wouldn't advise waiting around forever. If she doesn't make up her mind in a week or two (three, tops) I would say move on. (If I truly wanted to be with a guy, I would explain why I needed time, not run away). You have a lot of time going for you; I see you perhaps finding someone new by the end of this year. Best wishes!

  • hey thanks for the reply, i havent checked this question in a couples weeks or so. i've moved on from this situation (one of the positives of being a gemini is being able to move on from situations pretty quickly) and realized this was more of a learning experience than anything. i'll never force love again, if its there i'll embrace it, if not then im not going to try to make something work that isnt meant to work. i did learn though that im attracted to cancer people and water signs in general and that i didnt realize that ive been attracting them my whole life. i love the water symbols, they calm my restless spirit. thanks a lot for the help and info.


  • You're welcome, Blue! No problem!

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