PLEASE save my life (Love Compatibility)

  • I'm a 21-year-old Virgo Male - Virgo/Leo cuspian(24th Aug)

    Sun: Virgo

    Moon: Capricorn

    Rising: Scorpio

    Mercury: Virgo

    Venus: Cancer

    I have only started to dive deeper into my astrologic profile about a week and half ago, because there's bound to be something wrong with me.

    Being both Virgo sun and Capricorn moon, I should maybe not be interested in man-woman relationships? But that is very untrue, I feel very lonely on a daily basis. I wish I can find one person and make them happy forever... or as long as I can make them happy... But I'm very very very very shy, and coupled with the fact that people probably don't think I'm the kind who is looking for someone to love, that could be a problem.

    I've never had a man-woman relationship, though I deeply wish for one(more than anything).

    I often feel like, when I haven't fallen for anyone yet, I can weight the factors and decide on who I'm going to start liking... the problem is, after I've chosen, it's very hard to change my feelings, and I end up crying over the fact that I can't find a person that likes me, every single time.

    As a matter of fact, I get to be good friends with some people... and I think they consider me a good friend, but I don't think anyone ever liked me as more than that(in terms of man-woman relationship), in my 21 years of life.

    I've always felt like I was one-of-a-kind... which always seemed annoying because then I can't find another person who will make a pair with me. Somehow can communicate better through text messages than in voice... and I can't express, or maybe am afraid that I don't know how to express my true feelings when I meet the person face-to-face.

    Lately I've found this girl (friend of my friend's sister), who my friend claimed was very similar to me... we started talking in december 16th through email, and a few days later we started talking on MSN and also text messages. We did seem very similar in some aspects, but once when we had had a deep conversation, I indirectly told her that I think I can't be fixed anymore, and she seemed to understand that I was thinking she liked me or wanted to like me, and was very angry at me...a few hours and text messages later everything was back to normal again... but in the middle of the conversation I told her that if I ever fell for her I'd distance myself from her for some time.

    About a month and a half has passed since then, and we have been talking a lot... the fact that she always calls people 'love' or 'sweety'(or so she says) does kind of affect me, but I want her to be able to be herself around me.

    She always sends kisses(**) at the end of each text message, on cellphone, and so do I... but that's normal. But when I had an exam she said something like ''Dai suki onii, ganbatte ne!''... its probably her kidding because neither of us actually speaks japanese, even though we both like Anime/manga. She also said things like ''miss ya'' on two or three occasions... and yesterday, the one time we did meet in real life, the moment we met, she gave me a book as a gift. She forgot to take off the price though, and it was pretty expensive, considering she doesn't work.(19euros and 81cents). I didn't know she was going to give me anything, I had just taken a chocolate to give her, just symbollically but I feel crappy after giving her just a chocolate... I don't know if that's a sign or anything because I've never had a girlfriend in my life, or anything like it.


    Libra/Scorpio cusp (Midnight between 23rd and 24th October)

    Leo Rising

    Aries Moon

    I don't know libra very well but some Scorpio things applied a lot to her (Likes Art and Music, is intense, passionate, selfdestructive)

    I don't know if we can be compatible... but I don't know what kind of person she really is... is she the kind that really meant I shouldn't fall for her, on that conversation 1month and a half ago? Because once her best friend fell for her and he/they tried something, and that ruined their friendship, so I haven't tried anything, I don't want to hurt her no matter what. I would rather hurt myself. I am thinking, though, that... what if she's actually waiting for me to act? I've never liked anyone before like this(since we talked through msn or text messages mostly and only met once, I feel like I know her true heart rather than her shell... in real life she says she is always hiding...).

    Could someone tell me what's more likely to be the situation considering her Sun/Moon/Rising sign?

    Or, if I have no chance, what kind of people I can attract?(Not be attracted to... if I think someone deserves it, and I'm not liking anyone, I can try to like them... at that moment, I'm willing to work on my flaws to make them happy, no matter what it takes.)

    I know this is a very complex question, and I understand if some people find it somewhat stupid, but I really had to ask... Thanks in advance for any replies(Good or bad).

  • Wow, HiddenDiamond.

    I've met people who feel the way you do--like it's impossible to find love. I do know about soulmates, though, and I think this applies to your situation in some respects. If you believe you will find your soulmate, you are right. If you think you never will, you are also right.

    You are undoubtedly at a challenging point in your life, but the last thing you need to do is give up hope. You are intelligent, caring, devoted, sensitive--everything many people look for. But you lack self-confidence. Believe in yourself. Try every day to be your best person. If people reject you, it's their loss.

    As for her...To me, it really sounds like she likes you. She took the time to buy you a book she knew you'd love? She's obviously thinking about you. But you had told her "I can't be fixed?" and that if you ever fell for her you'd "distance yourself from her?" Why? Because you thought she wouldn't feel the same way? Please, tell her how you really feel (in person). I think that's what she is waiting for. She, like most females, is dropping so many hints--the texts, the gift--but she doesn't want to scare you away by proclaiming her feelings. You say you don't want to ruin your friendship--but do you want to find out a year from now she was thinking the same thing, but by then it's too late and she's gone? The saddest words in the English language are "It's too late."

    If you can give me yours and her dates of birth (including the year), I can give you an in-depth reading about your compatibility.

    I wish you the best, HiddenDiamond. Good luck. If there's anything else I can help you with, let me know. 🙂

  • Hi HiddenDiamond!

    Your post has left me with such a big smile I had to write! I love the way you have given this so much thought ---- What courage you've shown in digging deep into your heart to post this and ask for help. (Junemoon26 has already offered to help so I'll leave out my thoughts on that.)

    Don't worry about the gift giving .... Libras are very thoughtful that way. Price tags mean nothing; heart does!!! Right now, you may be a diamond in the rough, but Oh Baby, will you shine someday!



  • Wow... thank you so much, Junemoon26 and Laie4, since I am probably not as mature as some other posters, being 21 years old (22 this year), I was concerned that my post wouldn't be taken seriously.

    But now I am glad I asked for help.

    My birth date is 24th of August 1988

    12 minutes past noon (12:12).

    GMT(Lisbon, Portugal)

    Her birth date is 24th of October 1988

    Midnight (00:00) -> The midnight between 23rd and 24th of October

    GMT(Aveiro, Portugal)

    I dont know exact minute of her birth, all she told me is that she ''Doesn't know whether she's Libra or Scorpio'' because she was born at midnight, between the 23rd of October and the 24th of October.

    Sincere thanks for taking the time to reply


  • HiddenDiamond --- Google numerology too for yourself. Your day of birth(24) and time leapt out at me. Might be interesting just for fun!


  • HiddenDiamond, according to your birth date, you present a very different face to the world than who you truly are. You have the ability to feign confidence, but have a hard time expressing your emotions. People, both people you like and friends, see your surface and assume you are happy with yourself.

    She, like you, is different beneath her surface, as you already know. She is charming and romantic, but may appear competitive and even overly-confident to those she first meets. Her true self wishes for acceptance and love.

    Together, the two of you could understand each other very well, but since you have so many of the same positive qualities (sensitivity, intelligence, generosity) and negative qualities (stubbornness, a lack of patience) you'll need to be extra sensitive.

    Good luck!

  • Thank you very much, Junemoon26, I believe you hit the spot completely.

    I'll be sure to bear those advices in mind.

  • You are very welcome, HiddenDiamond!

  • HD said: "because there's bound to be something wrong with me."

    There's always bound to be many things RIGHT with you. 🙂 Everyone has both strengths and weaknesses.

    There is a strong emphasis on outward appearance in your relationship with your friend. She can be rather superficial which doesn't bode well for a deeper relationship. Good looks and being fit are very important to her, and you worry about these things in yourself (being attractive or not).. There tends to be more idealism here than realism.

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