Disaster, Chaos, Recovery...I'm a little worn out!!!

  • Hello tarot friends...circumstances kept me away but you have been in my thoughts and I have missed you! But I'm back! Lol!

    Life has brought a wild ride to us in 2010 but things are getting back to somewhat normal (I think? lol) and hopefully will stay that way for a while! Lol! We, like many, have experienced a wacky winter! We had a blizzard Christmas Eve in an area of the US that may only see a dusting of snow in a winter, it just kinda brings everything to a standstill as we do not have the equipment to clear it, but it was mainly just an inconvenience. (And the snow was very beautiful). January however, brought us a very destructive ice storm and we were declared a disaster area. So much destruction! We were without electricity for 2 weeks with miles and miles of power poles snapped in half and trees, big and small, not just branches laying everywhere, on the ground on houses and cars, just everywhere! Without electricity everything is so dark and quiet at night and all you could hear was cracking and the sound of trees, branches and power lines as they came crashing to the ground.

    The first day without electricity wasn't that bad but things started to go down hill the 2nd day when the temp inside our homes went below freezing and news reached us that it could be days, weeks or up to a month before the power stations, lines & poles would be repaired and power could be restored. Things got chaotic in our small town as people started to panic with the temps staying below freezing , the only station in town (with a generator in place prior to the storm) ran out of fuel and people had no way to stay warm other then many layers of clothes. The National Guard was able to get a truck thru (we live out in the country) to bring in cots from the American Red Cross, sleeping bags from the Army and we were able to get a large enough generator, fuel and food so we could set-up a shelter.

    Although we got a generator at work on the 3rd day that allowed us to open with minimal operations (not big enough to turn on the heat), I strongly felt that where I needed to be was helping at the shelter and I am thankful that my employer allowed me to be gone for a week so that I could volunteer at the shelter (they even paid me for the time I was gone & didn't make me use vacation time which was totally unexpected & greatly apprecitated). The people I work with are amazing! We were all in a bad situation but everyone pitched in and made the best of a bad situation we were all experiencing...crisis brought out the best in people and people did whatever was needed to help one another whether they were family, friends or strangers!

    So many people here in my state (and other places that have experienced a bitter winter or other type of disaster) have lost so much but material things can be replaced and we will recover! I am saddened and my heart goes out to those that have lost loved ones due to natural or man-made disasters!

    Well, the ice and snow have all melted away, although we have a light snow in the forecast for tomorrow & keeping my fingers crossed! The weatherman did not predict the blizzard or the severity of the ice storm but the famer's almanac predicted both accurately & they predict another blizzard this week! (Hoping the weatherman is correct this time...light snow! Lol!) School has reopened & the kids are back in school, I am back at work but still volunteering and we are all helping each other in the clean-up process and things are getting back to somewhat normal...and I have internet again, Yay! We take for granted the luxuries of electricity and our dependency on it! Even the simple thing of communication & news! Many of our towers supplying signals for tv, radio & cell phones were destroyed from the ice so it was difficult at times to even get a signal so we could make phone calls but almost all of it has been repaired now! When we were able to get a signal, I was able to get on fb & make calls to let family & friends know how we were doing and get news.

    Never take anything or anyone for granted!!!! I've always tried to live by this and the lessons I have learned lately have reinforced that belief even stronger then before! I am ready for winter to be over and for the rebirth of spring bringing everything to life again! Hopefully some of the trees that weren't totally destroyed will come back but gonna have to plant some new ones! I hope everyone is doing well and look forward to getting back on here again on a more regular basis once all the clean-up is done!

    Love & Blessings 😃

    PS. Hey, if anyone feels like doing a reading, I would be curious to know what to expect or prepare for in the near future or the rest of the year! Lol! Don't have a specific question, could be general, love, life...whatever you get! Thanks

  • Wwlcome back Danr, nice to see you, had been wondering about you,

    glad you are ok

  • Thanks Goldenhill. Glad to be back 😃 Hope you have been doing well my dear!

  • Dearest Danr,Thank you, I am doin ok, haven't been thru anything like what you had to endure!

    You are a very strong person, shining your radiant light to many...

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