Older Gemini woman, Younger Pisces Male. Please Help!!

  • So I met my Pisces male 3 months ago. We started real slow with talking on the phone for a month. We are both single he has no kids, never been married. I have one daughter that is only 4 years younger than him. I admit that the age differance bugged me out but my guy didn't have an issue with it. We both have never been attracted nor dated people with are age gap. I am 35 he is 22. The first month was full of communication. He works 2 jobs and I work grave yard. It was kinda hard at first but we managed to make time and see eachother even if it was an hour b4 my shift or an hour b4 his 2nd shift. We didn't talk long but it was short and sweet. The second month he called everyday and text. The communication was deeper, longer and more personal and he opened up alot. We did fun things walks along the beach, ate dinner on the Lake, talked about times when we were young, went out for drinks and shot pool several times. 3rd month we got closer and became lovers. We both agreed that we would only be intimately with eachother and things were smooth. Valentines weekend we spent 3 nights together and it was amazing... massaging, cuddling, sleeping in eachothers arms. He even sung me a song.. I got scared. This is the 1st to good to be true reationship since my divorce 5 years ago. I told him were gonna have to take a break from eachother cuz I did not want us to get tired of eachother.. he said jokingly " you going to have me go psycho with all this sweet love and affection " We both laughed, he got ready for work, he mentioned over the weekend he was going thru family issues and that his living situation was not so stable and he had a court date that friday 2/19. I told him I was here for him if he needed me. This was Tuesday morning 2/16 we hugged, kissed and he left to work. I haven't heard from him since 😞 I called friday and text and it's not like him not to respond. He always reply quick unless he's working. Did I push him away??? First relationship with a Pisces man. I know he is sensitive. Hope I didn't hurt him..

  • MySkittles, enjoy this relationship for what it is. Stop worrying about the age gap and appreciate your partner for his personality and spirit. There are so many couples out there with differences in age - it's about compatibility, not any biological difference. Don't overanalyse it to death - simply be grateful you found someone who makes you happy.

    I feel it is not you but his family and living situation that is preoccupying him. Be supportive - make sure this relationship is not just about you. You really gotta stop worrying so much and start feeling and having fun. You are putting too much expectation onto this guy. It's not a life or death situation. Just enjoy!

  • PS There is so much guilt and anxiety coming off your post. Love is about feeling good. Where's this guilt coming from?

  • I had a similar situation with my Pisces. We are the same age though. Whats your sign? Anyway, my Pisces is super sensitive. I broke up with him for awhile because I felt the timing wasn't right and we both had a lot going on in our personal lives. The truth was, I was feeling overwhelmed and out of control with feelings for him. I cannot afford to lose my cool, too many responsibilities, job and family. Anyway, he was very hurt. I thought I'd lost him forever( I just wanted a temporary break, to slow things down). Anyway, after 6 weeks we got back together and things are a lot better. I had to do some work on myself(still am). During that time apart he texted me periodically, just to check on me. I think your Pisces will do the same.

    Also, here is something strange that happened. At the end of the 6 weeks, I started to call to him, not on the phone or by text. With my heart and mind. For two nights I focused on him and asked him to call me. Pisces are highly intuitive and mine is very sensitive this way. Anyway, on the third day he called me. I didn't tell him what I did but he wouldn't be surprised because he always reads my mind and feelings. Leos are a bit intuitive but Pisces are extra sensitive. So when you are ready and you truly have feelings for him, call to him with your heart.

  • TheCaptain: PS There is so much guilt and anxiety coming off your post. Love is about feeling good. Where's this guilt coming from?

    I didn't want to type a novel with all the fun I am having.. We have shared & done things together for the first time ever. He brings out the childlike spirit out of me:) I'm not worried about the age now only the first month. He has an old soul that I truly appreciate, we have such a connection I felt that it was only natrual for me to b concern with the silence.. Never thought it was life or death.. When u get used to communicating and then Bam!! silence, a person could only wonder what might have happend?? I did. Communication is what I am all about. It is the foundation in most relationships. It was, not only his tenderness, but his intellect that makes me hunger for more.. I will Enjoy this moment for whatever it is and what it may become. All and all I hope he is safe and well and that we connect soon via phone, text even in r dreams:) Thank

    TheCaptian.. You have a wonderful day.. I will try not to worry;-)

  • Leonessa,

    That's so sweet and uplifting.. There were times when I thought of him and we were calling and texting eacother at the same time " How weird " I have alot of work to do within myself.. I am a Gemini was told that I'm a cusp baby with Taurus?. I am sharp with my words at times, but will cry while looking at a sad commerical. I'm a mess.. My daughter jokes all the time and if I'm reading a card or watching drama or love on tv she say's Mom, please don't cry LOL.. By nature I'm very kind, forgiving, and nutruing. I didn't want to overwhelm him with to much, because I know that a man takes pride in being strong and working things out on his own. I just didn't expect not to hear from him for this long.. Since we've met only a day, maybe 2 is that longest it has been when we dont talk. So I will pray 4 his safety and well being. Since 2/16 until today I have called 2x left messages and text 2x as well. Not much I can do but call him from my heart now. I will give you an update soon I hope. Thank you, Sincerely 🙂

  • My Pisces guy was so upset with me when I told him I needed a break. At first I thought he "unfriended" me on Facebook (but it turns out he just took his page offline - I think to stop himself from checking my page all the time). Also, it took him about 3 weeks to write me an email telling me how much I hurt him. He wouldn't answer my calls or email (although he would send a short text but not respond when I responded) I think your guy is sulking. I heard Pisces can retreat completely and for a long time. Plus you have to factor in the maturity level. Old soul or not, at 22, this is probably his first serious relationship. He is probably overwhelmed with feeling.

    However, if he had a court date, maybe he's in jail. Was it a ticket that turned into a warrant? Do you have any common friends? Maybe you should check with them or drive by his place or job, just to see if his car is there. No, I don't mean stalk him but you know, its kind of unusual for him to leave you on a good note and then not hear from him. Just a thought.

  • That's what tripped me out. He called and text me everyday. The sweetest things he would do and say. He was at work and Smokey Robinson song " Crusin " came on, that's the ring tone people hears when they call me. He called my phone saying Babe your song is on just had to call you because the song reminds me of you.. how sweet!! I can say that out of the 5 years I've been divorced my Pisces is much mature than most 30 + yr old men I've met and dated. He said he was only in 1 real relationship back in Atlanta, that's where he is from. I've met is brother and a few associates at his job. I did go by his 1st job on Sunday and he was not there. He sales and details car so it was strange for him not to be working and it was a nice warm day. I checked out the web and his name did show up the time he said he did get stopped by Police in Renton Wa. Although the web did not have any case info / docket info for any Municipal Court Dates with his name. I checked the jail roster and he is not in custody. My Pisces does not have a FB or Myspace so there wont be no emailing. If I did hurt him I wonder why he laughed and joked about it, as if it was nothing? I guess I'am the opposite, if my lover told me maybe we need a break I would question what type of break do you mean and is this long term or temparary?? I guess we all are different and unique in are own way. I will be patient and hope we talk soon. It's been a week today 😞 Thank you Leonessa for all your insite, encouragement and time to read and respond to my Post. Have a blessed day 🙂

  • Ok, well then he's probably off licking his wounds. Call him the other way I told you about

  • Can't tell what is going on without his info. .Pisces is a mutable sign..dual in nature..but where is his Ascendant, moon and venus? You are dual also..need more info..


    I was married to a guy 20 years younger than than myself for 16 yrs..No sweat on age differences.

  • Pisces guys and relationships with them.

    They are the most devoted and involved lovers. Now the bad thing is they are dreamers. I fell hard hard for both of them (at different times, of course). But their dreamy side tended to rub off on me. In both cases, their web of seeing things as they want them to be convinced me and sucked me in. They are a little dangerous for me. But for a more practical person (Virgo for instance) could be a real match (jealous already). But I do not regret one single minute..they are unforgettable

  • Leonessa, so the last couple days I've been calling him the way you said. Sure, enough he called me early this morning while I was at work. I didn't know if I should answer the phone or let him suffer more for not responding to my calls? I answered his call and glad I did. He has been licking his wounds like you said and admitt that he was hurt when I said let's take a break. Along with family and work issues he said he has been out of his element and not himself. Stressed and after a week of not talking to me he said he couldn't take it no more... I told him that I meant no harm when I said let's take a break and we both agreed that we both were feeling so much emoitions that we both were scared to express them. He is coming over tonite to fix me dinner and of course we are going to talk. I can tell he's been sick he sounded all stuffy:( May poor Fish ( LOL ) Thank you Leonessa you were so right!! I called him from my heart and he heard me. Only time will tell what are future holds... I will keep u udated.. Have a great day!!!

  • kppresley, Than you for your response, here is a little info on both me and him.

    Mine 5-22-74 born in Kahuku Hawaii @ 2:36 pm

    His 3-6-88 born in Atlanta Georgia dont know the time

    I have never gotten a reading, this is the first time I've dated a Pisces and the age difference does not bother me as much anymore. I can tell he his very sensitive and his very compassionate. Thank you for taking time out to read and reply. Look forward to knowing our moon sign and astrology insite. So excited!!! Thank you again..

  • MySkittles:

    Cool!!! It worked. Its good to know that it worked for someone else too. And it only took a couple of days! Wow, maybe I'm on to something!!!

    Your relationship with him will be stronger now because you both have admitted(in your actions) that it hard for you to be without one another.

    Good luck!!!!

    P.S. - Me and my Pisces are doing pretty good right now too, even we are both stressed out with our jobs.

  • MySkittles:

    Take a look at my post "I Love My Fish". There is a lot of interesting insight about Pisces men from other Pisces

  • Hi Skittles

    Can you describe his appearance and mannerisms? I may be able to discern his Ascendant that way. You know..body type, the way he walks, short, tall, broad smile, messy etc..

  • Wears dark color clothes, name brand is not important to him. 5'6 1/2 about 150lbs slender body type with simi broad sholders, he is dark like Michael Vick the football player. They have a lot of facial smilularities. Big smile but is more shy out in public, but will hold my hand and wrap his arms around my waist when we are walking together. Respectful and humble to people especialy his elders. He walks soft, not heavy, he got a swagg lean when he walks but not a whole lot. Clean cut, but can look messy and have dirt under fingernails due to his work. Has 1 ear ring his left ear. His birth mark is on his left arm and it's shape kinda like a cloud puff. I too have a simular mark but on my inner left calf. Hope this helps.

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