Need A Reading.... Totally Lost............. Please

  • My birthday 2/3/57. Will I meet someone soon? Will this last?

  • Hello

    Okay I did a reading for you for the present and the near future.

    Your present situation I believe you are attractive and magnetic, Like the Queen of wands, You know what you want and where you are going. You are a feminine person in touch with your feminine self, confident and self-assured you express yourself freely and confidently without worrying about wehat others think of you. If you are not so much like this may I suggest you don't deny yourself the right to be accomplioshed and attractive. Be aware of your direction if you are not clear what that is and trust your intuition. Carry on being optimistic and remember to focus on attractive what you desire and don't focus upon what you don't have. You have a vibrant aura and spirit and you should get out there and enjoy your current well being. Not being fazed by things is beneficial to you.

    As a future card I pulled the Queen of wands, the fact both cards are royal arcana suggests to me you are a strong happy person. This card is suggesting emotional happiness, kindness and understanding. You should let go of any resentments or anger and be more compassionate with yourself and also with others. The queen of cups is a loving, sensual lady so I think you will meet someone in the near future, perhaps where those qualities of unconditional love, understanding will be of good use to you. patience, calmness and being willing to help he underdog may suggest the person you meet may need your help somehow and you will be there for this person . The queen of cups is creative, romantic and artistic.

    Look forward to meeting the person you desire and continuing to be positive and happy, upbeat and kind is going to be very beneficial to you.

    So it's looking good for you. Well done for being you, let me know if this helps



  • I have to say you will meet a woman who is like those qualities and you may need to help her so perhaps there is someone in your life now like the queen of wands and the woman you are going to meet will be like the queen of cups... hope this helps

  • yes it does but considering I am a female

  • Who am I combatible with? When will I met him?

  • will I be going back with my ex?

  • I emant if you were a man but you're not so take the first interpretation. If you read what I wrote properly your questions will be answered.

  • Only YOU can decide what you do. Use your gut feeling and trust that.

    Tarot is an indication of possibilities remember we all have free will to choose what we want and we can all have what we desire, so think about what you truly want whats going tomake you truly happy and then you wil get what you want.

    good luck

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