Is there anyone who can sppek with my mother who passesd 2yrs ago

  • I would like to know if my mother who passed away two years ago from breast cancer at the age of 47, Is trying to tell me something I feel something other than my conscience trying to guide me or tell me something but I'm not sure . Thank you very much -Krystina p.s my mothers name was Debra aka Debi Morris(McMurdy)

  • Here is a Pic of her

  • Please accept my condolences on the loss of your mother; she was a beautiful woman with an engaging spark of life that was extinguished too soon. Whether or not it is your mother trying to pass on a message I don't honeslty know. But I always tell my daughter to trust her instincts; we all have an innate sense that can point us in the right direction or warn us of danger but too often we ignore it. Take a quiet moment and look deep within yourself; remember your mother's warmth and love. What would she tell you to do if she were here?

  • she is so beautifull

    i dont know if you do spells you can buy a spell book and meditate put your mums picture

    by a candle find an appropriate spell and put your meditation spell on

    when you go to bed ask your mum the question she will reply in your sleep be patient

    keep asking the question and keep meditating have a corner of the house which is peaceful

    to do your spells have some crystals and candles my brother died he came through in my sleep

  • Thank you for you replies. Im just in a .... hard to explain, frame of mind and in need of positive direction. I have always felt as if I had a deeper connection with my spiritual side, more than most . But lately im at a complete wall. I feel empty inside. I will try the things you suggested magicspell, and I will try to focus on the things you suggested devon1983

  • Communicating with a Deceased Loved One..

    Newbetter, google the above, you will find it to be an interesting read.

    I had experiences with my brother when he was was, to say the least, a journey of passing and preparation that I was so very fortunate to witness, His spirit remained for awhile in my sister's home (where he passed), it was evident that it wasn't mere coincidence he was communicating.

    My mother also passed last July..We have each been touched by her in one form or another. I have picked up her scent on one occasion that made me quite aware she had stood near me.

    Final story,that sent chill's (most welcomed kind) down my arms. Son in law's father passed almost a year ago. He drives a semi over the road, so his father always called in inclement weather to make sure he was road safe...without fail.

    Couple weeks ago we had significant amounts of snowfall and he was running a load. His cell phone sat on the dash board. A total of four phone calls, first two he missed, last two he answered with no one on the other end. The caller ID said "Dad". The phone numbered listed w/Dad had been disconnected after his passing. He promptly called the carrier to be told the number was no longer in service.

    How many people experience such a wonderful opportunity to have connected in such a way.

    I hope this helps..


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