Wondering about the holidays

  • thanks MMack

    I didn't have anyone on my side in my 20s

    no luck with friends or lovers and family was having hard time with each other

    I turned to religion and no help there either. I planned my exit, I was going to do it.

    then out of the blue I remember someone said 'if you give up, they will win'

    that was entirely different conversation from the past about some school exams

    and somehow I remember it just when I was going to end my life

    the universe knows me to the core. that I don't like losing

    this is the one quality that made me go to the extreme in order to win anything I wanted to win

    so the universe reminded me of this quality, to make me change my mind and stay alive

    and along the way this quality is refined and softened

    now I'm 34 I still don't like losing, but now I'm fighting for all the right purpose

    life is worth fighting for. including your own.

  • I am working on being ok with me, no matter who is in my life. As long as I have my kids and grand baby, that's all I really need. Although it's nice to have a significant other as well. I just hope I am not sitting my self up for a huge fall.

    However, I am not going to worry about that, instead I am just going to take one day and task on at a time and let the future take care of its self. That doesn't mean I can allow myself to not think about where we are all going to live once the foreclosure goes through.

  • Hi Kay, good to hear from you. One day at a time........that is my motto..........but I am a Capricorn, lol! Try to stop worrying how things are going to turn out, I am sure everything will work out in it's own good time, of course! Be in the present and the future will take care of itself. I am still waiting for a grandchild........I am getting very impatient too, maybe some day. Take care x

  • G'day again Kay

    Personal growth can be a very challenging thing, but at least the rewards are great. You will reap those rewards and they're coming already. You aren't setting yourself up for a fall with this man either, and I think you're seeing that now. But as you say, easy does it.

    So glad you're finally opening that window and letting fresh breezes waft in. And thank you for your kind comments in response to my posts. I'm just happy to have been one of many who have been of help to you :))))

  • Hi Kay,

    I'm really happy to hear that you had a good holiday with your family. I'm pleased that we were all able to help you and lift your spirits and that is what it is all about, reaching out to someone in need.

    To love is to live in my opinion, it's all a risk but the rewards outweigh it all. So I wish you much happiness with your new man, who sounds wonderful with the support and encouragement he gives to you. This is what you deserve after all you have been through, no need to feel guilty.

    Thank you for sharing your poetry, it was beautiful and you should continue expressing yourself in such a creative way, it is a very good outlet for you.

    In regards to where you will live once the foreclosure goes through, I feel quite strongly that the right house will come at the right time. Don't worry, you will be taken care of, and it will become available at the right time.



  • So glad for a happy holiday. And all the love at the time. Life is so you may experience love. And it will come and go many times and that's why it is so important to make sure you stay open to it so you never miss a moment of it. It's also very important when your giving of yourself and helping with your messages, if you listen to what your telling others because there will be times when your message will also be for you. Wonderful to give and to receive. Peace and harmony

  • LibrasLair: I'm so glad you've come so far and so wise too! Funny how we hear what we need to hear at that exact moment. That's like when I heard the words Dr. Phil spoke the other day I knew somehow I was meant to hear them because out of the whole show, those were the only words I heard and they were at the very end -"You can't cure your life you can only manage it". It was very freeing to me and was exactly what I needed to hear, but I was hoping that it would help Kaye too I hope she's o.k. I really liked hearing what everyone had to say, there were some really amazing insightful posts. Hope you and everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiviing. I think I'm stll full.

  • Hello Kaye, glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. I'm glad your boyfriend was there for you. I do try to break thru my friend's thick Aries skin and after all these years it' sbeginning to work slightly, but I fnd other ways to pay her back....when she's not expecting it and she can't say no. It's become sort of a game with me to see if I can surprise her sometimes. Thank goodness we overlook each other's faults because I have plenty and I'd be in the dumps without her steadfastness in my life. Likewise she calls me when she's down, but iit's usually a day or two after trying to shoulder it herself. As usual she doesn't want anyone to worry about her and she trivalizes her problems except for the ones involving her kid. Anyway, I'm thankful she's in my life and I can't imagine your friends don't feel the same. Life does have a way of getting inbetween sometmes tho because people are trying to make things work in their own lives, maybe it seems like they don't have tiime or don't care, but maybe it's only because their world is not all it seems. I kjnow when things are wrong I go off by myself which could be construed as me not caring, but I'm really just trying to manage my own mess. I would most definitely like to see some more poetry of yours. Some poetry I like, and some I don't, but yours I definitely liked and I think you are very talented. It swings you along and makes you want to read whtat is coming next. Your f riends were right about telling you to pursue it. Don't know how to get the name of your book w/out you givng up your real name tho. Anyone have any ideas?

  • Dear Kay328,

    First and foremost I wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving (a day late)!

    I know you have the strength within you to overcome any obstacle that stands before you! Trust in yourself and your higher power and BELIEVE that everything will work out!!

    I have a small suggestion for you for Christmas gifts for your children. I believe you mentioned they were older.

    Rummage through your old photographs from when your children were younger. Pick a favorite of each one. Paste it to a nice piece of 8 x 10 stationary and then below it, in your own handwriting, describe the picture; when it took place, what they were doing, what you felt at that time and why it's your favorite. Frame it with an inexpensive picture frame from the Dollar Store or Wal-Mart!

    I think we can agree that all children young and old love to hear their mother's favorite memories of them individually! My children love to go through our photos and hear the stories from when they were smaller! I probably love it more!!

    Blessings to you and your family!!


  • Andreaoh/Kaye328: That sounds like a great idea. You could even pen one of your poems on the bottom of it too! You are very creative so I know you can come up with something. I also know from experience that consgnment shops can be great as many of them have new items as well, and are discounted whether it's jewelry, household or clothing. They are inexpensive, plus they run sales also. Also the thrift stores are the way to shop now too...it's the chic thing to do! The key is to check back often to get the new things, also you can leave your name with them and they will call you if they get in what you are lookinig for. My husband and I were just talking tonite about how tough it will be this year. He is older than me and is retired, and I'm closing 2 businesses. I just told him I'd love to have something handmade, even if they put together this silly birdhouse kit I have laying around. I love getting gifts, but this year has been so hard on others, I told him I am so happy just to have my family around me, nuts as we all are. I'm trying to be simple and grateful, but it's sometimes very hard to do that. I do wish abundance to everyone for the holidays and hope it eases up for you Kaye and everyone.

  • Hi Kay, I'm so happy to hear your holiday was a good one. Stay focused on the love in your heart and hang in there. Honestly, I feel things are about to improve for you.

    Take good care and keep us updated! And by all means, write if you need us. : )

    in love and light love and light love and light


  • Hi Kay,

    I just wanted you to know that I have been following this thread each day to make sure that you are okay. I have read most of the replies from so many and I find it amazing that there are so many wonderful, caring, loving, compassionate people that have the most tender hearts out there. So many words of encouragement, that I too have even been helped with. So much wisdom and knowledge that has helped me, and I'm sure many others too.

    I know that you are so concerned about finding a place to live, but if possible, just turn that huge burden over to the Lord, and he will provide. Your daughter and grandbaby need you, as you need them. It will all work out.

    Peace and Blessings to you Kay and to all the amazing others who have sent their love and support for all to benefit from.

    In Love and Light!

  • I am sure that this was the challenge given from God for you to overpass and so to not let it put you down again. never more! you are for a reason in this life--live it and fulfill it!

    there should not be any past or tomorrow. we live in that moment and we should feel every bit of it.

    it sound egoistic for us to think about our sufferings and to want more and better. we are not the first and not the last to suffer and so we should give the good sample to the world, by not seeing the suffer, but the joy and love.

    we have more than we see -- it depends on us if we are happy or said. the circumstances are not defining our feelings. money doesn't make us happy. money facilitates our every day being but is not what can brake us, if we don"t have it. CHANGE PERSPECTIVE. laugh and give love to see that you have it. I am sure you do. just abandon the beast of desperation any time it comes to you. through it way and laugh at it! it there to confuse you

    I am happy you got so much support from this forum!

    blessings a

  • MMack, I wroye under a pen-name, BK Scarlet, the book is called uncovering My Eyes, you can find it on amazon.com

  • oops wrote. lol

  • Let Us Meet In Our dreams

    Time has made it so that we are not meant to physically be.

    So let us meet in our dreams.

    Life has made it to hard to be together.

    So meet me in our dreams.

    In our dreams we can be.

    As we have always wished for us to be.

    In our dreams we can do.

    All the things we've wished to do.

    In our dreams we can share.

    All that we have ever thought of.

    So in our beds separately at night,

    or in day time slumber.

    Let us meet in our dreams.

    An make the world our thunder.

    Do not be sad, that life has brought us to this place.

    Do not be sad, that we may never again look upon each others


    Do not be sad, that we never touch our bodies.

    Or our lips upon the other.

    For we will be able to always, meet in our dreams and share all

    we have.

    From the past and beyond.

    We will no longer need to wonder.

    So let us meet in our dreams,

    we will always have that.

    Let us meet in our dreams.

    Forever lasting future's to entwine.

    To over come, all that is not physically submittable.

    Come meet me in our dreams.

    I will be waiting.

  • I like that kay. It reminds me that there is so much more to life even with our eyes closed. And were all connected one way or another.

  • absolutely, serious7, that's the image or thought process i was thinking of when I wrote this.

  • 🙂 makes me happy! Hows things going kay?

  • lots better, thank you

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