Ten Ways to Grow Your Spirit

  • I saw this article written by Phylameana lila Desy on the net and I would like to share it with you.

    Tips for Spiritual Growth

    1. Embrace Your Talents

    Recognize and further develop your intelligence and special gifts. Our talents are signifiers that lead us toward our unique paths. Follow your passion and you will soon discover where you fit in this world. When we squelch innate yearnings, we lose our way.

    2. Tie Up Loose Ends

    Unresolved issues eat away at us emotionally and mentally. Tackle troubling things that need to be dealt with and put them to rest. In the meanwhile, learn not to allow future problems to be ignored. Our wounds fester when they are not attended to in a timely manner. Realize that buried problems always surface eventually. Dealing with difficulties as they arise rather than hiding from them is the best route.

    3. Be Responsible in Your Relationships

    Turn away from the "blame game" when it comes to addressing problems in your relationships. Be honest about the things that you have said or done that harmed the relationship. Own up to your own failures. Focus on changing your defeating patterns rather than expecting changes from the other person.

    4. Love Sometimes Means Saying Goodbye

    Not all relationships are meant to last forever. We sometimes outgrow our partners, or our partner goes off in a direction which makes us struggle to stay in step with. Sometimes, the most responsible thing you can do is to offer love and compassion to the person as you release the relationship.

    5. Let Go of Useless Attachments

    If a thing no longer serves a purpose in your life, it is clutter. Clutter can be a physical thing or a belief that blocks your path. Holding on to things that don't feed you will instead eat up your energy. Free your space and expand your energy by getting rid of unwanted gifts, broken or useless items, self-defeating mental images, etc.

    6. Confront Your Inner Demons

    Everyone makes mistakes or regrets past decisions. Exposing our frailties and recognizing that we are not perfect frees us from feeling stupid or "less than." Bring light to those things that you are not proud of and realize that through these experiences you have learned great lessons, and have likely become a better person for them. Keeping negative actions hidden can overshadow our spirits with shame or depression. We all deserve to live with joy regardless of our imperfections.

    7. Accept Change - Go with the Flow

    There is a fine line between caution and fear. We are meant to travel along a spiritual pathway. We are not meant to remain stunted in one place for very long. Yes, change can be scary. But, change is a path of learning, so why not follow it? When we resist change we can actually create chaos. Do you want to undertake a lesson down a path which you've chosen, or have lessons thrown at you down a path that was forced upon you?

    8. Accept Delays

    There are times when we need to be still. Impatience or frustration will not help any situation. Desired changes sometime take time to unfold. You may feel like you are ready to jump into a new arena... but wait. The situation or person that you are wanting to meet may not be ready for you just yet. It's okay to sit at the bus stop for a few more minutes, the bus will arrive eventually. Meanwhile enjoy the scenery. What's the hurry?

    9. Love and Honor Yourself

    Are you taking good care of yourself? Your physical body is the vehicle that has been loaned to you to live out your life in and to assist growing your spirit with. Pamper your body, tend to your illnesses, exercise and give it the proper nutrients.

    10. Dealing with Death and Illness

    Physical life is a gift that comes with a variety of experiences. Suffering and illness are bundled in with that package of experiences. Although our bodies have expiration dates, our spirits don't expire. Choosing to look at illness and death in positive ways rather than negatively will help to give your life here on the planet deeper meaning.

  • Yeah, spiritual commandments or maybe just suggestions. 🙂

  • Thanks for that Captain, I think for me I can sometimes get so caught up in life that it's good to have a little reminder.

  • My pleasure.

  • Thank you Captain. Twas my awareness of my kryptonite that led me here:)

  • Just the right kind of encouragement to get you back on track in life. Thank you Captain 🙂

  • Excellent!

  • Captain, I thank you for the different articles and pasages that you encounter in your days and post for those of us on the site to read. There is always something brought to my awareness each day...leading to more questions and curiosities and in time, something surfaces to give me some insight in regards to my own issues. However, lately I am feeling more and more that time is running short...or perhaps it's that I no longer feel I have time to float through life as I have all my past....no longer content to drift in circles, I want a road map of sorts, or at least an arrow pointing more directly to where I should next head.

    I am at a stage now where my marriage has ended, my job has ended, I have no ties holding me down to anyone or anyplace. I am truly at point #7 in the list you posted...a time of change, yet 100% clueless as to where to go...but so looking forward to anything other than this feeling like a cork adrift in an endless sea.

    I am ready for change...but have a crying need to know where it is that I am meant to be. I don't know whether to stay in the country where I currently live and reinvent myself and way of supporting myself, or pick up and move to a new country and start from ground zero (friends have offered to help me get re-established with living quarters and job opportunities until such time as I know what I want to do with myself.)

    What I do know is that I want to know is that I am moving towards, if not fulfilling my life's purpose (destiny? life path?) / reason for being on this earthly plane this time around.

    I am asking for direction, for guidance for help sorting through this time of feeling adrift. It is so unlike anything I've lived through in the past, a time when I feel so unlike who I've been in the past. I feel as if I'm stumbling in the dark, with blinders on so that even should I come into the light I will not know it nor be able to take advantage of what lies in front of me.

    I don't know if guidance can be found through tarot, through my birth chart, through other means I am not even aware of.

    Can you give me - and perhaps other readers who are at this stage of complete change (#7)...who have said our goodbyes to love (#4)....who have let go of useless attachments (#5)...who are tieing up loose ends (#2)...who accept our responsibilities and inner demons, who are working to love and honor ourselves and rediscover our passions - can you let us know where to go or who to consult to find an answer that points us to what area best will provide the life lessons we're meant to experience as we continue on our paths to we're meant to do next or where we should move to in order to start afresh and on the right path with no more unnecessary detours?

    I apolgize if this question is unclear...even my brain seems unable at the minute to think in simple sentences that go from Point A to Point B.


  • "I want a road map of sorts, or at least an arrow pointing more directly to where I should next head."

    See my new thread - "What did you come here to learn?" I hope it can help.

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  • Thought this was worthy of another whirl thru the forum. It speaks volumes to me as I continue to learn and grow from everyone here.

  • Thank you for sharing this with us.[:

  • Thank you Captain,

    You help so much with guidance and insight.

    I truly appriaciate your sharing


  • Thanks to Ragbag for reviving this thread.

  • Any time Captain! You are one in a million. 🙂


  • It's very good. Thank for your advice very much!

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