My Virgo roommate - Taurus

  • I am crazy about her but I fear she has no feelings towards me. I want to talk to her but I am afraid I will lose her completely. She is friendly to me but that's all I guess. How can I show some signs that I like her and how can I understand if she has just a little bit interest? I am so in love with her please help...

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  • thanks mimi, can I ask you if you are virgo or any other earth sign?

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  • Hi Darida,

    I am a Virgo , and I cant speak for us all but I Like to be persued,,, if a man wants me he needs to take action because I am a bit shy and feel if they dont show any signs of flirting with me they must not be interested....

    SO I would act on it but go slowly and dont overwhelm her.

  • Thanks Mimi and Virgogirl64,

    Virgogirl64 I am definitely trying to flirt with her. I am also trying to be very kind and helpful.

    She is really confusing. Sometimes she starts a conversation by asking how my day was etc. sometimes she is very quiet, but she always gives me her pretty smile:) She is a very kind girl. I think only if I was a terrible roommate she would not smile at me.

    How does a virgo girl act when she likes someone or when she is happy that someone is interested in her? What are the signs that I should look for?

    The thing is we have been living since last summer and in the first months I was the quiet one. I think she is also a little bit confused or maybe she thinks I am not interested?

  • I want to invite her to a movie, but I am not sure.

    What I fear is that maybe she just sees me as a friend and I get wrong messages from this.

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