The Lost Zodiac

  • Has anyone heard of "The Lost Zodiac" by Catherine Tennant? She is an astrologer who puts forward an alternative zodiac for those she says might feel their Western sun signs zodiac doesn't quite ring true for them. Where the sunsign zodiac is based on the planets alone, her version goes back to early astrology when they took their guidance from the whole of the heavens.

    It is based around the constellations and is related to the positions of the stars. The lost zodiac are the original star signs. Catherine names these twenty-two lost 'star' signs and claims they are a more accurate description of our personalities because the dates of the tradtional planet-based zodiacno longer correspond to the positions of the stars. I'll post a quick version of each star sign and its characteristics, and you can judge for yourself if she's right.

  • December 29 - January 13:

    Your sign beyond the zodiac is LYRA, the lyre of the great musician, Orpheus, whose music tamed wild beasts, caused rivers to stop flowing and enchanted even Hades, the Lord of the Dead. The lyre is a symbol of the link between heaven and earth.

    Romantic, creative and imaginative, you can do almost anything you want to do - so long as you resist the temptation to get lost in dreams, or to yearn too much for what is past.

    Location - Vega, the Harp Star, is the brightest star in Lyra, which lies next to Cygnus, the Swan, as it flies, with wings outstretched, along the Milky Way

    Your Plant - The Elm.

    Your Jewel - Peridot or Chrysolite.

  • January 14 - January 28:

    Your sign beyond the zodiac is Aquila, the EAGLE, the symbol of the soaring intellect and astrology. At the funerals of the Caesars, during the great days of Rome, a captive eagle was released into the sky. It symbolised the Emperor's soul, free, at last, to join the gods.

    No one can compete with you on a mental level, as the sheer speed of your thoughts leaves others standing. But you are also passionate and intense, and, if you are not careful, you can leave your real self and feelings far behind.

    Location - The brightest stars of these three constellations make up the great 'Summer Triangle', which dominates the northern Summer skies.

    Your Plant - Eyebright.

    Your Jewel - Quartz.

  • January 29 - February 8:

    Your sign beyond the zodiac is Delphinus, the DOLPHIN, which, despite its size, was called 'the glory of the flood of stars'. A symbol of philanthropy, it was the Sacred Fish in ancient Greece, where it was the messenger of the sea god, Poseidon (Neptune).

    Intelligent, free-thinking, sensuous and sensitive to others, you love life and are natually creative and musical. You resent restrictions and are only happy when you can live life by your rules.

    Location - The stars of Delphinus lie near Aquila, the Eagle and Cygnus, the Swan.

    Your Plant - Sea Poppy.

    Your Jewel - Aquamarine.

  • February 9 - February 29:

    Your sign beyond the zodiac is Cygnus, the SWAN, which was sacred to the Greek god of poetry, Apollo. 'In its own person, the Swan hides a god and the voice belonging to it', wrote the Roman astrologer, Manilius. The swan is a shape shifter, and stories of swan maidens, and of humans transformed into swans, abound in myth and folklore.

    Passive and contemplative, you can play any role the world imposes on you, but anyone who thinks that they can pin you down is doomed to fail. The swan is a symbol of personal growth and transformation and it is through playing many roles that you discover your real self and come into your own.

    Location - The Swan flies, with wings outstretched, along the Milky Way towards the northern pole.

    Your Plant - Poplar and Narcissus.

    Your Jewel - Moss Agate.

  • March 1 - March 12, April 10 - April 18, and May 9 - May 15:

    Your sign beyond the zodiac is Eridanus, the celestial stream, called the 'RIVER OF NIGHT' in Babylon. Life and time, flowing from an unknown source, were envisaged in the ancient world as a great river, welling up from the beyond - from paradise and the timeless Islands of the Blessed.

    For you, life is an adventure - a great journey to experience as many aspects of existence as you can. You have many moods - and hidden depths - making you harder to understand than you may first appear.

    Location - The stars of the River wind down from Orion's feet towards the south celestial pole.

    Your Plant - Popular.

    Your Jewel - Amber.

  • March 13 - April 1:

    Your sign beyond the zodiac is PEGASUS, the white, winged horse with a mane of gold, which caused the Muses' fountain of poetic inspiration to start flowing. It was on the back of Pegasus that the famous hero, Perseus, rode through the skies to rescue the chained princess, Andromeda, from the jaws of a sea monster. Pegasus also helped to overcome the Chimaera, the age-old symbol of illusion.

    Horses are sacred to the Moon, and it is the moonlit realm of imagination, visions, dreams and intuitions where you feel most at home. This is one of the most creative of the ancient signs, and once you learn to use your talents in the real world, there is little you cannot achieve.

    Location - The stars of the 'Great Square' of Pegasus lie between Andromeda, the Chained Princess and Cygnus, the Swan.

    Your Plant - Moonwort.

    Your Jewel - Jacinth.

  • April 2 - April 9 and April 19 - May 8:

    Your sign beyond the zodiac is ANDROMEDA, the princess chained as a sacrifice for her country, to appease her mother's sins. She was rescued by the glittering hero, Perseus, from the jaws of a sea monster.

    Andromeda - which means 'the ruler of men' - standing naked and bedecked with jewels on the sea shore, was originally an ancient love goddess. Sensitive and emotional by nature, the influence of your family background - and your liberation from it - are life themes.

    Location - The stars of Andromeda lie between Pegasus and Perseus.

    Your Plant - Andromeda (Andromeda polifolia).

    Your Jewel - Pearl.

  • May 16 - May 31:

    Your sign beyond the zodiac is PERSEUS, the glittering, air-borne hero who cut off the gorgon's head. Riding through the Aegean skies on the winged horse, Pegasus, he also saved Andromeda from a sea monster. Perseus was conceived by a shower of gold, and, when his constellation rises, a shower of shooting stars streams towards us from his constellation.

    Witty and fast moving, your curiosity know's no bounds. Once you have come to terms with the instinctive side of life, you become a great force for the good.

    Location - The stars of Perseus form a 'Y', which lies near to Cassiopeia and Andromeda.

    Your Plant - Christmas Rose.

    Your Jewel - Diamond.

  • June 1 - June 7 and June 17 - June 27:

    Your sign beyond the zodiac is ORION, the Golden Huntsman, with his glittering belt of stars. Loved by Artemis, the goddess of the crescent moon and by the goddess of the dawn, Orion was a giant so tall that he could wade across the deepest ocean with his head above the water. Orion was worshipped in Babylon as the god who created precious stones.

    Everything about Orion is on the grand scale, and you need space and freedom - and contact with wild nature - to feel happy and fulfilled.

    Truthful and direct, you can feel let down by less straightforward people, but your resilience and faith in life always help you to bounce back - and to gain a deeper understanding of the world.

    Location - Orion lies south of Taurus and Gemini on the celestial equator.

    Your Plant - Martagon Lily (Lilium martagon).

    Your Jewel - Emerald and opal.

  • June 8 - June 16:

    Your sign beyond the zodiac is Auriga, the CHARIOTEER, the adopted human son of the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athene. He was the inventor of the horse drawn chariot and reigned in Athens three and half thousand years ago, where he introduced the use of silver. In the skies, he holds the goat whose horn was the original 'cornucopia' - the Horn of Plenty.

    Your gift for bringing order out of chaos - and for mediating between people makes you a civilising, life-enhancing force in any group you may belong to.

    Location - The stars of Auriga lie due north of Orion.

    Your Plant - Mint.

    Your Jewel - Mandrake.

  • June 28 - July 7 and July 18 - July 25 :

    You were born under the two dog stars, Sirius and Procyon, which follow the great huntsman, Orion, through the skies. THE DOGS, in myth, are the guardians of the paths of the unknown, sacred to both Artemis, the virgin goddess of the hunt and Hecate, queen of the night and of witches.

    Your well-developed intuition makes you an unerring judge of others and their motives.

    Location - Canis Major and Canis Minor lie close to Orion.

    Your Plant - Marigold and Mugwort.

    Your Jewel - Beryl and Agate.

  • July 8 - July 17 and September 22 - September 28:

    Your sign beyond the zodiac is Argo, the great SHIP OF THE ARGONAUTS which carried Jason and his men to find the Golden Fleece. The ship, built with the help of Athene, the Greek goddess of wisdom, contained a piece of 'truth speaking' oak to guide them on their journey.

    This is one of the most gifted and adventurous of the ancient signs and life is easy for you. But because you have so many talents, you can, at times, be tempted to abandon your true path towards your inner goal.

    Location - Carina, Vela and Puppis, the three modern constellations which make up the ancient Argo, lie south of Sirius, the Dog star, towards the southern pole.

    Your Plant - Oak.

    Your Jewel - Sapphire.

  • July 26 - August 7 and December 17 - December 23:

    Your sign beyond the zodiac is Draco, THE DRAGON, coiled around the north celestial pole, which is the symbolic doorway between time and eternity. This is the dragon which guards the golden apples of immortality. It is also the ultimate creative power.

    You are complex and creative, with a great love of beauty and perfection. You prefer to spend your time looking and learning, rather than being in the stream of life, but you are also passionate and intense, and close relationships mean much to you.

    Location - The stars of Draco lie between Ursa Major, The Great Bear and Cygnus.

    Your Plant - Tarragon.

    Your Jewel - Magnet, Lodestone.

  • August 8 - August 15 and August 25 - September 10:

    Your sign beyond the zodiac is Ursa Major, THE GREAT BEAR (also known as the Plough and the Big Dipper), which circles round the north celestial pole. It is the brightest constellation in the northern heavens.

    It was respected by the ancients as the only constellation which never sets into the ocean stream.

    You are a natural leader, and your breadth of vision and wide-ranging interests make you an all rounder. You may delegate the minor chores details of existence easily to others, but you still respect their freedom, as you, too, need your space.

    Location - Easy to recognise and well known, The Great Bear is saucepan-shaped and circles round the north pole. The stars Dubhe and Merak form one side of the 'saucepan' (the side which has no handle) and a line continued northwards through them points to the Pole Star, Polaris. The stars Phekda, Megrez, Alioth and Mizar, lie along the Great Bear's Tail and also form the handle of the Plough, the constellations other name.

    Your Plant - Willow.

    Your Jewel - Moonstone.

  • August 16 - August 23:

    Your sign beyond the zodiac is Hydra, the Sea SERPENT, the longest constellation in the skies. The Sea Serpent is the symbol of Nammu, the Sumerian Great Mother Goddess, who personified the primordial ocean from which all life emerged.

    Sensuous and aesthetic, you have your own code of morals and you live life by your rules. You are also tolerant of others - as you see it, life is far too precious to waste time on being disapproving or unkind.

    Location - The stars of Hydra lie south of Virgo and Leo.

    Your Plant - Seal Holly.

    Your Jewel - Lapis Lazuli.

  • September 11 - September 21:

    Your sign beyond the zodiac is Crater, THE CUP, or Goblet of the wine god, Bacchus. It has also been seen as the Holy Grail and the Indian cup of Soma, which gives the poet 'supernatural power, so that he feels himself immortal'.

    You are sociable and easy going, always looking for the good times, but as life goes on you take a far more serious approach. Deep down, your quest is for real fulfillment and a meaningful relationship with others.

    Location - The stars of Crater lie next to Hydra, the Sea Serpent.

    Your Plant - Ivy and Vine.

    Your Jewel - Amethyst.

  • September 29 - October 11:

    Your sign beyond the zodiac is Corvus, THE RAVEN, sacred to the god of prophecy, Apollo. Everywhere, the raven has been associated with prophecy: in ancient Ireland domesticated ravens were considered to foretell the future, while two great ravens, Huginn and Munnin - Mind and Memory - accompanied the Norse god, Odin

    Your psychic powers are so well-developed that you soak up the atmosphere around you like a sponge! Once you have found right balance between reason and emotion, you really come into your own.

    Location - The stars of Corvus, which form a small square, lie next to Hydra, the Sea Serpent

    Your Plant - Comfrey.

    Your Jewel - Jet and Black Onyx.

  • October 12 - October 26:

    Your sign beyond the zodiac is Bootes, Herdsman and THE BEAR KEEPER. He is also Arcas, the 'Bear King', who brought civilisation to Arcadia - our best - remembered symbol of the Golden Age.

    King Arcas and King Arthur - 'wonderful great bear' - have much in common and the constellations circling round the northern pole, 'driven' by Bootes, have been seen as the Round Table.

    You know how to organise the world around you, making it a better place to live in. You have real and lasting values but are also wittier and more sophisticated than most signs.

    Location - The constellation of Bootes - pronounced Bo-otes - the Bear Keeper, lies between Ursa Major, The Great Bear, to the north of it and the zodiac constellation, Virgo, which is nearer the horizon to the south.

    Your Plant - Plantain and Field Poppy (Papaver rhoeas).

    Your Jewel - Jasper.

  • October 27 - November 10:

    Your sign beyond the zodiac is Corona Borealis, THE CROWN OF THE NORTH WIND, and of Ariadne, Mistress of the Labyrinth. It is also the silver castle 'at the back of the North wind' of Ariadne's Welsh counterpart, Arianrhod, to which the souls of poets heroes and magicians were thought to go after death to await resurrection.

    Warm-hearted, complex and sophisticated, not much can surprise you, but your quest is for simplicity and the freedom just to be yourself.

    Location - The stars of Corona Borealis form a crown, or cup, and lie between Bootes and Hercules.

    Your Plant - Ivy, Trefoil and Rosemary.

    Your Jewel - Topaz.

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