Gemini Girl .... Trustworthy ?

  • Hi i know a gemini girl from last 5 years but in between not in very close touch as we both live in different cities. i m a scorpio and have many girl friends and i trust my gemini gf and therefore dont hide anything from her. she knows about all of them n she is fine with that. last 6 months i m dating very frequently and i even kissed her many times. and she always say that she love me. so everything is going very well and smoothly. in fact this valentines day i have send her the gifts and card but by the time it was delivered to her ... she just broke everything between us making her parents as a reason. Her parents have selected a guy for her to marry who is very rich and settled. and she said nothing to them and they started going around. i want to know that how can a person getting in to such a long term / life time relationship with someone and suddenly another day accept another guy and just forget the previous one ? i have read about gemini character being very flirt and dual character but never seen such a U-turn sort of situation. now also after so much of pain to me she use to call me once a day and always how r u and what r u doing ? as if she is so concerned. this is the double character. It kills me everyday i think of these things. I just want to come out of this situation. and i feel like calling her and shouting at her to the full but my friends have suggested me that no point in doing all this. with time she will realise what she has done. I was very sincere in this relation and never lied to her for anything. how could she take me for granted. I need help in teaching her the lesson that just for fun dont play with anyone's emotions. it can ruin someone's life. Pls help me out. I dont want her to come back in my life but at the same time i want to realise this pain and suffering i m going right now.

  • there is alot of Gemini women on this website, so you will probbably get get good advice from them, as they should respond i think lol, but anyways, i dunno how long you been on this website or anything and im a Sag guy, BUT my rising sign is gemini, and i act alot like a Gemini, but of course there is a difference between male and female Gems but still similar, well any ways, im sorry to hear your story dude, i help out my buddies all the time with there girls lol, but ill say this to you Gemini's can be very loyal , but they need to feel like they are loved in return all the time, or they can wonder i think, if they feel like they arent getting back what they are putting into a relationship they will find comfort elsewhere, (i might be wrong but until a Gemini woman comes in here and helps you maybe she could say that im wrong, but right now im think im right lol)

    OK so you were honest with her about you having girls around as friends, since your so honest have you ever kissed or made out with any of your friends and then told her about it? if that happened then yeah she would be pis-sed, but if you havent and she didnt believe you even if she said she did that would be a problem, she probably talks to her own girlfriends about you and they might say that you are probably cheating on her,( im just saying that it could have happened doesnt mean it did, but i dunno all this info so im guessing right now lol)

    but besides all that she did say that she loved you, but since you in different cities and she might not fully trust you, and since her parents found this guy for her, she might just seeing where it could possibly lead instead completely leaving you and maybe will come back.

  • There must be one trustworthy Gamini. Maybe the majority you've met are not trustworthy, but you never know in the future you might meet her.

    There is a Gemini on the Men of Zodiac thread, ScarsandStars. You can give her a shout if you want to know more about Gemini.

    My moon is in Gemini, but the person who has all the attributes should be the one with sun sign in Gemini. So if you'd like to, give her a shout on that thread.

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