To Whom It May Concern=(

  • HI I Just Want A Love Reading

    Im Effin Sick Of Being Lonely (Not That Im Not Good Looking) ive Recently Reliezed I Was I Booty call For A Guy I Really Liked Alot( I Mean ALOT)

    Well Anyways U Get The Point Im Heart Broken Need A Reading Plz And Thank U

  • 7/17/91

  • AnyBody?

  • So, if I read your post correctly, you were born in 1991 so that makes you what.~18 years old??? Honey, please, stop putting so much pressure on yourself to be "in love" and just love life. I know that it's hard at your age; everything that influences you from the music you listen to to the TV shows you watch are focused on finding the love of your life. Take the focus off of "hooking up" and take the opportunity to find out who you really are and what you want in life. Love yourself first and work on your inner beauty; decide to be the very best Sammy that you can be and you will find that special someone.

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