Lost Wedding Ring

  • I just recently moved and in the process lost my wedding ring. I've been married for three years come march 11, and i"v neve had a day where i could never find my ring. I've looked, i've prayed, i've cried, and I cannot find it. I can remember the last time i had it on,but, nothing else. I'm in need of help. This has gotten me WAY down emotionally and is taking a toll, because of my attitude and emotions, on my marriage.

  • Williamss5, the ring is just a symbol of your marriage and your relationship. It is not THE marriage itself. It's just a thing. If your marriage is solid, nothing like losing a thing can affect it. Unless you really think the loss represents the end of your marriage...?

    Examine your heart - do you want your marriage to end or change in some way? Is this why you are so upset?

  • No, i don't think that me losing my ring represents the ending of my marriage. It's funny that you say that the ring is just a symbol and not the marriage itself because my husband has been as cool as a cucumber about the whole thing. He's already agreed to get me a new ring and understood about me losing it. His take is the same as yours, he said too, "it's just a ring". I guess to me it's the memory of it all. I also think it's because i've never lost something that is so significant and irreplaceable in the sense that it was a custom made ring. I think it would ease my mind if i new , compeletly, that it is lost and gone. I think that is whats keeping me up at night. I still feel in my heart that it is somewhere waiting for me to find it.

  • Do know if i will be able to find it or not? OH, by the way, my Bday is July 24, 1985, leo.

  • Have you unpacked everything? I feel that it fell into a box and is still there.

    Yes there is a tendency in your astrological profile for you to find it hard to detach emotionally, even from objects. I feel that the lost ring is a lesson in this, that you will get it back when you no longer obsess over it and see it for what it is, just a thing. It doesn't even hold your memories - it can trigger them yes, but so can looking at your husband.

  • Okay, that is super deep. As much as I hate to admit, you are sooooo right. I do obsess over my ring. I think i obsess over all objects that i feel are near and dear to me. I think you are also right about this being a lesson. I still have some boxes that i need to unpack. Do you have any more insight on which box i should look in? I've got quite a few in different areas of the house.

  • Instead of boxes, look into yourself. 🙂 The ring will be found when you stop obsessing over it. Learn to see an object as just that. An object cannot love you back. Put more value in people.

  • That cuts deep. I have been treating my husband rude lately because i felt that he hasn't been as enthused and emotion as i have over my ring. That's what he keeps telling me. Just leave it alone and move on. I guess if more than one person says that, it must be something I need to do.

  • Well, when it comes down to it, if you had to choose would you rather have your ring or your husband? The answer is obvious, I think.

    There is more at work here than a lost ring. Somewhere in your past you learnt to (wrongly) value possessions more than people. Your value system got screwed up. Did you get properly socialised as a child - in that you had playmates or siblings around you to help you develop social skills?

  • Maybe when you were young, you leaned to rely more on objects for comfort than human beings.

  • Dear Williamss5, I can relate to how you feel. My house got broken into just over a week ago and all of jewellery got stolen. Mothers day presents, valentines, birthdays, christmas. All extremely sentimental. I too was devastated. What brought me back what's important is that two couples we are friends with have come to us for support because their relationships are over. It really made me think how lucky and blessed I am that I lost jewellery and not my love or my children or my little hair guy (my dog radio).

    Also if I could offer some advice on finding the ring, you need to believe you will find it and I mean really believe it and stop worrying and then you will.

    Best of luck. xx

  • Spiritualchild,

    I can completely value what you said. I do feel in my heart that i will find it again but like the captain said, i think that i just need to stop obsessing over it and making it the center of my life. Since reading you guys post yesterday, i took a long bath and had some reflection time. I didn't think about the ring or anything. I must admit, today i feel a whole lot better. I mean, i still think about it, but, not in the way i did before. I think that i'll take my time and energy to value the treasure that i do have like my husband and kids.

  • i really hope your wedding ring does turn up, but just a little thought here, all of our possessions everything we own is on lend to us as when we pass over we cannot take them with us, they go onto some one else, i do hear your upset and thats okay, however as the captain advises, let go, worrying over it wont change the fact that its missing and hubbies so important, you marraide him not the ring, just a symbol of your love and devotion to each other, pray to st anthoney the finder of lost articles, call out to him and let him find it for you he will lead you to it, goodluck and do something good for your hubbie,

  • I've always wanted to know: How does the st. anthony's prayer work? Do i do anything special?

  • You're right about our possessions not being able to go with us to the beyond. Too bad the Egyjptians didn't get that message..LOL..

  • I used to take my rings off all the time when I was younger. I just got my beautiful class ring, with a ruby stone, took it off at a bus stop to wash my hands and someone took it. Never again. Especially my wedding rings. They never come off except to be cleaned or put on a ring holder when I do rough work. On your wedding ring, think the last time you saw it and then say: ' St. Anthony, St. Anthony, come to my side what once was lost, please help me find.' Then follow your heart to where it is. I have always found everything lost, even for others. You can even look in the ashtray of your car or some other odd place, but don't give up and know you will reclaim it with his help.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Correction on the prayer. it goes: 'St. Anthony, St. Anthony, please come around, what was lost let be found' then ask him to help you find your lost ring.

  • Dear Williamss5, I am so please to hear you are feeling better. The power of a nice relaxing bath is so underestimated. It always works for me. xx

  • you just pray st anthoney please come i require your assistance to find my wedding ring and thankyou, i saw this work for a lot of people and another lady on this site looking for somethings she had lost, good luck

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