Has anyone heard of this..?

  • Captain, those were my exact thoughts, too, the "picking up my parents' beliefs" or hearing scripture. Also, as you mentioned here in a dream analysis for me regarding finding your innocence, perhaps, that is key to relinquishing burdening beliefs. Good luck with your quest, Captain and smooth sailing.

  • Hi Captain. I'm back again. You said the best thing about having money was not worrying about money. While this can be true, we will then worry about something else. If we have enough or more, we still want more. Greed is built-in human nature. Your being lucky in finding money when you were a child became an expectation. Sounds akin to the Law of Attraction theory and the book "The Secret". Although, to blindly put your faith into this theory or any theory can be really disappointing.

    Looking at the wealth of friends and followers you have in this forum must truly enrich your life. These are hard financial times, especially for those who have been without work for more than a year. I tend to rely more upon myself than upon friends--a shocker, being a Leo. I wish I were different. You may not have this trait & I don't even know if this helps you at all. Just thought the perspective might help.

  • This post is deleted!

  • No, money is neither good nor evil - it's what we do with it that counts or how we regard it.

  • Captain & Bianca,

    I can remember as a child playing in a junked car abandoned in a friend's front yard imagining that the broken glass on the dash were diamonds. I also remember looking down a huge whole in the top floor of their house to the first floor, trash and clothes strewn about thinking how cool it was to be able to see the downstairs without having to walk down. It was almost reminiscent of a Natalie Wood movie "This Property is Condemned".

    It's remembering those innocent days where you don't have the concept of money, only possibilities. Is it possible to get that innocence back?

  • I think it is, especially if you can remember what it was like. Well, maybe not that exact childish innocence but a sort of adult innocence where you have gone through experiences but retained your hope and faith that everything will turn out right.

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