Has anyone heard of this..?

  • GJay, I also dreamed of green - I was eating a whole pile of green vegetables and drinking green tea and picking green herbs.

    I am wondering if living in an area where there is a lot of poor people increases the group consciousness to a point where it is so very negative and hard to overcome. It might take a lot more than one or two people thinking positively.

  • A quick thought on your dream words of "chemical imbalance". The probable place to examine this as a female would be through mtDNA.( good ole' Mom, They're always blamed, LOL ) Everything starts at the level of DNA including chemicals in the body. It is well proven that environmental stressors can change any given chromosomal region, thereby changing chemicals produced. It has also been shown that adaptive mutations Can take place.

    For this as an esoteric discussion --- I think money might fit as a stressor! Have other things we've needed--- clothing, food and shelter changed our DNA - Yes! But, money .... hmmn, Just brings up more questions for me ..... Does Love? Does color? I'd like to believe they do because of what is already know ...... but long term sustainablity???

    The Universe has a "memory" this is not only backed by so called new agers ( LOL ! ) but by science. Even for my out there somewhere mind, this seems bizarre and I have no answer.

    I'd go back to examining your feelings about money psychologically through the dream. Truly, this is just an intellectual puzzle; your heart holds the answers to removing the "walls of expectation."

    If this only adds to your confusion, sorry ...



  • No it's interesting, Laie4. It does open up questions about all intangibles. I am certain love and hate have a definite physical effect, so why not poverty and other things like that?

  • Exactly ... Why not other things? There are so many diseases people believe related to intangibles.

    And another question you've raised about poverty in certain areas or countries ... that too has been asked before.... Is there some collective bargain or deal made?

    I've got nothing really useful, just more questions.

    Love all the green in your dream : ) Tons of symbolism there!

  • Maybe we should just be listing the positives of being poor, of the lessons that can be learned? I do believe people are born into poverty for a reason, to learn a lesson. I mean there can be as many negatives about having a lot of money as there are positives about being poor.

  • Captain, hello, green is also a chakra and healing color, chemical imbalance and the green could be your desire to heal the situation. You are obviously seeing an imbalance, amount of money after bills. The green is showing growth, herbs, and things green grow, give them sun and light and the prosper! You are very gifted i do not know your occupation, but you could definatly manifest growth with your intuition skills.I feel the "chemical imbalance" is the abundance after the work time and bills, and green is healing to self situation and others .Hope this helps.

  • Captain, I have been having dreams lately that lead me to believe I will receive great wealth in the immediate future. In my dreams I see myself enjoying the luxuries of life only measurable wealth can provide. I have been working very vigorously to make this happen as I have so many people I want to help find peace and comfort in this turbulent financial period we Americans are experiencing. Money does not buy happiness but it sure helps allow time to appreciate the more important things in life. I want peace of mind to be able to "see" the sunlight and feel the warmth of earth or see the intricasies of a perfect snowflake. I have been too busy working to smell the roses if you will. I have invisioned this prosperity my entire life and I knew it was meant to be if I wanted it badly enough. I don't have "visions of money". I have visions of what life will be like as a result of money. Although there are many people I will help, I am destined to be a rescuer of animals. This is my heart journey, my life will be RICH as a result!

    Perhaps dreaming of life as a result of wealth will confirm your belief that it's ok to live a life not burdoned by bills and stress but made RICHER by what you do with it.

  • This is an interesting thread. Contemplating the negative and positive of having or not having money. Where you were born/ raised has a lot to do with the influence. People born in poverty such as in Haiti or smaller, isolated (from the world) areas have a strong sense of community and strength. That's certainly a positive. Most people born in the US have a sense of entitlement & feel that those in undeveloped countries would be happier if they had the same opportunities. I don't feel it's a matter of a negative environment living in an impoverished place unless you've known something different. This is where negativity comes in. The same is true if you grew up in poverty and your circumstances change.

    I don't know if this is related to this subject but I've had a recurring dream for the past year where I come into a lot money. With it I purchase a small lot upon which once stood my childhood home. The home was torn down and trees & brush have taken over. In my dream I plan and develop beautiful gardens, water fountains with statuary in memorial to my mother. I revitalize the neighborhood streets and surrounding areas. I don't know why I'm having this reccuring dream other than I love having it. In a way the dream is postive and negative at the same time.

  • Hi Captain, this is so interesting!!....I love it when I come across things when people "Think Outside The Box"....I know in your case it was a dream....but one I personally believe could be very important message to us all, and I believe this dream you had will be more vivid and understandable and shown to us in the near future, when mankind are really able to start to think "Outside the Box"....I strongly feel and know, that we, as a human race for us to survive, nurture and learn to really love one another....we HAVE to start thinking "Outside the Box!!!"....the thought process of us humans up till now have to be changed for the good of Humanity to finally live in love, peace and respect....

    sorry for repeating myself with the "out of the box" thing, but I just had the strong urge to do so....

    love, joy and peace to you,


  • Littlelioness, many dream experts say that houses represent ourselves in dreams.

  • Hopeternal, thanks, I did get the feeling this was something new, some new way of looking at the world. I still haven't got my head around it, though. I think spirit is only giving me what I can handle at one time.

  • Captain, yes but there is no house. It was torn down years ago. I don't rebuild the house but plan gardens or a park-like setting. I looked up symbols, garden, gardening, fountain, memorial and most were positive as is the way I feel in the dream. Under memorial, it states the need for kindness and compassion & that it may also suggest the need to confront the past in order to move forward.

    However, the dream is generated by coming into money or winning a lottery which means success is within my reach, that I believe in myself or alternatively it's about love or attitudes. The dream is making more sense to me as I analyze it but sometimes it's hard to analyze yourself. Anyway, I thought the money aspect of it was interesting & I'm sorry I got off track with my dream story.

    Also, what I was trying to say is that I don't believe being exposed to poverty brings negative vibes (walls). On an average day with no personal tragedy or drama, the poor man is more apt to say he is happy and has hope. He's not worried about a lost love, a promotion or retirement. He just wants to live and let live. What's more positive than that?

  • I feel that the best thing about having money is not having to think or worry about money. šŸ™‚

  • Littlelioness, yes the childhood home (your younger self) has been torn down and become overgrown. You imagine giving it new life so perhaps this dream means going back to revive old goals and trying to give them new life or a new spin? Reviving youthful dreams or aspirations? Or simply getting back your youth and innocence?

  • Captain, people who have enough money only want more. I agree there is a difference in worrying about where your next meal will come from. People who are used to being in that situation tend not to worry about it too long because tomorrow is another day. I think in a prior post you suggested to get your power back is to understand what true wealth is.

    Your analogies of my dream are things I've considered & have been going through the "what ifs" this past year. But since you've mentioned it, it may be just as simple as getting back my youth and innocence. Hey, thanks, this has been very helpful. You have a gift to quickly help people with a few words and that truely is amazing.

    Peace and Light to you,


  • Dear Captain

    I don't know what Spirit meant,but I tried to find an answer in a Tarot card spread[Rider-waite].I got the Empress[block position],moon and the Queen of Pentacles[ now isn't that telling!].You are a gifted psychic and can interpret these cards much better,but my attempt at reading them is a s follows:

    The Empress in the blockage position points to a woman in your life who is a disruptive influence in your life or brings you guilt about abundance [yes i know you are a very positive person and don't think like that but!] :This is most likely your mother[unconscious influence]or maybe someone at work?In future you may change your attitude to money and work hard to achieve it.

    Your own insecurities[moon]are holding you back.You don't have responsibility for taking care of anyone else at the moment ,or maybe generally ,you don't see yourself as belonging to anything or anyone[seems like an enlightened attitude but not condusive to making money I guess!!].Also you need to develop judgement in practical issues to escape deception and/or self deception.

    The third card shows to me that you are capable of achieving money,propertty and the security and stability they bring[positive aspoects of wealth]on your own using your own resources:Look Within.Maybe you are too busy nurturing others at the cost [pun intended] of your own emotional and material needs.Perhaps you need to take a more realistica and practical view of life.

    stay ever happy dear Captain!:)

  • Suramya, it's true my mother has a very strong poverty and martyr based consciousness. I thank you for this as it gives me much to think about. I have had a few breakthroughs in this matter lately. I believe a change in finances is coming soon for me.

  • Captain

    this dream has been told before---you did get a message awhile back--understood the message completely--went in that direction but lately you slip off track and a reminder comes. Where is a chemical imbalance? Inside your head. It represents two parallel realities--the actual physical resembelence to over doing--the imbalance that comes with mania--you mimic that imbalance when you give relentlessly and passionately(it is hard on the body)--your energy seems well spent on a spiritual level because your intentions are very unselfesh but giving honorably too much is still unhealthy and self robbing on a real physical plane. When you give too much it sends a message to the universe that you do not need much. This imbalance can create a poverty in your life on many levels. Empaths must be reminded often when to rest and restore and except help and nurture and not be so stubborn about being the care taker. There is a balance of good selfishness that attracts prosperity. Follow that.

  • It's a timely reminder, thanks. Blmoon.

  • It's funny - I am remembering back to when I was a kid and it was a running joke in my family that I would always find money when I went out from home. Not just coins either, paper money. I was nicknamed 'Lucky'. I just sort of expected to find it. Maybe that was before I picked up my parents' belief that a good Christian does not covet money and that rich people don't go to heaven....

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