Has anyone heard of this..?

  • I went to sleep last night determined to 'dream' an answer as to why I am so broke. I awoke in the morning with the message lingering in my mind that I have a 'chemical imbalance' against money. I have never heard of this and wondered if anyone else had. I thought chemical imbalances were about physical ailments but I guess our thoughts trigger reactions in the physical world, so it could be true.

    Now I hope my guides will just tell me what to take to 'cure' this imbalance. Imagine if money problems could be cured by taking a pill or eating piece of fruit! 🙂 I so hope the answer is chocolate...no, wait it can't be that or I would be a billionaire by now.

  • Captain, wow, that's a new one on me, lol. Since dreams are symbolic a lot of times, maybe the term "chemical imbalance" refers to the monetary imbalance in your life? Maybe it's a way of letting you know that you're not making enough to balance out your budget? That's all that I can think of, I'm sorry. Maybe someone else will have a different take on it.

    And I always thought that the cure was to plant a seed in your back yard from the elusive and rare money tree, lol.

  • my dear captain my day job gives me the qualifications to answer this question so no psychic soul here ok. There is no chemical imbalance that causes poverty there are however chemical causitive factors which cause depression which can cause a lack of motivation to make money. would love to help you manifest riches....

    if you know of a way we can speak privately on line i will figure this out for you by asking you a series of personal questions in the mean time eat bananas, grapes and take a supplement called Sam E and a high potency multi vitamin it is very important to drink water and keep hydrated money is a manifestation of our deepest sense of deservedness

    Many times when our body is lacking a chemical it speaks to us in our sleep your subconscious attached your money issues to this chemical your body might be short on



  • No, I am not suffering from any depression or anything like that - in fact I am quite upbeat. Nor do i believe this is symbolic as spirit told me it was quite new information. I do believe however that my parent's inbuilt poverty consciousness and belief that to be rich was a sin was passed onto me. What I feel is happening is that these beliefs could be causing some sort of physical "allergy' in me against having money. It might be just specific to me, though.

    I am trying to wrack my brain to recall what my diet was when I had a lot of money.

  • This could be a really rad concept - imagine if poverty could be cured with a pill? Maybe the way we think about things needs to change. After all, if poverty could be eliminated just by throwing money at the poor, shouldn't it have been wiped out by now? Maybe as well as our attitudes we need to change our physical bodies if a long generational period of being poor has ingrained something into our DNA or physical system?

    I know that changing our thinking is supposed to have a flow-on effect to our bodies but what if something more tangible has to be done?

    I think spirit wants to stir up debate on this one which is why they have given me no answers.

  • oh dear captian thou dost protest too much

    if we allow our minds to evolve then there will be no need for money money is a thing that we use to exchange for other things if we could manifest every thing we need and all that we want then we will not need anything outside of our minds to give us exactly what we imagine.

    if mans brain evolves past the primitive state its now in and we raise our selves through true knowlege of the higher relms of thought money will not be necessary . we need not to need things analyze the word "need" the very word puts us in a place of submission to the object of our necesssity.

    Change how you think and it will change your life. Expand your mind, through reading the teachings of the great minds , if you have not yet read the works of "Wilbur " its a good place to start. Expansion = evolution = manifestation.

    Back to your situation, people who work more hours than they sleep and live within their means, usually can make a go of it ,with some to spare. Save the spare and buy a piece of real estate. Keep working 16 hours a day and save save save and you will manifest your wealth. in 20 years you can be very wealthy, if you keep your nose to the grindstone. the most important thing while you are in the accumulation period of your life never take or use more than your share. Let's take obesity as an example. That is a manifestation of one taking more than their share. When there are people in the world who are starving, using more than your share actually creates others to have less than their share.

    Knowlege of anything without deep investigation is no knowlege at all. It is a hunch. One cannot be a teacher unless they themselves have brought to life that which they teach. If one is truly a teacher of the spirit, then they should have mastered control of their life here on earth. All should be theirs for manifestation.

    The key to success on this plane is work work work and then when you cant go on anymore take a nap and the work some more.

  • Wow Captain if you figure out what you take for money issues you better share that bit of knowledge....LOL God knows I need that supplement.

    I do believe that unconsciously we somehow allow the monetary means of our families to discourage our own possibilities of succeeding financially. I mentioned in a different thread how I had an inheritance years ago, when it was all said & done I did with it what my mother would have done not what I really wanted to do myself. Many people commented to me afterward that they tried to tell me I should do this or that but that I was somehow driven to accomplish what I had in mind. So was I subconsciously fulfilling my mothers dreams? or was I suppressing my own because deep down I felt it couldn't be that good, kind of like it wasn't allowed to be?

    For what it's worth I get the desire to have more money, guilty of that too myself. But I also get the sense that you are saying it but deep down feel you don't deserve that success. Mind you I'm not being psychic here just analytical I guess. For example in our family there is always the dream of one day I'll win the lottery really big followed almost immediately by "but that'll never happen." Talk about self defeating prophecy eh?

    But hey if eating more salad or drinking more water can manifest more cash let me know too please. You're right the chocolate can't be it. I often wonder if my caffeine intake is in someway blocking me from receiving more messages or if it is preventing me from getting to that quiet place in life where things come to you more freely. I'm fairly sure that intake could cause a chemical imbalance of sorts. Maybe that is our problem. Either way keep us "posted" on your findings. I do so love the banter your thoughts create.

  • Captain, Check into this: http://www.hypnosis.edu/streaming/mental-bank/

    I started it and it's helping me remove my "ceiling" from the amount of money I make. I keep getting stuck at a certain level. So far, I've doubled my monthly income. I didn't buy the book either. Just watched the video and created my own "mental bank" notebook. I've been doing it for 3 months now and I can tell you it works!


  • What else do you remember about your dream. Maybe if you review the concluding statement you awoke with (chemical imbalance) to include other "elements" of your dream you might find that the chemical imbalance represents some inner fear that is blocking you from your deserved prosperity. And that once you face and understand what the fear is, you will move on to better circumstances.

  • spiritbeing -- Thank you for the link. I think this will help everyone that is searching for this answer. I am watching it now. I have to wait for it to load, as it continues to "pause" while loading disrupting the flow of the message. Thanks again!

  • "I'm not worthy". One of many beliefs we hold subconsciously that leads to lack. Our little brains are sponges when we are youngsters. These beliefs can form a brick wall against prosperity. Captain, write down everything you remember being told about money as well as negative thoughts you've repeated to yourself on a piece of paper. Then burn it! Write down positives i.e, "I deserve to have everything I need". "I attract resources and opportunities", etc. on another piece of paper and repeat these twice daily, including right before you go to sleep. This will help to "re-program" your brain for prosperity. Visualizations help too.

  • Captian, I dabble in therapeutic essentail oils. Perhaps an emotional release assisted by oils? Many of these have the capability of balancing you physically and emotionally.

  • Captain~

    First, I must tell you that I'm not a professional, but I have 12 past lives plus the one I'm working on now. You my friend have plenty of motivation, just keep doing what you have always been doing by listoning to "Spirit". I also agree that eating properly the best way of fueling & taking care of your body. That way you can be at you best physically and mentally state thus being able to talk with "Spirit".

    Blessings ~~~+Devine+~

  • oops, spelled "listening" wrong ( I guess I should start proof reading before I click the submit button). Always in a hurry, lol +Devine+~~

  • There was no dream per se - after asking about my lack of money - I just awoke with the words in my mind - "You have a chemical imbalance against money." I must stress here I believe it will come to me because I asked for it - I was just wondering at the cause of not having it at the moment, if there was some sort of blockage in me that i could perhaps remove. I have done a lot of mental and emotional work lately so it seems to me that the answer lies in a physical blockage of some sort.

    Just like stress is invisible but can cause definite physical symptoms to manifest, I am wondering if poverty can also be caused by some sort of inner physical barriers. I am thinking spirit wants me to figure this out without them telling me, LOL.

    Perhaps the cause of my poverty is just to make me think about such matters in depth?

  • I am probably not expressing myself all that well because these thoughts are new to me and still swirling around my brain. But what if after a lifetime or even many generations of poverty or just scraping by, actual internal physical changes have taken place in a person? I mean deeply ingrained non-expectation of abundance stored in the DNA or body memory.

    I guess what I am asking is it possible after such lifetimes of disappointment maybe the body builds walls - not in the mind but in the body's physical memory - that repel money or negate any sort of receiving of abundance? Is it possible to be hopeful and happy in your mind but still possess these old defensive 'walls' of negative expectation in the body?

  • Of course, there are many benefits of being poor. I think you learn to appreciate what you have more, and to be grateful for it, and also it teaches you to understand the value of money and how to become inventive at stretching it. Thanks to not being able to afford expensive luxuries, I have looked into using cheaper, home made products - baking soda works for everything! - so I now live a more natural life with a lot less chemicals around me. You learn humility and the beauty of living simply.

  • I have the "I'm not worthy issue". Years ago I had a slight feeling, and after yrs of exploring I can now tell that wierd feeling deep in my solar plexus - kind of sinking- if I think of every thing (bills, health, etc) being taken care of. I imagine it is so buried in the subconscious, it would be tough to find out exactly where it came from . I just read this the other day "There is a basic law of the mind whenever your conscious and subconscious are in conflict, your subconscious invariably wins", also recently heard that our subconscious is way more powerful like millions of times stronger than our conscious. My first thought when I read this post was A L CHEMICAL imbalance, as in alchemy (meaning to separate and to join together). If we could join subconcious and conscious I imagine we would be very chemically(physically) and spiritually balanced :). It just seems to make sense to me that if we are out of balance spiritually it would eventually manifest physically. How to accomplish this is a whole other issue. I will see if I can get any info from dreams as well. I think energy work could be more powerful as it seems to associate better with the subconscious realm which is more powerful, rather than our physical which associates more with our conscious world, it seems to me anyway. Another great intriguing topic Captain!

  • Good morning Captain,

    I did have a snippet of a dream last night asking about this subject, can't remember much, but there was sort of a green aura everywhere. Some times when I am running my energy, when bringing light in through my crown chakra I will add different colors depending on what is going on. When I add green I'm usually feeling like I need a bit of healing, and amazingly I also add a bit of green when I'm needing to get some bills paid. Another thing I do when I'm needing additional funds is picture sparkling green all around my entire home and yard and to boost it I add gold coins coming in and floating around. I also usually let spirit know how much I need to get things paid, and it is amazing how just what I need will show up. I imagine by now your guides have given you instruction. Let us know. Have a great prosperous day Captain!

  • Captain: I do believe however that my parent's inbuilt poverty consciousness and belief that to be rich was a sin was passed onto me. What I feel is happening is that these beliefs could be causing some sort of physical "allergy' in me against having money. It might be just specific to me, though.

    Lillioness: No, not specific to you. If you grew up poor in a poor area of the country as I did, having more than just what you need for basics is that guilt or "I'm not worthy" thinking that comes from certain religious beliefs. These beliefs are strong in certain socio economic groups, ie, the amish, appalachian, where they believe having more than just what you need is a sin. "It is easier for a camel to pass through an eye of a needle". This idea, of course, is related to greed, a deadly sin.

    I suppose that is a subconcious mantra we tell ourselves. How do we re-wire this thinking? Perhaps the hipnosis suggestion here is a good start.

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