Lost engagement ring

  • Yesterday (feb. 18) i lost my engagement ring. i babysit at someone elses home, and after bathing one of the kids I took off my ring to put lotion and medicine on her. I set it on the bathroom counter on the left side of the sink. That is the last time i remember taking it off. I did not notice I wasnt wearing it until I got home to take a shower. I usually take it off to put makeup remover on my face before i get in the shower. so i may have (subconsciously) taken it off then. I went to put it back on and thats when i realized i didnt have it. I do not remember if I actually took it off before I showered, because i also had a rubberband and my glasses that I took off and I might be getting it mixed up. but i usually put it with my glasses and it wasnt anywhere near it. I went back to the house i babysit at and checked the sink trap to see if it may have dropped in the sink, but found nothing. I am sooooooo desperate to find it and hope someone can help!!

  • hi

    why do i feel u were sailing n as u docked u washed hands stuck the ring in pocket n u forgot about it till u again needed the ring? the pants u wore seems to hang in closet n i feel thw ring is still there.

    in order to see closer i need real name city n country dear

    i hope u find it.


  • I feel its in the sink/ garbage disposal. Water is involved.


    Does he know?

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