Captain can I have a reading? - welcome the imput of others as well

  • Hi Captain,

    I've been lurking for a while and finally decided to make an account so I can post. I like you're style and wonder if its ok to ask for a reading? If you're too busy I understand 😃 I'm not really sure what the protocol is to ask a specific person for a reading. Anyone else reading this feel free to add your 2 cents as well.

    I have three questions (well actually I have a ton more but I'll restrain myself) -

    1. Where will my relationships w/ both L & T end up? Should I just give up on both of them?

    2. Will I be able to sucessfully win the battle I've been having with depression?

    3. Will developing my own clarivoyant/healing abilities be possible? Or will they stay at the level they are now?

  • 1. I feel these two people are very alike - maybe not obviously - but they do fill a similar purpose or need for you. You use them as crutches when you should be learning to manage on your own. You don't actually need either of them, you just want them around to make you feel better. If you look at your situation objectively, you will see they are more harmful to you than helpful.

    2. Yes you will win the battle with depression as soon as you start realising how strong you are and how little you need to depend on outside help. You are a survivor.

    3. Exercising your abilities daily will make them stronger. When we don't use something, we lose it.

  • Captain,

    Thank you so much for the reading. I logged in and read this several hours ago and at first I rejected your reading of the first question. I had to sit and let it sink in for a while and then come back to it. While it still does not ring absolutly true for me there are aspects there that are true and I really need to look at closer. One individual I do not want around at all. He does not make me feel good in anyway. Though I can see now how having him around enables me to put blame on him for things that don't go right for me and that can make me feel better about my situation. The other does make me feel good though I do not see how having him around is harmful. Although I can see that reliance on his assistance can become somewhat of a hinderance too. Yet - I cannot see this person's presense as more harmful than helpful. It is perhaps my reaction to his presence that is more harmful than helpful.

    Again - thank you for your help. You helped me to look at the situation in a different light.

  • Starkey,

    I get the feeling that you are in a more established relationship with L that you want out of. I feel him standing by himself w/ very little connection to you. This doens't mean he's planning on leaving. I see it more so that he does not have the ability to connect w/ another person because he's so wrapped up in himself. He's very wounded from somthing that happened to him and has a bad take on humanity in general. I believe he does love you but then he also wonders what is wrong with you for loving him back. Becaue obviously something must be wrong with you to love him. The other individula - H. I don't see this going anywhere. He enjoys your company when you have the rare chance to interact but he has so many other things going on now that there just isn't much time for you, or anyone else, in his life. He is a good, kind, man and is teaching you well but he's not a god. don't take everything he says as gospel. You have to find your own way.

  • My Dear Starkai,

    I would like to address question number #2 if I might. First I am saddened to learn that you are suffering from depression. Been there. Like Captain, I too, believe you are a survivor and here is why: You have chosen to reach out and make yourself known. By doing this you are allowing people to enter your domain of suffering so that you are not alone. Good for you! I believe you are stronger than you give yourself credit for being. You have the power to defeat this. Everyday look into a mirror and say to yourself what a wonderful person you are. Even if you don't believe it yet. Everyday do something a little different...go for a walk, favorite book store, meditate in a park, etc. Get outside of yourself and shake off that comfort zone that depression builds for us.

    There really is no magic formula or blueprint to this, just some practical suggestions, my dear. I pray the Universe opens for you in you hour of need. Many blessings....


  • Captain--

    I wonder if I could have a reading as well from you. I have been reading the various feeds and I am very impressed with what you come up with. I've received the 'vibes' reading from you. I don't know if it is proper to ask for something again, if not don't worry about it. DOB Feb 3 1957. I would like to know what happens next. I need help in what I should do next. I seem to be stuck again. Story in a small nutshell.. Accepted a buyout, due to downsizing, moved to a larger city to find a job...have been divorced/separated since 1995, have not had a relationship since. questions are Will I find a job soon?If so, Will I have to move in order to get this job? Will I have a relationship with a man at all? These are my main concerns, if you can do more than that would be great. Thank you in advance.

  • Sorry..if anyone else would like to say anything as well, it would be much appreciated.

  • Thank you Scribe1,

    I've often wondered if I didn't somehow inherit this tendency to depression. I've been told many times in my life that I've had clairvoyant/medium gifts and if I don't develop them or practice them it will only leave to depression or an otherwise unhappy life style. So I have been dabbling in trying to make them stronger. Seems that quite a few people on the forum are struggling with the same thing and the confusion that comes along with it.

  • Dear Starkai,

    You truly are not alone. People have various struggles and some of them fight the 'good' fight against depression. I wish you well. Keep working on yourself and developing your natural gifts, they are needed and wanted. YOU are needed and wanted, never doubt that. May the universe cradle you gently at this time...Blessed be,


  • Starkai - "It is perhaps my reaction to his presence that is more harmful than helpful."


  • PS Starkai, are you taking any medications for your depression - I feel there is something wrong with this.

  • Starrgirl, I feel big cities are so very bad for you in so many ways - they throw your inner and outer health off balance and affect your judgments. Smaller more friendly towns are better for you and are where you will find love and happiness. You may however have to reassess your job requirements. Decide what your priority is at the moment - you will find well paid but ultimately unsatisfying work in the city but love and real contentment lie outside.

  • Captain,

    I am currently not on any medication for depression. I stopped taking medcation about 9 months ago. I do occasionally take something for sleep.

  • Starkai, have you tried the herbal remedy St. John's Wort - it's very good for depression with no side effects. You can't take it if you're on the pill though.

  • Captain,

    I've tried just about all natural remedies including st. john's wart. I really feel like I'm in a black hole most of the time. The only time I've truely been able to climb out of the depression box was last May when I met H. It was so remarkable that everyone at work and in my private life was asking me what was going on. Its easy to see why he suddenly became an obsession for me. Then the time came when he could not be there for me as often as before. I understood but it didn't mean I didn't want the same level of companionship. Since then I've been fighting my connection to this person.

  • Dear Captain

    Thank you, thank you ,thank you...I always had the feeling that I belonged in a smller town, but needed to find a job first and foremost and figured in this economy the city was the way to go. I do miss the small town life though. So now I have a million more you mind if I ask them? I don't want to seem like I'm taking advantage of anyone..

  • starrgirl,

    This is MY post. nah... I'm just joking. We can be post mates =). As long as The Captain doesn't mind I'm cool.

  • Starkai

    I'm cool with that too. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Hopefully The Captian doesn't mind. You know...I found taking more Vitamin D helped with my depression this past winter..maybe it could for you too.

  • Starkai if you don't mind sharing your space with Starrgirl, I don't mind answering you both here.

    Starkai, the reason for your depression is that you don't believe you can survive on your own. But guess what? We are all just surviving on our own. Sure, sometimes we have companions who love and support us but when they are not there, we can support and love ourselves. Think on what makes you special and lovable.

    Starrgirl, ask away!

  • Dear Captain

    Okay here's the delimma--I NEED to find a job, however I SO WANT to meet someone special and be loved, and have the companionship to do different things, and be supported and have someone to talk to life about. Don't get me wrong I have wonderful friends and family, however you can only ask so much from them...:) I am sooooo sick of being alone. A long time ago I said never again will I want a guy after my marriage failed, it just hurt so bad--after a very long time, I'm thinking I'm ready now. So, now I am very confused (doesn't take much) lol-- are you suggesting that if I stay here in the city, I will find work? Can you tell me when? or where? I'm having to go to the unemployment office next week to apply. OR if I make a move to a smaller town-which smaller town should I go to--the one I moved from (or that area), or one around the city that I live in? Can I at least have an initial? Will I find a job in that small town? See I am very mixed up aren't I. I really don't know which way to turn.....

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