Captain can I have a reading? - welcome the imput of others as well

  • Starkai and Stargirl and teh Captain do you mind if I join in this post.

    I am going through some stuff and I had some questions:

    1. Is CB out of my life for ever? Or will he come back?

    2. I have been having these epsiodes that seem to be absence seizures but the doctors can't figure out the trigger they have called me an enigma. Is it really seizires or is it stress. Will the soon figure out what is going on?

    3. I started anew job about a year ago and I love what I do but I am not 100% happy with the company, recently i have been contcted by other it a good idea to make a move work wise for me?

    Sorry about crashing the thread! Just needed some clarity.

  • jotoole

    nope- don't mind at all about you 'crashing. Welcome, and I hope you find what answers you need 🙂

  • Jotoole, the problem with using someone else's thread is that all the vibes get mixed up so it's harder for me to do a reading. Can you start your own thread so that I can see your situation more clearly?

  • Yes Thank you! I will do that now.

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